Can Chow Chows Be Left Alone?

Bringing a pet home is a joy for the whole family. Dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, birds, etc., are animals that provide many benefits to their owners from a physical and emotional perspective. 

As we all know, dogs are the most popular and common pets worldwide due to the loyalty, affection, and other benefits they offer. Each canine has a characteristic that identifies it and clearly differentiates it from other breeds, whether in terms of physical appearance, personality, behavior, etc. 

When it comes to acquiring a dog, in this case, a Chow Chow, we cannot get carried away just by its cute appearance. We have to consider other important aspects such as personality and behavior since that is what will allow us to know if the canine can adapt to our lifestyle. 

Chow Chows are dogs with cute appearances. They are characterized by having fluffy fur that makes them look like furry bears.

Many people might believe that they are extremely affectionate animals with everyone and love to receive hugs and affection, but that is not the case. Chow Chows are distant and independent animals that like to spend time alone. 

This breed of dog loves the company of its owners and members of its human family. In fact, these canines always choose one of their loved ones as their favorite person. However, they are very distant towards strange people, children, and other animals. 

When it comes to acquiring a dog of this type, many families do not think how long it can be left alone at home. Most people who buy or adopt a dog generally have to work, so they will inevitably have to leave their pet alone at home

That is why it is crucial to know if a Chow Chow can stay home alone for a certain time. 

Do Chow Chows Suffer from Separation Anxiety? 

The first thing we have to know is the meaning of this concept. Separation anxiety is a behavioral problem suffered by many dogs’ breeds when they are left alone at home or separated from their owners for long periods. In fact, some canines become anxious simply by losing eye contact with their loved ones. 

Almost all dog breeds suffer from separation anxiety. Chow Chows are no exception. However, the personality of this canine helps to deal with this condition, unlike others. 

Can a Chow Chow Really Be Left Home Alone? 

Chow Chows don’t need a lot of attention, especially if they are adults. They prefer to spend time alone without being disturbed by anyone. In the case of puppies, like babies or children, they will need a certain degree of attention and affection from their loved ones. 

Puppies are more vulnerable to anxiety when left alone for many hours. Regardless of whether these dogs are reserved and aloof, we must make sure we provide them with the necessary love as owners. We shouldn’t go overboard with the amount of care as Chow Chows can easily get irritated. 

How Long Can Chow Chows Stay Home Alone? 

This breed of dog does not mind staying home alone for a few hours as they have a sufficient level of independence to handle it. That does not mean that Chow Chows cannot become anxious and develop destructive behaviors, especially if you leave them alone for many hours. 

Generally, these dogs (especially puppies) can be left alone for about 3 hours without training. Now, although they can be alone for that time, it is not recommended that you do it frequently since that can affect them negatively, especially from an emotional point of view. 

During the Chow Chows’ puppy stage, we must make sure not to leave them alone for more than 2 hours since, at that age, they can easily suffer from anxiety. That is why it is essential to start training them immediately. You have to get your Chow Chow used to stay home alone for a few hours every day, especially if you have to go to work. 

How to Keep a Chow Chow Entertained When It is Alone? 

Chow Chows, like many other dog breeds, tend to get bored easily. If that happens, it is normal for them to start feeling anxious and develop destructive behaviors. 

We must avoid such situations by providing certain things to keep it entertained and happy. Exercise and a good diet are two fundamental aspects that will keep these canines healthy and happy. While Chow Chows are not the most energetic and athletic of dogs, we do need to provide them with a certain amount of exercise every day. 

If you are going out to go to work or study, you must distribute your pet’s favorite treats throughout the house. That will allow it to get excited every time it finds one, keeping it entertained. You can do the same with their favorite toys

Another thing you could do is leave a slight background noise. You can do this by turning on the radio or television. That will make your Chow Chow feel that it is not alone. 

Training to Reduce Separation Anxiety 

It is important that this training is carried out when our Chow Chows is a puppy. 

One of the most effective ways to gradually accustom our Chow Chow to being alone in our absence is through the method of immediately exiting and entering the door. 

This method consists of a series of steps that involve certain variations and a single constant which is “walking out the door.” This process should be done several times a day so that your Chow Chow gradually gets used to it. 

The first step is to go out the door, walk 1 or 2 meters and go back inside. You must increase the difficulty as it progresses. For example, now you can walk out the door and go to your car.

At that moment, open the vehicle door, close it, and go back into the house. Now you must do the same, but this time you have to get in the car. 

The next step is to drive around the block for a few minutes and then go back to the house. Each day you can increase the time of absence so that your dog gets used to being alone longer. This training will let your pet know that you will be coming home soon. 

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