Can Chow Chows Be Service Dogs?

Bringing a pet home is a joy for the whole family. Dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, birds, etc., are animals that provide many benefits to their owners from a physical and emotional perspective. The first ones are the most common pets in many homes in the world. 

There is a great variety of dog breeds, and each one of them presents different characteristics in terms of their physical appearance, abilities, personality, and behavior.

Many people adore animals of this type for the physical and emotional benefits they provide. One of the best-known species for various positive and negative aspects is the Chow Chow. 

Chow Chows are dogs with a cute appearances. They are characterized by having fluffy fur that makes them look like furry bears.

Many people might believe that they are extremely affectionate animals with everyone and love to receive hugs and affection, but that is not the case. Chow Chows are distant and independent animals that like to spend time alone. 

This breed of dog loves the company of its owners and members of its human family. In fact, these canines always choose one of their loved ones as their favorite person. However, they are very distant towards strange people, children, and other animals. 

Many people wonder if Chow Chows can be service dogs. This question arises due to the stubborn and distant personality that this breed of canine presents. 

What is a Service Dog? 

Service dogs consist of animals previously trained and integrated into a multidisciplinary team made up of health and education professionals, which help improve patients’ interpersonal and social contact and stimulate them physically and mentally. 

The four main areas to work as service dogs are: 


In this area, motivation is the fundamental factor that enables the patient to relate to their environment and, especially, to other people so that they can go out feeling comfortable and safe. For this, the support and company of the dog are essential. 


It is mainly related to the memory of the patient. Exercises are often done to help them remember the breed, size, color, and other characteristics of their pet. 


It consists of a series of exercises in which the patient is required to move, get up, walk, or even run with the dog. It is important that the canine interacts with the patient so that he or she regains lost mobility. 


In the emotional area, the function of the dog is very important. The idea is for the person to open up and bring out their feelings, and the pet serves as a vehicle to help them remember and be able to talk about issues or situations that have been important in their life. 

Could a Chow Chow Be a Good Service Dog? 

Many people are surprised when they find out that certain trainers train Chow Chows to be service dogs. 

Generally, Chow Chows are not known to be good service dogs, especially because of their personality and temperament. They can be very stubborn, distant, obnoxious, and difficult to train.

They do not like hugs and excessive affection unless they come from their loved ones. They are canines that do not get along with other pets. In fact, Chow Chows prefer to spend time alone during certain times of the day. 

We have to remember that not all Chow Chows will be the same, and each one will develop a characteristic personality. That means certain Chow Chows may be trained to be good service dogs. 

Despite being difficult dogs to train, we have to emphasize that they are very intelligent and loyal, so they can become excellent service dogs if they are properly trained. 

If we properly train our Chow Chow, it could perform well in certain activities: 

Chow Chows as Therapy Dogs 

It is difficult for a Chow Chow to make an excellent therapy dog ​​because they are not usually very friendly with strangers, children, and animals. However, if this canine learns to be friendly with the people around it and receives the proper training to be a good service canine, then it will be able to fulfill its activities as a therapy dog. 

A therapy dog ​​is an animal that can be trained to bring affection, comfort, and love to people in: 

  • Homes for the elderly. 
  • Hospitals. 
  • Hospices. 
  • Disaster areas. 
  • Schools. 

Therapy dogs also help those with anxiety disorders or autism. They provide affection and comfort to people in various ways. When these canines go to any of these places, it is mostly to visit people, show their tricks, and simply be a warm and furry being to caress and even talk to. 

There are reading dog groups where canines work with children in libraries and schools, which gives them confidence in reading. However, remember that Chow Chows do not usually get along with children, so it is important that they receive socialization training. 

Many hospitals use specially trained therapy dogs to work with people in rehabilitation areas, encouraging those recovering from injuries. 

Chow Chows as Service Dogs for the Disabled 

These dogs could be excellent companions for disabled people if they receive proper training. This job is for docile, calm, and affectionate canines that can live in society without problems. 

It is true that Chow Chows are known to have a certain level of aggressiveness, but we have to bear in mind that not all are the same and that such behavior may be due to a bad experience in the past. These dogs meet some of the requirements to be good service dogs for the disabled, but they still need to be very well trained. 

How Can My Chow Chow Be a Service Dog? 

Typically, when Chow Chow owners want their pets to become service dogs, they require a professional trainer’s help. 

You can work with a professional to train your pet according to your needs or whatever requirements you want. According to the American Kennel Club, training a service dog with the help of a specialist can take between six months and two years. 

On the other hand, if the idea of ​​turning your Chow Chow into a service dog is challenging for you, simply adopt an animal that is already trained for that quality.