Are Chow Chows Good with Cats?

Are Chow Chows Good with Cats

The coexistence between pets is essential for any family. Many people love to have more than one animal at home because they feel more accompanied and happy. Obviously, this is something to think about carefully, especially if they are two different species.

Having two dogs at home is generally not a problem as they tend to get along well unless one of the breeds is particularly aggressive towards other canines.

However, many families prefer to have two different species of animals, such as a dog and a cat. In these cases, we must be more cautious.

First, we must clarify that dogs and cats do not always get along badly. In fact, certain breeds of dogs have the perfect personality to get along with cats and consider them best friends.

However, other canines can be more aggressive towards these animals, especially those with a hunting instinct.

Cats are usually calm and intelligent animals that prefer to spend much of their day eating and resting with their loved ones.

Dogs are also intelligent animals characterized by forming strong bonds with their owners and being loyal to them. However, we can find certain peculiarities in the personalities of these animals, which will depend on the breed.

In this case, we will know a little about the Chow Chows and their coexistence with cats.

Are Chow Chows Good with Cats?

Chow Chows are calm, reserved, and independent dogs that can be affectionate, friendly, and loyal to their owners and members of their human family, but they like to spend time alone.

Although these dogs are able to get along with their loved ones, they are not the best option when there are children and other animals in the home, especially cats.

What is the cause of that? The Chow Chow’s hunting skills and instincts evolved throughout history as this canine was used to protect temples in China and also hunt animals, so it is usual for this dog’s hunting instinct to awaken when it sees a small animal such as a cat.

That is why this breed of dog tends to chase these animals, especially when it has not been trained since a puppy.

Despite all that we have mentioned above, a Chow Chow can get along well with cats, but it must receive socialization training from an early age to achieve that.

Many think these dogs are affectionate towards all people and animals because they look like teddy bears.

Although this may be true if we talk about these canines’ favorite person, the same does not happen with cats and other animals. In fact, they can become proud and stubborn dogs that can exhibit aggressive behavior towards strangers and animals.

Keep in mind that it is not 100% sure that your Chow Chow will get along with your cat even after receiving socialization training. It really all depends on several factors. 

Suppose your Chow Chow is already an adult, and you have not provided it with socialization training or even exposed it to another cat. In that case, it will be challenging for it to get along with your current feline.

Is It a Good Idea to Have These Two Animals at Home?

It depends on many factors. We must know that it is not recommended that any person acquire a Chow Chow as his first dog since they are difficult animals to control for those who are not very experienced.

It should be noted that there are two cases:

  • If you already have a Chow Chow dog and want to bring home a new pet (a cat), you could do so as long as you are willing to train and socialize your canine properly.
  • If you have a cat and you are thinking of bringing a dog home, then we do not recommend that it be a Chow Chow since, as we have seen, its personality is not the best to adapt to life with a cat. Although you can train it for that, it is preferable that you acquire a breed of dog that gets along with cats without any problems.

Socialization Training for Your Chow Chow and Cat

Step 1: Keeping the Chow Chow and the Cat Separate

You must carry out this step regardless of whether you have brought a new cat or already have a Chow Chow or vice versa.

When it comes to socializing a Chow Chow or any other breed of dog, it is important that it is a puppy. It is easier for a puppy to get along with another pet than an adult, especially if it is a Chow Chow.

The first step of this training is simply to give your Chow Chow obedience training for a few days while keeping it in a different room than your cat.

Step 2: Allowing the Chow Chow to Observe the Cat

Once your Chow Chow or cat is adapted to their new home, you should have them meet but from afar. That is, do not even allow your dog to approach the feline.

What you can do is open the door to the cat’s room and watch the cat from there, along with your dog on a leash.

At such times, it would be great to pet and give your dog love so that it feels that you love it even though there is another pet in the house. You must do this for several days.

Step 3: Interaction Between the Chow Chow and the Cat

Once your Chow Chow has become accustomed to the presence of the cat, it is time for the two to meet face to face.

Allow your cat to get outside and get close to the canine. At first, it may be difficult for your dog to contain the urge to chase the cat. For that reason, it is essential to keep it on a leash and calm it down when it starts to get nervous.

You can let them interact for 10 minutes and increase that time as the days go by. You should immediately take the cat to its room if your Chow Chow starts behaving strangely.