Can a Chow Chow Kill a Human? 

It is a mistake to try to adopt or buy a new dog without knowing the temperament and personality of that specific breed.

As you know, each dog breed is characterized by having a different personality and behaviour. For example, some canines can be so friendly, affectionate, and attached to their loved ones, while others are more independent and have aggressive tendencies.

Obviously, you’ll want to avoid getting a dog that exhibits aggressive behaviour, especially if you’re a first-time owner.

The most experienced people are able to control the temperament of this type of dog and even correct its behaviour if it is not the most appropriate.

For several reasons, the Chow Chow is one of the most interesting dog breeds. They are calm dogs that like to spend time alone, but sometimes they tend to be affectionate with their loved ones.

However, they need excellent socialisation training to get along with strangers, children, and other animals.

The reason for this is that they can show a high degree of aggressiveness and dangerousness in certain circumstances. In fact, this is the reason why Chow Chows have been banned in several countries.

These dogs originated more than 2,000 years ago in China and were used as temple guardians. Obviously, they were trained to show territorial and aggressive behaviour towards all those unknown people who tried to approach them.

In the same way, this breed has developed over the years a strong hunting instinct that makes it aggressive towards smaller animals, irritating children and strangers.

Chow Chows are hostile to strangers, and for that reason, it is normal for many people to wonder if Chow Chows can kill humans.

Can a Chow Chow Kill a Human?

Over the years, humans have suffered from various incidents caused by Chow Chows. Keep in mind that several studies claim that millions of people are bitten by different breeds of dogs around the world every year.

There have been many breeds of dogs that develop aggressive behaviour, which has led to many incidents in which people are seriously injured, and some even die.

Many humans throughout history have been victims of Chow Chows. The following list will show the number of cases of aggression according to each situation. All these data have been evaluated and recorded by professionals:

  • Child Victims: 37
  • Adult Victims: 18
  • Bodily Harm: 61
  • Mutilations: 40
  • Deaths: 8

This data shows us how dangerous Chow Chows can be when not properly trained. This is one of the most dangerous dog breeds if it does not receive the proper education or lifestyle.

Our list obviously answers the question as we can see that the Chow Chow has been involved in 8 incidents resulting in the deaths of 8 people.

Not all Chow Chows are the same. It is true that aggressive behaviour is common in these dogs, but that does not mean that all are born with it.

In addition, the behaviour of any breed depends on the education and socialisation that it receives. Obviously, if the Chow Chow is mistreated and not given good training, it will most likely be dangerous even to its own family.

Are Chow Chows Really Banned in Some Places?

Yes! Many states have banned keeping Chow Chows as pets due to the large number of incidents they have caused.

The states where this breed is prohibited are Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Nebraska.

We have already mentioned why these dogs are illegal in these states. Chow Chows are unfriendly dogs when they are not given a happy life and proper training.

Therefore, these states consider that a dog of this type cannot live in places where there are people, especially children.

Can We Prevent Our Chow Chow from Being Aggressive?

Of course! Although your Chow Chow will always have that aggressive and territorial behaviour inside it, it is still possible to control it through proper training and education.

You should make sure to provide obedience training for your pet. It is very important that your Chow Chow obeys you every time you order something.

Obedience training must go hand in hand with socialisation. You must expose your Chow Chow to other people and animals so that it adapts to their presence. Make sure you do this during its puppy stage; otherwise, it might be too late.

If it interacts with people and other animals from an early age, it will naturally learn to get along with them, and it will grow up with a more friendly personality.

It is vital that you treat your Chow Chow well. Try to give it a lot of affection and avoid using methods that involve physical or verbal punishment, as they can bring out the aggressive part of your dog.

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