Are Chow Chows Good with Kids?

Are Chow Chows Good with Kids

Certain dogs have a striking physical appearance that will not only be easy to recognize but will also make us think they are dogs with a particular personality. The Chow Chow is one of them.

This breed of dog makes us think that it is affectionate but also aggressive, and that is due to its large size and fluffy fur, similar to that of a lion. In fact, many people acquire them because they look like teddy bears.

Chow Chows are characterized by being calm, introverted, and independent in many cases. They have a hunting instinct that makes them dangerous to strangers, other animals, and especially kids if they are not properly trained.

Generally, these dogs are highly desired by families with kids since their fluffy coats and cute appearance make them look like harmless pets, but that is really not the case.

Can My Chow Chow Be Good with Kids?

The Chow Chow is a medium-sized dog and is one of the few breeds in the world in which both the female and the male are the same size. As we have said before, this canine is characterized precisely by its fluffy coat, which gives it a cute appearance.

This physical characteristic can make parents think that these dogs are affectionate and playful and that there will be no problem if they are left alone with their children.

It should be noted that this is not exactly the case since they have reserved and distant personalities, so they would not be the best dogs to be with kids.

The Chow Chow is a calm and loving dog with its favorite person, especially its owner, and loyal to its human family members.

However, it is essential to note that it does not like to be hugged or teased, so it would be bad to leave it alone with kids. That does not mean they cannot adapt to a family with children.

We know these dogs are independent and stubborn, so they are not suitable pets for families with children, especially those under 6 years of age.

Remember that young kids love to play, and they often do it by mistreating the pet since they are not yet really aware of what is right or wrong. That can be negative as the Chow Chow does not tolerate abuse.

It is most recommended that families acquire this dog with older children who already know how to treat a pet properly. Also, if the Chow Chow was raised from a puppy with young kids, it is possible that it will adapt well and get along with them.

Now, it is essential to know that this dog can get along well with young children as long as it receives socialization training.

That will help the canine feel comfortable with them and prevent aggression problems towards children and even other people.

Can Kids Adapt to Chow Chows?

It depends. Not all children are the same, and that is due to genetic factors or the upbringing and education they have had.

This dog breed is not considered suitable for kids, especially those under 6 years of age because they are independent, distant, and not tolerable animals.

That means they prefer to be alone or with their favorite family person without being disturbed by someone.

Because these dogs love quiet, they will be aloof toward playful and enthusiastic children. This is why the Chow Chow can get along well with older children who are old enough to know how to treat a pet properly.

Importantly, this breed can get along well with young children if they have been raised alongside them since it was a puppy. Kids are not suitable for Chow Chows, but you can teach them to treat them properly.

How to Teach Kids to Treat a Chow Chow Dog Properly?

Young children do not know how to act appropriately around a pet since they are naive and have little awareness of their actions.

These situations can put them in danger with the Chow Chows since we remember that these dogs do not tolerate abuse or rough play. Therefore, teaching kids to treat these types of animals is crucial.

By nature, kids love to play with toys or other children or people. However, if they see something adorable that moves, they will also want to play with it as they are curious.

In this regard, a Chow Chow’s beautiful fluffy coat is a disadvantage as it makes them look like teddy bears. When a child sees a dog of this type, the first thing he will want to do is go and hug it.

Regardless of the dog breed, it is essential to teach children not to approach or interact with a strange dog since we do not know how it could react to that situation.

If a kid tries to get wildly close to a Chow Chow, it could interpret that action as a threat and show bad behavior towards him, putting him in a dangerous situation.

We must teach children to act appropriately in front of a Chow Chow. Make them understand that they should not get too close or run wildly near the canine.

Let’s also remember that children love to pet dogs, especially cute dogs like Chow Chows. Due to their naivety, kids can roughly pet a dog which can be dangerous if that canine is not tolerable.

Certain aspects are fundamental in teaching children to treat a Chow Chow properly. We have to remember that they are children, and therefore, we will have to repeat over and over again what they should and should not do.

If you want your children to treat your pet correctly, make sure there is always an adult present to supervise their interaction with the dog. Some things you can teach them are:

  • Ensure the child does not run near the Chow Chow, as it could be interpreted as a threat.
  • Teach your children never to approach the canine while it eats, sleeps, or plays with its toy, as it is normal to exhibit aggressive behaviors during that time.
  • Show your kids the correct way to approach, touch, or pet a Chow Chow.

Are Chow Chow Dogs Aggressive?

Despite being dogs that do not like to be disturbed, especially by children, they are not animals that tend to show signs of aggression.

Chow Chows are medium-sized dogs that weigh enough to harm young children unintentionally. We know that these canines are not suitable for kids, especially those under 6 years of age, but that does not mean that they are dangerous. They can get along well with the little ones if they receive socialization training.

If you notice that your Chow Chow shows any sign of aggression, you have to dig deeper and know the origin of this behavior since it is not common in these dogs.

It could be that your canine has had bad experiences in the place where you adopted it or simply has a health problem or pain. It is best to consult a veterinarian in these cases.

Socialization Training for a Chow Chow

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that this training will have better results when your Chow Chow is between 3 and 18 weeks old since, during that stage, the canine will receive the experiences in a better way.

It should be noted that these animals are stubborn and unintelligent, so training them could be problematic. Therefore, you will need to be very patient and know that this process will take longer than other dog breeds.

While all dog breeds need socialization training, it is essential and almost mandatory in Chow Chows. Make sure to let your pet know you are in charge and not it. That will help you train it easier.

You can also allow your Chow Chow to socialize with other dogs. That way, those canines can teach your pet acceptable behaviors.

A dog can become an excellent pet with the proper education. This is essential in any breed, especially Chow Chows, so you want to ensure you give it the necessary training as soon as possible.

It is possible that you have to work all day and you do not have time to dedicate to your Chow Chow. In those cases, you have two options:

  • Ask a member of your family to train the Chow Chow.
  • Hire a professional dog trainer.

Throughout the entire article, we have made it clear that Chow Chows are not the best dogs for families with children, but we have also stated that if they receive the necessary training and supervision, they can learn to get along with little ones.