Are Chow Chows Guard Dogs? 

Are Chow Chows Guard Dogs

Guard dog breeds are one of the most desired by many families. Many people acquire canines solely to protect their families and homes, either by alerting them through barking or intimidating intruders.

Not all breeds of dogs have the skills or instincts to perform well as guard dogs, and that is why it is important to choose the dog that best suits our needs.

The Chow Chow is an ancient breed of dog that originated over 2,000 years ago and was used to guard temples in China during the Han dynasty. Therefore, it stands to reason that it has maintained its abilities as a guard dog since then.

A guard dog needs to meet certain requirements, and many people think that one of them is aggressiveness. If we do not know the Chow Chow, it is very difficult to think that this dog is aggressive, considering his tender appearance. However, that is not so.

While a Chow Chow is not always aggressive, there are certain times when this behavior can show up. Similarly, aggressiveness is not a requirement to be a good guard dog.

It is important to know all these details, especially if you have children at home since it is not enough to tell if the Chow Chow is a good guard dog or not.

Are Chow Chows Guard Dogs?

The Chow Chows are considered a protective breed, and to understand this, we have to go back to the beginning of their history.

Chow Chows originated more than 2,000-3,000 years ago in China when they arrived from Mongolia. These dogs began to be bred not only as hunting dogs due to their excellent hunting instincts but also as good guard dogs. In fact, they were the protectors who guarded the Tibetan temples and monasteries.

This dog was exported to many countries for several years until it reached the United States and became popular not only for its abilities as a guard dog but also because it could be an excellent pet.

We can therefore say that Chow Chows are good guard dogs, especially because they form strong ties with their family and feel the need to protect them and their homes.

Many people might think that these dogs are helpless as they look like teddy bears. Their fur gives them a cute appearance that would never make us think that they can be guard dogs and even show signs of aggression.

What Requirements Does a Chow Chow Meet to Be a Good Guard Dog?

  • Loyalty: These animals form strong bonds with their owners and become very loyal and faithful to them.
  • Bravery: Chow Chows will not be afraid to face any threat in order to protect their family and home.
  • Intelligence: A Chow Chow is intelligent enough to be trained as a guard dog and to identify the threat situation and act in the best way.
  • Size: Although Chow Chows are not large dogs, their abundant fur makes them look like larger canines than they really are and, therefore, more intimidating.

Why Is a Chow Chow a Guard Dog?

Chow Chows Distrust Strangers

One of the reasons these dogs are good protectors is that they are wary of strangers. As we already know, Chow Chows are affectionate and loyal dogs to their human family members but are aloof and suspicious of strangers and other animals.

Therefore, when they see a stranger approaching their house or a family member, it is common for them to want to protect them by barking, growling, or even moving into an attack position.

It should be noted that Chow Chows can display aggressive behavior as long as they have not received the proper socialization training.

Training our Chow Chow to be an excellent guard dog will intimidate intruders without resorting to violence.

Chow Chows Are Naturally Territorial

Chow Chows are excellent protectors since their behavior is based on their territorial nature. They will not want any person or animal near their property, in this case, their home. Similarly, they will try to protect their food, favorite toys, sleeping space, etc.

In fact, they are so territorial that they can feel nervous and vulnerable in new environments, especially around strangers.

Chow Chows Have a History as Guard Dogs

We have already explained above that the history of these canines dates back to China, where they used to protect temples and monasteries. This allowed them to develop a strong protective instinct gradually.

Training your Chow Chow

It is important to socialize our Chow Chow from an early age since a dog has not yet developed a particular behavior when it is young.

However, keep in mind that the socialization of a Chow Chow must be specialized if you want to train it as a guard dog because we cannot make this dog get along with all strangers if we want it to protect our home and us.

What does that mean? We must train our Chow Chow to learn to identify the real threats. That way, it won’t see all strangers as intruders.

You should make sure to expose your Chow Chow to children, strangers, and other animals for petting.

This is important to do while they are puppies, as they are likely to be more receptive than adults. Keeping him surrounded by different people will make him learn to be more friendly and sociable with everyone.

You can also take him to private lessons where he can be specifically trained as a guard dog, so he learns to identify strangers who pose a threat and those who are innocent.

Using the positive reinforcement method to train and socialize a Chow Chow is essential. That is, you should reward him with treats and praise every time his behaviors and actions are correct.

Many people only get a Chow Chow to protect a particular area, be it their home or elsewhere. In those cases, they will train this dog to learn to recognize that entire area and protect it no matter what.