Chow Chow Dog Disadvantages 

Chow Chow Dog Disadvantages 

Pets are popular among most families. Many of them get cats, snakes, birds, and rodents, but dogs are the most prevalent. Because of their dedication and love for their owners and members of their human family, canines are known as man’s best friends. 

There is a great variety of dog breeds, and each one presents different characteristics regarding its physical appearance, abilities, personality, and behavior. Many people adore animals of this type for their physical and emotional benefits. 

Dogs have long been regarded as wonderful pets and friends, and many people believe them to be one of man’s best friends. Certain people, on the other hand, utilize their canines for evil purposes. 

Suppose you are a person who wants to acquire a dog. In that case, it is essential that you research the breed you are considering adopting since many of them are prohibited in several countries due to their high degree of dangerousness and aggressiveness and other disadvantages. One of the canine breeds on this list is the Chow Chow. 

One of the oldest dog breeds is the Chow Chow. Its origins can be traced back over 2,000 years to northern China. During the Han period, these dogs were utilized as temple guardians. They were not only utilized as protectors of religious temples but also as herding and hunting dogs on several occasions. 

A Chow Chow is a small dog with a cute face. That’s because its puffy fur gives it a teddy bear appearance. A fat face, prominent ears, facial wrinkles, and reddish or black hair characterize this creature.  

Even though the Chow Chow appears to be a tender, eager, and friendly dog to everyone, it can become distant and even hostile, especially when dealing with strangers and other animals. When it comes to their loved ones, they are intelligent, gregarious, and friendly canines. 

It is essential to know that, like all dogs, Chow Chows have many positive aspects that make them incredible animals. However, due to certain negative characteristics, whether from an emotional or health point of view, it is important to understand this breed’s disadvantages. 

Chow Chow Dog Disadvantages

Chow Chow Can Show Signs of Aggression

The Chow Chow was designed to be a tough and dependable guard dog, which can be both beneficial and detrimental. These dogs will be devoted and protective but can become violent and territorial if they are not properly educated and socialized. They are self-sufficient and dignified, and they normally stick to one individual. 

The Chow Chow has the drawback of always being at the top of the list for the number of bites, and they are renowned for misbehaving with strangers, kids, and other creatures. That is one of the key reasons they are frequently abandoned. 

It is vital to note that, despite their appearance, they are not bears or stuffed dogs. You must appreciate and cooperate with their nature. Early socialization and exposure to various circumstances, people, and animals will make your four-legged pet feel more at ease and reduce the desire to protect. 

Chow Chow Have Been Banned in Several Countries

Chow Chows have been banned in different countries, including the United States. Some cities where this dog is restricted are Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, Michigan, Texas, Missouri, Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi. 

As previously stated, the main reason these dogs have been prohibited is because of their aggressive temperament. 

These dogs are naturally calm and get along well with their owners and human family members. However, the issue becomes more problematic when it comes to youngsters, strangers, and other animals. 

A Chow Chow can attack and kill another dog or small pet in your home. That’s because of two things: Their hunting instincts and their low tolerance for being suffocated or irritated. Also, these dogs could attack your guests no matter how often they come to your house. 

Chow Chows that haven’t been properly taught might be aggressive and territorial. We must keep in mind that this is a problem that can be rectified with proper socialization and obedience training. 

It is usual for this breed of dog to be born with this behavior. Due to their territorial and distant nature, these canines can be aggressive towards people and animals they do not know.

The level of aggressiveness that a Chow Chow can present will depend on how they have been treated and raised by their owners. 

Although hostility is Chow Chow’s main issue, these canines can be trained to be cuddly and kind. It is critical to employ the proper tactics and approaches throughout the course of the animal’s life to prevent this type of behavior.

We must ensure that we achieve this when your pet is still a puppy, as it will be able to grasp and learn more readily and fast at that age. 

Chow Chows are Difficult to Train 

The Chow Chow is an extremely clever dog, but they are challenging to teach. It is because a dog’s intelligence must be coupled with obedience for it to be trained. That is motivated by the desire to satisfy the owner, yet this breed has no intention of doing so. 

Their stubbornness and independence offer little room for instruction and obeying commands. It is feasible to train them, and clicker training and positive reinforcement work well, but patience and persistence are required. That is one of the reasons they do better with experienced dog owners. 

Since it is a puppy, it is critical to train this dog to overcome its inherent independence to some level. 

Chow Chow Grooming Requires Time

Even while this canine’s fur is one of its most attractive traits, it can be challenging to maintain. They are heavy shedders in the spring and summer, although they shed all year.

Brushing is essential daily, and it is suggested that you start grooming your Chow Chow while it is a puppy so that it gets used to the process and cooperates better. 

Brushing takes about 30 minutes per day, and you’ll need to use specific combs to clean out tangles and mats on both coat levels. They don’t like it when the fur is matted. 

Bathing a Chow Chow regularly is also recommended to avoid accumulated filth. The bathing period for the Chow Chow could last anywhere from one to three months. 

Keep in mind that too much bathing damages their dermis and coat, as well as causing a loss of defenses. As a result, it is preferable to spend more time combing and less time bathing. Remember to use a dog-specific shampoo, not a human-grade shampoo. 

They also require a bath every now and again, nail cutting, and a high level of hygiene. That puts off many business owners because it will consume a significant amount of their time. 

Despite the fact that it is a peaceful dog with a low propensity for activity, it will be necessary to spend significant time exercising, even if only mildly, to avoid obesity and overweight, as well as the emergence of behavioral problems. The goal is to let your pet walk 3-4 times a day for a total of 20 minutes. 

Chow Chows are Prone to a Variety of Health Problems

All purebred canines, like all people, are susceptible to inherited health issues. The Chow Chow has various health issues that can be problematic, especially if you don’t buy from a reputable breeder. They are as follows: 

  • Allergies 
  • Eye problems (cataracts, distichiasis, and glaucoma) 
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia 
  • Immune diseases 
  • Patellar luxation 
  • Skin cancer or melanoma 
  • Thyroid problems 


Despite its flaws, the Chow Chow is a lovely and famous breed that can make a suitable family pet for competent owners who do not have small children.

The most crucial part is interacting and educating your Chow Chow from the beginning, as this will help you avoid violent behavior. They are devoted and affectionate and sure to turn heads everywhere they go.