Can My Chow Chow Dog Live in Hot Weather?

Can My Chow Chow Dog Live in Hot Weather

Knowing every aspect of the breed of dog you want to adopt or buy is essential. We must consider many things, such as exercise routine, diet, and general care.

When bringing a new dog home, especially a large one like a Chow Chow, we ask ourselves if we should leave it outside for much of the day. However, this question cannot be resolved until we know if this dog breed can live in hot weather.

Can My Chow Chow Dog Live in Hot Weather?

Chow Chows are large dogs characterized by their beautiful and abundant fur. These dogs have a coat whose outer layer is thick, and the inner one is soft and woolly. The outer layer of hair is what gives them the appearance of a lion.

A Chow Chow’s fur theoretically protects it from the weather. A thick, abundant coat like this will help keep this breed warm during cold weather.

However, the excess hair could cause problems when it is very hot. For that reason, keeping the Chow Chow indoors during the hot months is best.

Many people shave their dogs to cool down their bodies, but that’s a mistake. Cutting a Chow Chow’s fur will only make things worse.

If you shave your Chow Chow, the sun’s rays could burn its skin and cause other severe problems like skin cancer. Remember that the double coat of this canine helps regulate its body temperature.

Although its fur is very abundant, it allows the passage of air to keep cool, which is much better than cutting it and leaving the canine’s skin exposed to the sun.

How to Know When My Chow Chow Suffers from Heat?

We can quickly detect when our Chow Chow is hot and overheated. There are some apparent symptoms that will allow us to act in time and prevent our dogs from suffering from heatstroke. Some of them are:

Chow Chow Dehydration

It is normal for a Chow Chow to be dehydrated on hot days, and this is because its abundant fur quickly overheats it in this type of weather.

It is not recommended to exercise this breed while it is in this state. If your Chow Chow is dehydrated, you will be able to quickly tell when it is panting a lot and is tired.

Chow Chow Excessive Panting

One of the most apparent symptoms that indicate that our Chow Chow is overheated is excessive panting. That is very common in any person or animal who is tired after doing physical activity, and in this case, it is caused by excess heat.

Chow Chow Diarrhea

If you notice that your Chow Chow’s stools are unusual on a hot day, then clearly, it is overheated. The stools are usually bloody or whitish.

Chow Chow Fever

Another common symptom that your Chow Chow may present in this climate is fever. Generally, this dog’s body temperature will exceed 103°F in hot weather, and that is dangerous, so you should take it to the vet immediately.

Chow Chow Dizziness

It is normal for a person to lose their sense of direction when exhausted and dehydrated, and the same thing happens in dogs.

If you notice that your Chow Chow is walking in a zigzag pattern and tends to bump into things, then it is dizzy from excessive heat.

Chow Chow Drooling

If your Chow Chow is drooling excessively or more than normal, the heat may be the reason for that.

Chow Chow Difficulty Urinating

Under normal conditions, any breed of dog, including the Chow Chow, should have no problem urinating.

However, if you notice this complication and it happens that it is hot that day, then what you can do is provide a bowl of water to help cool down, and that will help it urinate.

What Measures Should We Take So That Our Chow Chow Does Not Suffer in Hot Climates?

If you have no other option but to leave your Chow Chow outside all day, then you should take into account the following tips:

Provide a Shady Spot

It is essential that you choose the ideal place for your Chow Chow in your garden or backyard. You must consider several things to select the best spot, but one of them is the shade.

Make sure your Chow Chow’s spot is under a tree or somewhere in your backyard with a roof. If you don’t have either, buy a dog house big enough for this canine or install a kennel.

Leave a Bowl of Water in Its Spot

Whether your Chow Chow is spending the day quietly outside on a hot day or exercising, you need to provide plenty of water to keep it hydrated.

Remember that these dogs are large and have a lot of hair. This makes them dehydrate more quickly, and it is normal for them to need water more frequently. Make sure its water bowl is big enough for the whole day.