Can Chow Chows Be Friendly?

Chow Chows are dogs that can appear quite cuddly and affectionate due to their physical appearance, but the reality is that they could become aggressive depending on the situation. This dog is characterized by being calm and independent. It does not love to exercise or be around people frequently. It is a very distant canine. 

It is one of the oldest dog breeds. Its origin dates back more than 2,000 years in northern China.

These canines were used as temple guards during the Han dynasty. They were not only used as guardians of the sacred temples but, on many occasions, they were also used as herding or hunting dogs. 

These dogs are known to exhibit aggressive and dangerous behavior. However, these situations will depend on a specific moment and the causes that originated it. Because of that, many Chow Chow owners wonder if this breed can be friendly. 

Can Chow Chows Be Friendly? 

This breed of dog is friendly and affectionate towards its human family members but distant towards strangers and other animals.

It can be very territorial and show signs of aggression towards children, strangers, and other dogs due to its hunting origin. This behavior is typical in these types of dogs, but they can be trained to become more affectionate. 

Chow Chows has been banned in different countries for this reason. These dogs are naturally calm and get along well with their owners and members of their human families. However, the situation gets complicated when we talk about children, strangers, and other animals. 

Chow Chows don’t need a lot of attention and affection. These animals prefer to spend time alone instead of having the company of children or other animals. It is not recommended to have another pet at home if you have a Chow Chow as it could be dangerous. Many have claimed that these dogs can chase, attack or kill other dogs or small animals. There are two reasons: 

  • Hunting instinct. 
  • Low tolerance. 

They often choose a family member as their favorite person to spend time with. We have mentioned that they are independent and distant canines, but they will still protect their owner and try to protect him no matter what. That is one of the reasons a Chow Chow can display aggressive behavior. 

It is true that Chow Chows can be very friendly to their owners and members of their human families as long as they receive the proper education. In addition, good training will make these canines affectionate with other people, and even animals and children. 

What Should We Do to Make Our Chow Chow More Friendly? 

As we have already mentioned, most people know these dogs due to the aggressive behavior they can present.

That is due to the territorial and distant nature that this breed has shown since its origin. The level of aggressiveness or friendliness that a Chow Chow can exhibit will depend on how it has been treated and raised by its owners. 

It is essential to use the necessary techniques and methods to prevent this type of negative behavior throughout its life. We have to make sure we achieve this while your pet is still a puppy since, at that age, it will be able to understand more easily and quickly everything we teach it. 

One of the ways to make our Chow Chow friendlier is by providing obedience and socialization training. That way, they can learn to get along with strangers, animals, and children. 

It is recommended that you take your canine to meet other people and animals so that they interact with them daily. Little by little, your Chow Chow will benefit from the good behaviors of those around it, and it will feel much more comfortable and confident when it sees strange people. 

Similarly, we have to give a Chow Chow a lot of love as long as it is a puppy. We just have to do it in a controlled and balanced way. That is because these dogs have low tolerance and do not like to receive excessive attention. 

A Chow Chow who has received socialization training will be a happy and stable dog that will adapt to various situations without resorting to its more aggressive side. 

If your Chow Chow is a puppy, you can allow other people to give it love and affection by petting, hugging, holding, or talking to it. That will make your pet feel like part of the pack and will get used to getting along with people regardless of whether they are part of their family or not. 

We have to remember that these animals have a strong hunting instinct, so they will want to chase everything that moves. If you want to avoid that happening, take your Chow Chow in the car regularly so that it gets used to watching people moving from one place to another. 

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