Chow Chow Fur Types 

Chow Chow Fur Types 

Dogs are the best pets for most people because we can consider them loyal and faithful family members.

Canines are beautiful animals that love to form strong bonds with their family members. Obviously, its beauty can also be found in its physical appearance.

There are a large number of dog breeds that differ from each other by having distinctive physical traits, and the Chow Chow is one of them.

Chow Chows are known for several things: their independent personality, aggressiveness in certain specific situations, and of course, their beautiful coat. While the blue tongue is a distinctive feature of these animals, their fur is familiar to many dog lovers.

This breed stands out for its abundant and thick double-layered fur, which can come in different types and colors, making people fall in love with them more.

Chow Chow Fur Types

It is important to clarify that the Chow Chow is a breed of dog that can have both a smooth and rough coat:

  • The rough coat has a soft and dense undercoat and a thick and abundant outer coat. This type of fur is what we see primarily in this breed of dog, and it is what gives it that teddy bear appearance with that lion’s mane around its neck.
  • The smooth coat is usually thick and strong and is characterized by covering the body of the Chow Chow, including its ears, tail, and legs.

Regardless of the type of coat that your Chow Chow has inherited, it could come in 5 colors which we will mention below:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Cream
  • Red  
  • Cinnamon

The ruff, tail, and feathering may be diluted or solid colors with lighter contours.

Chow Chow Black Fur (Solid Colour)

The hair of a Chow Chow can be completely black, with grey coloring on the tail and legs. Exposure to sunlight and fur cycles can also provide a natural reddish hue.

When a Chow Chow has this coat color, it is normal for it to have a dark-colored tongue as one of its most distinctive physical features, dark brown eyes, bluish-black gums, and both black lips and nose.

Due to differences in fur characteristics, the puppy hair does not shine as brightly as the adult coat.

Chow Chow Blue Fur (Dilute Colour)

The diluted gene’s effect on the black color produces blue (grey color), which could be a solid blue color. It can also have grey coloring on the breeches and tail and a natural crimson tinge from sun exposure and coat cycles.

It will have a slate-colored nose and medium-colored eyes; its tongue and roof of the mouth will be medium to dark blue, and its gums and flews (lips) will be blue-grey in hue.

Due to differences in hair qualities, a puppy’s coat is softer to the touch than an adult’s one.

Chow Chow Cream Fur (Solid Colour)

The cream color in these dogs is a shade that can range between white and red. The most attractive characteristics that a Chow Chow with this coat color can present are:

  • Pink nose
  • Dark blue tongue
  • Black lips
  • Pink gums
  • Biscuit-colored ears

Chow Chow Red Fur (Solid Colour)

The red fur can range in hue from dark mahogany to light golden, with more delicate shading on the mane, breeches, and tail.

The gums will usually be entirely black. It has a black nose, a dark blue tongue, and dark brown eyes. It also has a dark palate, black lips, a dark snout, and a black tail tip.

Unfortunately, the shade of red in this type of fur can fade on certain occasions.

Chow Chow Cinnamon Fur (Dilute Colour)

Cinnamon is a product of the dilute gene’s effect on the red coat. The mature fur can range in color from dark cinnamon to a light sandy tone with a grey hue.

The tail and breeches can also be solid or have minor shading. It will have a dark grey nose and light brown eyes. It has blue-grey lips, gums, and a moderate blue tongue.

The hair of a cinnamon puppy can range from near silver to sandy, with a pronounced grey hue and, on rare occasions, a grey muzzle.

Caring for Your Chow Chow’s Coat

The coat of this breed of dog needs a lot of maintenance, which can be a challenge, especially for inexperienced owners.

Generally, it is recommended to brush their fur approximately 3 times a week, except in the months of intense shedding, when you should do it every day.

Remember that Chow Chows shed heavily in the spring and fall, and during these seasons, they will require the most maintenance.