Can Chow Chows Live Outside?

Most people choose to adopt or buy a pet. The presence of a pet in the home can change the quality of life and contribute to improving people’s physical and mental health.

That means that an animal of this type will provide us with the company we need all the time, preventing us from feeling alone as well as keeping us physically healthy by exercising with it. 

As we all know, dogs are the most popular and common pets worldwide due to the loyalty, affection, and other benefits they offer. Each canine has a characteristic that identifies it and clearly differentiates it from other breeds, whether in terms of physical appearance, personality, behavior, etc. 

When it comes to acquiring a dog, in this case, a Chow Chow, we cannot get carried away just by its cute appearance. We have to consider other vital aspects such as personality and behavior since that will allow us to know if the canine can adapt to our lifestyle. 

The Chow Chow is one of the oldest dog breeds. Its origin dates back more than 2,000 years in northern China. These canines were used as temple guards during the Han dynasty. They are canines with a cute appearance.

They are characterized by having fluffy fur that makes them look like furry bears. Many people might believe that they are extremely affectionate animals with everyone and love to receive hugs and affection, but that is not the case. Chow Chows are distant and independent animals that like to spend time alone. 

Can Chow Chows Live Outside? 

It is a good question, especially if we are talking about dogs with thick and fluffy fur. In this case, the Chow Chows can stay outside as long as the weather conditions are right. Too cold or too hot is not good for any type of dog, so we have to evaluate that when thinking about leaving our pet outside. 

This dog has a double coat: the outer one is rough and waterproof, and the inner one is softer. Therefore, the coat of this dog protects it from the cold and also provides insulation against the heat. It is for that reason that these canines can do well during hot weather

Many people might believe that the double coat that Chow Chows have would cause heatstroke during hot weather, but the opposite is true. This coat protects the canine from the sun, preventing it from burning. That is why it is not recommended to shave this breed, especially if you live in areas where temperatures are constantly changing and extreme. 

Also, it should be noted that Chow Chows’ fur helps them cool down better during hot weather. That is because, as we have said before, one of its two layers provides insulation against heat. 

As we have seen, the coat of a Chow Chow is extremely important to keep it protected from both cold and heat. However, hot weather affects this dog more than cold weather, so it is a factor to take into account before thinking about leaving it outdoors. 

We can leave our Chow Chow outside as long as the heat is not too extreme. In any case, there are certain recommendations that you should take into account: 


If you live in an area where intense heat abounds, then you should have a shady space in your garden or backyard. That will help your dog avoid receiving the sun’s rays, preventing heatstroke and dehydration. 

You can buy a doghouse or put up an awning in your backyard or garden. No matter what method you use, just make sure your Chow Chow can access a shady spot. 


Water is essential for any living thing, including dogs. These animals can be very dehydrated in hot climates, so it is essential always to keep their bowl full of water. 

Make sure your Chow Chow’s water bowl is placed where it cannot spill. 


If you think of acquiring a Chow Chow to keep outside, then make sure you have nice grass that provides your canine with comfort and freshness. That’s because the ground in many people’s backyards is made of asphalt and concrete, which could cause burns to your Chow Chow’s little legs. 

If you don’t have grass, then the best option is to use blankets or towels to cover hot surfaces. 

Can a Chow Chow Live Outside in Cold Weather? 

We already know that Chow Chows do better in the cold than hot weather. However, very low temperatures could still adversely affect these canines. The double coat of these dogs protects them from the cold, but it is important that you know certain precautionary measures during these situations: 

Deep Snow 

If it has snowed too much in the area where you live, the ground outside the house may be several inches under the snow. Snow could affect Chow Chow’s upper legs, especially because of its size. 


In many countries, snowstorms are often a common factor during winter. These situations can be dangerous, especially for dogs like Chow Chows, who are used to staying inside their warm home resting. 

How Does a Chow Chow Feel When Left Outside? 

The weather is not the only factor to take into account in these types of situations. Chow Chows are calm and independent dogs that love to rest comfortably indoors without being disturbed by anyone, not even their owners. Like most dogs, these could suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone for a long time outside as they will feel abandoned. 

Not all Chow Chows are the same since each one presents its own different personality. For that reason, it is possible that there are several that can adapt to living outside.