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ChiChon: Bichon Frise and Chihuahua Mix A Complete Guide

Bichon Frise and Chihuahuas are both very small dogs that are great for apartments. They are loving dogs that need a lot of energy, but even short walks give them the daily exercise they need.

Where Bichon Frises are friendly and quiet, Chihuahuas are loud and tend to not do well with strange dogs and people. So what happens when you mix these two breeds?

Bichon Frise and Chihuahua Mix

Breeding these two dogs gives you a mix known as the ChiChon. These dogs are toy breeds like both of their parents and require less grooming than a Bichon Frise. They are also quiet and loving, though they may struggle when left alone for a long time. 

Keep reading to learn more about the ChiChon and two parent breeds, the Bichon Frise and Chihuahua. 

Bichon Frise, Chihuahua, and the ChiChon Comparison Table

Bichon FriseChiChonChihuahua
Height9.5-11 inches8-10 inches5-8 inches
Weight12-18 pounds4-10 poundsLess than 6 pounds
Life Expectancy14-15 years12-15 years14-16 years
ColorsWhite White and apricot White and buff White and creamAlmost any color Most are solid white or white with some markingsBlack Chocolate Cream Gold Red and white Black sable silver Chocolate brindle fawn And a lot more
Coat TypeDouble curly coat LongOften long, curly, and fluffy coats Sometimes short coatsSmooth with either short or medium length
Affection levelsVery LovingVery lovingPretty loving
Shedding LevelNo SheddingLittle to no sheddingSome shedding
TemperamentPretty playful Only a little protectivePretty playful Fairly protectivePretty playful Pretty protective
Health IssuesAllergies Bladder infections Luxating patella Cataracts Early tooth loss Gum infection Ear infectionPatellar luxation Atopic dermatitis Hydrocephalus Eye diseases
Heart problems  Eye diseases Patellar luxation  Idiopathic epilepsy potential
TrainabilityPretty easy to trainFairly easy to trainAverage trainability
ExerciseFairly high amount of exercise Pretty high amounts of exerciseHigh amounts of exercise
Friendliness to PeopleVery friendly with peoplePretty friendly with strangersSomewhat open to strangers
Friendliness to DogsVery friendly with dogsPretty good with other dogsAlright with other dogs
Drooling LevelsLittle to no droolLittle to no droolLittle to no drool
Mental StimulationAverage mental stimulation requiredAverage mental stimulation requiredAverage mental stimulation required
Barking LevelLow barkingAverage barkingLots of barking
Bichon Frise, Chihuahua, and the ChiChon Comparison Table

About Bichon Frises

About Bichon Frises
Bichon Frise Dog

Bichon Frises originated in the Mediterranean. They were well-loved and used as a bartering system by sailors. There were several Bichon dogs, depending on the place they were most commonly found in.

These were the Cuban Bichon Havanese, The North Italian Bichon Bolognese, The Maltese Bichon Maltese, and the Tenerifian Bichon Tenerife. It was this last breed that came to be the Bichon Frise we know and love today. 

These are small dogs, though nowhere near as small as a Chihuahua, weighing up to 18 pounds and standing at a maximum of 11 inches. Due to their thick, double fur that doesn’t shed, they are considered hypoallergenic. 

However, because of their double coat and curly fur, they need almost constant grooming. Their hair can grow to cover their eyes and mouths and they need to be brushed at least twice a week and a weekly bath. 

About Chihuahuas

About Chihuahuas
Chihuahua Dog

Chihuahuas are some of the oldest American dogs, having originated in ancient Mexico. They were revered by the Aztecs who thought they were great for heating pads, had healing powers, and could absolve them of sin.

These dogs are incredibly well-loved throughout the world, as they make for great apartments, or small home dogs and can even be taken almost everywhere in just a purse. 

Chihuahuas are 5 to 8 inches in height and weigh a max of 6 pounds as a healthy weight. They come in a variety of colors, up to 30 different shades and colors, with white being the rarest. Out of all dog breeds, they have the most options for different markings and coloring. 

There are even teacup Chihuahuas, which are often the runt of the litter, don’t get much above 6 inches, and weigh an average of 3 pounds. 

About ChiChons

The ChiChon is also known as a Bichon Chi. They are small dogs that only weigh up to 10 pounds and will often not grow much more than 10 inches tall. They are considered a toy breed, as both of their parents. 

Due to their loving and intelligent nature, they are often great around children and other dogs, though if they take more after their Chihuahua parent, that may not be the case. They love to spend time with their owners going on walks and playing outside. 

Though they have been around for roughly 20 years, they have not been bred to be consistent in looks or temperament.

Also, Chihuahuas have a lot of different temperaments that are bred, so it is difficult knowing what your ChiChon’s behavior will be, as it depends heavily on the genetics of their parents. 

Are ChiChons Hypoallergenic?

Bichon Frise are well known for being hypoallergenic dogs. However, Chihuahuas are not. This means the mixed breed can be hypoallergenic, but they aren’t always. Most ChiChons get the thick, curly fur that marks them unable to shed, but it is hard to tell until their fur fully grows out. 

Do ChiChons do Well Alone?

No. Like their parent breed, the Bichon Frise, ChiChons do not often do well alone. They can become destructive rather quickly when left alone for even a brief time.

It is recommended that if you are going to leave for any length of time, you place them in a kennel or safe area so they don’t get into anything. 

They also have very small bladders, which is one of the issues with having small dogs, so they need frequent bathroom breaks.

Leaving these kinds of dogs alone for long periods will usually result in a mess from their destructive habits and inability to go a long time without using the bathroom. 

How Much Exercise do ChiChons Need?

Though these are very small dogs, they still need proper exercise. They don’t need nearly as much as larger dogs but do still require a walk or two a day, and some toys to play with. 

They love playing with their owners, so taking time out of your day to play fetch or run around the park will increase your bond with the dog and make them much more eager to listen as well as much more loving. 

Even training sessions can be good enough to burn through your dog’s energy if it is active and mentally stimulating enough. 


The ChiChon is an excellent family pet. They do great with children as well as other dogs and pets.

They are loving and trusting and enjoy spending time with their owners. Like most dogs, they need proper training. However, due to their intelligence and desire to please, they are easy to train and can even learn cute tricks to show off. 

This mixed breed is excellent for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space, families, and new dog owners as long as you have enough time to spend most of the day with them. They do not do well on their own.