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Why Does My Chiweenie Stink?

The Chiweenie is a hybrid dog created from a Chihuahua and a Dachshund mix. It is a relatively new breed characterized by having a shorter body than a Dachshund. 

It can inherit the ears of both breeds. A Chiweenie’s face and muzzle can be shorter than a Dachshund’s but longer than a Chihuahua’s.

Why Does My Chiweenie Stink

One of the biggest concerns for Chiweenie owners is the odor that these dogs give off. These canines can develop strange odors that are unpleasant for human noses.

First, a Chiweenie stinks mainly because the Chihuahua exhibits this characteristic. Despite being bathed and clean, the Chihuahua will always develop a foul odor. Generally, these bad odors come from their ears, mouth, paws, urine, and even their genitals.

Odour Problems in Chiweenies

The foul odors of this breed of dog come from different places in its body, so it is essential to know about them and also how to prevent them.

Bad Odour Coming from the Chiweenie’s Ears

Generally, the odor from a Chiweenie’s ears is described as moldy and is most likely due to an infection that is very common in this breed of dog.

These infections can be caused by allergies, excess moisture, or too much earwax. The most advisable thing is to take our Chiweenie to the veterinarian to examine our pet’s ears carefully. Veterinarians usually assign an at-home treatment where you clean your canine’s ears with an ear cleaner.

Bad Odour Coming from the Chiweenie’s Mouth

The mouth is one of the most common sources of odor in Chiweenies. The accumulation of plaque and tartar is the most common cause since they tend to smell very bad. However, there are other causes of bad smell, such as oral infections, cavities, or food stuck in the teeth that cause bad breath.

These dogs love kibble, but they are the reason these dogs often have bad breath. If you want to feed your Chiweenie with kibbles and avoid bad breath at the same time, then you can do the following:

  • Keep kibbles in an airtight container.
  • When selecting the kibble, make sure it is in good condition and does not have any type of waste.
  • Always serve your Chiweenie’s food along with a bowl of water.
  • Never forget to brush your Chiweenie’s teeth every day.

In case the cause of the bad odor is a dental problem, then take it immediately to a veterinarian so that he or she can perform a complete oral cleaning on your pet.

Bad Odour Coming from the Genitals of the Female Chiweenie

Female Chiweenies are prone to vaginal odor. It consists of a strong fishy odor which is usually very unpleasant. 

This odor may be due to vaginitis, which is a problem associated with fungi and bacteria in the vaginal area. Likewise, the smell can get stuck anywhere your Chiweenie has sat or lain because of the discharge, which is usually white in color.

To help your Chiweenie with this problem, antibiotics are the recommended option by most veterinarians.

Bad Odour Coming from the Chiweenie’s Butt

All dogs have a set of anal glands containing an aromatic oil that smells horrible. This oil is released in trace amounts when the animal defecates. However, the case of the Chiweenies is different. These dogs can overfill with this fluid, and any sudden rubbing motion could cause the gland to rupture and release all the oil.

Similarly, when a Chiweenie poops or urinates, these wastes are likely to stick to their bodies when they sit or lie down. If urine and feces remain on your pet’s body for a while, it will begin to smell very bad.

In fact, while all dogs’ urine smells bad, a Chiweenie’s usually has a much stronger odor. This smell is comparable to that of sulfur, hatched eggs, etc. That may be due to some common health problem that these dogs suffer from or simply due to dehydration. That’s why your pet needs to drink plenty of water.

The problem of feces or urine adhering to their body can be easily solved by bathing your Chiweenie. However, if this problem occurs frequently, you will have to clean it with wipes because frequent baths could be bad for your pet’s fur and skin.

Any other type of problem that you cannot solve on your own should be treated by a veterinarian.

Bad Odour Coming from the Chiweenie’s Paws

Chiweenies are small-sized dogs that can easily reach their paws with their mouths. Generally, when those canines feel irritation in their paws, they will start chewing on them in order to stop the discomfort. The saliva that remains deposited in that area causes a bad smell after a certain time if the canine is not bathed after that.

Poor nutrition can also make your pet’s paws smell very bad, so you should choose a healthy and balanced diet to prevent this problem and others mentioned above from happening again.


  • Always keep your Chiweenie clean (remember not to bathe it too often).
  • Feed your pet healthy food and always give it water.
  • Create a space where your Chiweenie can comfortably urinate or defecate.
  • Take your pet to the vet regularly.