Can Chow Chows Eat Chicken?

Can Chow Chows Eat Chicken

Taking care of our pet should be our priority, including knowing everything related to its diet to avoid giving it food that can negatively affect its health.

The diet of each breed of dog can vary slightly, and it is essential to know that before having any canine. Chow Chows can eat a wide variety of foods as long as they are healthy and high in protein.

It is vital to carefully choose the food of a Chow Chow since it is a dog that does not like to exercise. While it is necessary to provide it with enough exercise to stay in shape, most of the time, it will prefer to spend its time indoors resting.

Therefore, we must choose the best ingredients that are not a threat to the body. These dogs are prone to gaining weight rapidly due to poor nutrition.

Proteins are essential for any breed of dog, including the Chow Chow, and meats are one of the primary protein sources.

Simply put, meats should always be in your pet’s diet. Still, many people are hesitant to feed their Chow Chows chicken. We are here to answer that question.

Can Chow Chows Eat Chicken?

We first need to know that chicken is one of the main ingredients for most dog foods, especially processed ones. That is because this animal provides many vitamins and is delicious for dogs.

Chicken is an excellent food for Chow Chows as it is a rich source of protein. However, depending on how it is prepared, it could be more or less beneficial to its health.

Keep in mind that this food has a low fat percentage and high protein content. This is because this food is made of muscle fibers, which is why many consider lean meat.

This food is essential for Chow Chows as it helps the growth and development of their muscles, especially in this type of dog that does not usually do much exercise.

Without a doubt, you should add chicken to your Chow Chow’s diet and other complementary foods since all will provide good nutrition for the animal to grow and develop healthy and strong throughout its life.

In addition to that, they also offer benefits to the canine’s coat as well as immunity against diseases.

Why Is Chicken a Good Food for Chow Chow?


They are essential for the body of our canine since they are made of amino acids and offer many benefits to their muscles, skin, organs, and hair. In addition, they improve immunity against diseases due to their production of antibodies.


Fats are essential for a dog’s health, even though they could be harmful if consumed excessively. They provide energy for the animal’s body. Fats are necessary for body structures, including the immune system and vision.

Vitamins and Minerals

They perfectly complement a balanced diet as they help improve immunity and regulate the canine’s metabolism.

Explicitly speaking, vitamins are organic substances that convert calories into energy, while minerals are inorganic nutrients that contribute to the growth of healthy bones and teeth.

What Is the Best Way to Prepare Chicken for Our Pet?

It is vital to ensure we never season our canine’s chicken as this could be poisonous and toxic to its body.

Many people find that cooked chicken is best for this breed of dog. You can complement it with some vegetables as long as they are suitable for your pet. In these cases, you could ask your vet for help.

It is recommended to place pieces of shredded chicken on the plate of your Chow Chow, and the best way to achieve this state of the chicken is to cook it for 12 minutes over low heat.

If you want to prepare chicken in different ways, you can consider the following options:

  • Grilled chicken
  • Baked chicken
  • Poached chicken

If you constantly feed your Chow Chow the same way, it will get bored and stop eating. That is why it is important to alternate ways of preparing this food.

A very important aspect is that you should never leave chipped bones in the bowl of your Chow Chow as it is very easy for it to swallow them, running the risk of tearing its throat or some internal organ.

Some Chow Chow owners use raw chicken to feed their pets, but that is not entirely correct, as their canine could be at risk for salmonella and other bacterial diseases. That is why it is best to prepare the chicken in the way that we have explained previously.

When Can’t a Chow Chow Eat Chicken?

Certain dogs could be intolerant and allergic to this food. The easiest way to know that is when our dog begins to present symptoms such as vomiting or skin rashes.

You should also not give it this food if it is overweight unless you provide it with a balanced diet along with daily exercise.