Are Chow Chows Guard Dogs? 

Most families around the world have a pet regardless of the species and breed. These animals become important in the lives of these people since they are considered companions. On many occasions, people tend to love their pets more than a person. 

The dog is one of the most popular animal species as a pet. They are extraordinary pets that offer us companionship, love, and loyalty at all times.

When a person acquires an animal of this type, his physical and mental condition generally improves considerably. That is because having a four-legged friend, we can do physical activities with it for most of the day, and therefore our emotional state will improve. 

One of the best-known dog breeds due to its positive and negative aspects is the Chow Chow. The first thing we have to know is that the Chow Chow is one of the oldest dog breeds. Its origin dates back more than 2,000 years in northern China. These canines were used as temple guards during the Han dynasty. 

Chow Chows are dogs that are noted for two characteristics: their physical appearance and their behavior. First and foremost, it is a dog with a cute appearance. That’s because its fur is puffy, giving it a teddy bear appearance. A fat face, prominent ears, facial wrinkles, and a reddish or black coat characterize this species. 

On the other side, while the Chow Chow appears to be a gentle, eager, and friendly dog to everyone, it can become distant and even hostile with strangers and other animals. When it comes to their loved ones, they are intelligent, gregarious, and friendly canines. 

Are Chow Chows Guard Dogs? 

The Chow Chow’s shady reputation stems from its ability to serve as excellent guard dogs. It’s understandable that they’d be protective and temperamental if they were formerly used to guard Asia’s grand palaces. 

They may appear adorable, but they are tough hunting and security dogs who have been around for a very long time. This breed of dog is incredibly loyal, self-sufficient, and low-maintenance, making it a perfect choice if you’re seeking a fluffy companion who can also serve as a home security guard. 

They will protect you with their life if they have the chance, which they won’t. Their natural instinct to defend and guard can be overwhelming. To keep your Chow Chow from being out of control, you may want to consult with a behaviorist or qualified trainer. But a good dog could benefit from professional training to help them become the best they can be. 

What Does a Chow Chow Need to Become a Good Guard Dog? 

Some of the things a Chow Chow needs to become a guard dog are: 

Chow Chow Loyalty 

Remember that the canines of this breed are considered one of the most loyal and faithful animals that can exist in the whole world. 

If a dog is extremely loyal to its owner, it can become an excellent protector. 

A Chow Chow meets this requirement and more, as it will prefer to fight another animal in order to protect you especially considering the aggressive behavior that it can show on certain occasions. 

Chow Chow Energy 

Chow Chows are not the most energetic and active dogs. Therefore, do not expect too much of this dog in this regard. It should be noted that even though they are not that energetic canines, they will release all their energy to protect you. 

Chow Chow Intelligence 

Chow Chows are highly intelligent dog breeds. That’s because it is one of the most interesting hunters in the canine world. 

Since Chow Chows have good intelligence, it can be easy to train them to be good guard dogs. Besides, this canine’s intelligence will allow you to teach it more easily since it will be willing to please you in everything. 

Chow Chow Size 

It is very important to mention that this is one of the most necessary characteristics to become a guard dog. That is because, without a robust and vast body, it will not meet the requirements to protect its home or the property that it will guard. 

The size of a Chow Chow would be a disadvantage, especially for its short legs. 

Can I Train My Chow Chow to Become a Good Guard Dog? 

The first thing you should understand is that they must be trained and socialized from the time they are puppies. It is critical for the dog owner to establish a set of tight guidelines for this breed right from the start.  

Chow Chows are typically dominating dogs. Thus it’s essential for you, as the owner, to maintain the alpha position and avoid allowing your dog to control you. 

It is difficult for a Chow Chow to be an excellent guard dog if it is: 

  • Gentle 
  • Affectionate 
  • Quite 
  • Stubborn 

Apart from its innate nature, this will be determined by the lifestyle and education it obtains. It is possible to reach this aim if we put a strong training plan. 

If a youngster obtains a specific form of education, he will most probably understand faster than an adult since he’s still in his growing stage, and his process of learning will be speedier.  

In the case of canines, the same thing occurs. A Chow Chow puppy can mature into a guard dog far more quickly than an adult. In either situation, the procedure will be lengthy and necessitate our patience and constancy. 

Before understanding how to teach a Chow Chow to become a guard dog, it’s crucial to think about using a good reward system like positive reinforcement. If we praise our dog with goodies and praise it every time it does an action correctly, it will be able to learn quickly during each step of training. 

The Method through the Identification of Areas 

This method consists of teaching the Chow Chow to identify the area that it needs to protect. The process is straightforward. Walk your canine around the house during the day and at night. Try not to attract your pet’s attention during this time. The intent of this practice is to allow Chow Chow to focus and identify its territory. 

Once you have practiced this together with your canine, it will already know what area it needs to protect. 

An interesting aspect of this method is that your canine must have received socialization training. The goal would be to allow your Chow Chow to meet your friends or neighbors. That way, it will be able to recognize any suspicious person.