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Are Chow Chows Aggressive?

Having a loving, affectionate, and friendly dog ​​is the dream of any animal lover. However, not all of them have this type of personality.

Each breed of dog has different personalities, temperaments, and behaviors. Some can be very friendly and affectionate with all family members and strangers and other animals.

Are Chow Chows Aggressive

In contrast, other canines tend to be more aloof and exhibit aggressive behavior. The Chow Chow is part of the second group of dogs.

Chow Chows are generally known for certain distinctive physical characteristics such as their handsome appearance and blue/black tongue.

However, these dogs are also characterized by having complicated personalities. Although they can be very friendly canines with their loved ones, they can become aggressive towards strangers, children, and other pets.

This is perhaps difficult to believe since these dogs have a cute appearance that makes them look affectionate and defenseless animals. However, certain situations and factors can trigger hostile behavior in these animals, but it is not something that cannot be solved with socialization training.

Are Chow Chows Aggressive?

Many people believe that Chow Chows are always aggressive and dangerous, but this is not true. Keep in mind that these dogs can be aggressive under certain circumstances, but they are generally calm animals that prefer to spend time alone and show love and affection to the people who are part of their family.

This breed is characterized by being territorial. It does not like strangers or any animal to come near its space. Chow Chows were bred from their origins to be guard dogs, so they are expected to have developed aggressive behavior towards all those considered strangers.

Generally, you will notice that your Chow Chow spends much of the day sitting or lying down in its resting space. It doesn’t like to bother anyone, but it doesn’t want to be bothered by others, especially children. That is why many recommend that families with children do not adopt or buy a Chow Chow.

Remember that children, especially the little ones, are not yet aware of what is right and wrong and could mistreat the canine unintentionally, thinking that it is a toy. Obviously, this dog will not understand that the child is playing with it and could show signs of aggression towards the little one.

Despite that, these dogs can make great pets even with children if they receive the proper socialization training and education.

Preventing Aggressive Behaviour in My Chow Chow

Generally, aggression in Chow Chows does not appear out of the blue. These dogs are born with this behavior as they inherited it from their ancestors, who were used as guard dogs in the temples of China.

Therefore, we can say that it is something that you will have to deal with from the beginning, which is why you must learn to prevent your Chow Chow from being aggressive towards any person or animal in the future.

Giving love to our Chow Chows is a way to prevent them from developing aggressive behavior. That is why providing enough attention during the day is essential, even though these canines like to spend time alone. You just have to avoid smothering it with your love as it could become stressed and respond aggressively.

Ensure any training method to prevent this type of unwanted behavior is used when your Chow Chow is a puppy. When a Chow Chow is an adult, correcting its already developed behavior is more complicated.

The best way to encourage good behavior in your Chow Chow and prevent any signs of aggression is by providing socialization training.

Exposing your Chow Chow to new people, animals, and places while it is a puppy will make it more comfortable and confident in dealing with them.

The canine will learn to interact and get along with them. That way, when your Chow Chow sees a person or animal not part of its family, it will not react negatively.

What to Do If My Chow Chow Already Shows Aggressive Behaviour?

If your Chow Chow is an adult and shows signs of aggression, the situation can be very challenging, especially if you are an inexperienced owner.

As we have said, correcting any type of inappropriate behavior in an adult canine is challenging and will require a lot of effort and time, so it is something you should keep in mind.

If the situation is too challenging for you, your best course of action is to hire a dog trainer or behavior specialist. It will help you solve this situation and give you some advice.

Your Chow Chow may only be aggressive towards strangers and very affectionate towards you. You should take this opportunity to give a lot of love to your pet.

The attention and affection we give to these canines will make them treat others the same way. Obviously, it will not be enough to simply provide a lot of love. You must expose them little by little to other people so that they get used to them.

Is a Chow Chow Suitable for the Family?

The first thing we have to mention is that this dog is not a good option if you are a first-time owner. A Chow Chow’s behavior can be challenging for people with little experience.

The reason is that a person with no experience raising dogs will make many mistakes that can make the pet potentially dangerous. Poor education, socialization, and a lack of rules at home are some of those reasons.

Also, if these dogs are not properly trained, they might not be the best option for families with children as this is a breed that cannot stand their antics.