Do Chiweenies Sleep A Lot?

Do Chiweenies Sleep A Lot

The question is: do Chiweenies sleep a lot? But before we answer that, here’s another question that begs an answer: what is a Chiweenie?

What is a Chiweenie?

First, a Chiweenie is not an exotic drink or tropical food, it is what’s called a designer dog. Second, it is a small dog that is a cross between a chihuahua and a dachshund, thus the name. They are referred to by other names, as well, including Choxie, Weeniehuahua, the German Taco, and the Mexican Hotdog.

Chiweenies have tons of energy, and they bond with their humans in a big way. In fact, they do best in a home with one, may two, humans whom they can have as their own, but with strong leadership, they can also do well in larger family settings.

They love a lap to curl up in as much as they love to play. And, they have strong, willful personalities that keep their owners hopping.

Apartment dwelling? The fact that they are small might make them perfect as an apartment dwelling canine, but the fact that they are big yappers – not so much. However, on the plus side, their barking does make them wonderful watchdogs.

Chiweenies Appearance

It is unusual to find two Chiweenies that look alike, but they are all adorable. Imagine the myriad features that could come from each parent, and you’re visualizing a Chiweenie. They are all small, weighing, just 5 to 12 pounds.

They also come in different fur types, depending on their dachshund parents. Dachshunds have short straight fur, a wiry coat, or a curly, fluffy coat. Unlike some other designer breeds, Chiweenies are not hypoallergenic.

Chiweenies Personality

Consider: take one rather strong-willed dachshund and one small and feisty Chihuahua, put them together, and what do you have? A dog with a strong personality that results from the characteristics it inherits from its parents.

Chiweenies don’t go out of their way for strangers, and they can get possessive of their toys, snacks, and bed. They save their good side for their owners so it’s important that they be trained early to accept and react positively to new people and places.

Chiweenies Energy and Exercise

Most Chiweenies are high-energy dogs that, unlike many other small breeds, require a lot of play and exercise. This is one reason, that with training, they can adapt to just about any home situation, unlike their Chihuahua parent who prefers a quieter, less energetic lifestyle.

Chiweenies Home Life

Because of their tendency to be protective of their things as well as their small size, a home with small children is not the best idea for a Chiweenie; however, they do well with older children, who, in fact, can do a good job of helping this little pup expel some of her boundless energy.

Chiweenies can also be picky about other members of the household, particularly those of the four-legged kind. Some Chiweenies will be fine with resident cats or dogs, while others have a definite preference for being the only creature in the house.

Being the only creature holds true for small pets in the household, tool. Gerbils, mice, Guinea pigs, and small pets could all be in danger with a Chiweenie in the house.

Dachshunds have a serious prey drive and were bred as hunters, a trait which may be passed along to a Chiweenie. Even squirrels and other small wildlife could be a target for a Chiweenie, which means they should always be kept on a leash.   

Chiweenies Maintenance and Care

The Chiweenie is a low-maintenance dog who does not require a whole lot of grooming except for baths when they smell or get dirty and brushing for the pups that have longer or wiry coats.

The short hair Chiweenies could benefit from a sweater or coat in, cooler weather. Regular nail trimming is a necessity and if your Chiweenie refuses to allow you to give him a home manicure, your vet can always do the job for a small fee.

Chiweenies love their daily walks and expend energy sniffing everything in their paths. They will be tired and ready for a short nap when returning home.

Chiweenies Health and Well-being

Chiweenies live 12 to 16 years on average – longer than many other breeds. However, unlike other mixed breeds, these pups have the unfortunate luck of carrying some of the diseases and ailments of their ancestors.

Dachshunds are prone to back issues, specifically intervertebral disc disease, which is a degenerative spinal disease. The Chiweenies that have long dachshund-like backs could develop this condition, which can ultimately cause paralysis.

As is common in some small breeds, Chiweenies can also suffer from luxating patella, which is a knee-cap issue that could require surgery in more severe cases.  

So, we are back to our original question, do Chiweenies sleep a lot? Based on everything we talked about here, you probably already know the answer.

These feisty, high-energy pups are busy, and rather than sit around and nap, they want to play or follow you everywhere you go. Therefore, we can safely say that Chiweenies don’t sleep a lot.