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Do Cavalier King Charles Need Haircuts?

A large number of people around the world acquire a pet, especially a dog, for its physical appearance. A wide variety of dog breeds are characterized by beautiful coats, tender eyes, and an overall adorable appearance.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have beautiful coats that vary in different colours, some less common than others. These canines have a double layer of hair that protects them against the elements, especially intense heat.

Do Cavalier King Charles Need Haircuts

The outer layer of hair protects the canine’s skin against the sun’s rays and other elements such as water, insects, etc. The inner layer is characterized by being thick and soft. That is important to know as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels will need regular grooming to keep their coat healthy.

However, many people decide to periodically give their canines haircuts in order to provide them with a particular style. Next, we will tell you if this is really good or not.

Are Haircuts Good for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?

Although haircuts can give a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel a unique appearance and even make it look very cute, they are not good. That’s because shaving or clipping a canine’s hair, especially one that has a double coat, is damaging to its fur and skin.

We have to remember that the double coat protects the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel against extreme heat, preventing them from suffering heatstroke or skin burns.

By giving a dog a short haircut, the layers of hair will be thinner, and sun rays and other elements will be able to affect the canine’s skin more easily. In fact, some areas could be completely shaved due to the style of the haircut, which would be much worse.

Why Shouldn’t We Give Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Haircuts?

As we have already said, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have an undercoat and an outer coat. 

When cutting the hair of such a dog, you may be cutting off some of the outer coat. That is a problem since, naturally, the inner layer grows faster and thicker. That could make the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s fur more prone to matting.

Likewise, cutting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s hair could make shedding worse.

Therefore, performing any haircut on our pet will increase the risk of skin burn and overheating. That, in turn, could cause heatstroke that would be deadly for a canine in the worst case.

Do You Want to Give Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Haircuts?

You may have read all of the above but still want to give your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel a haircut to make it look more beautiful and have a unique style compared to other pets.

Actually, cutting the hair of this type of dog is not recommended, but there are many dog ​​grooming salons with professional people who know a lot about this subject. They could show you some types of haircuts that are more suitable for your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel without affecting their skin or health.

Perhaps there are haircuts that you cannot give your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. In that case, you will not have another option to choose the most suitable haircuts for your breed of dog since those are the safest for it.

What Should I Do If I Already Cut My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s Hair?

In case you have already given your canine a haircut before reading this article, then you must take the necessary measures to avoid negative scenarios:

  • During hot weather, don’t overexercise your canine. Depending on the haircut, your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel may have areas on its coat that are more exposed to the sun’s rays. That could more quickly cause overheating in your canine.
  • Avoid long exercise sessions.
  • Whether your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is inside the house resting or outside exercising, you should always place a bowl of water near it so that it stays hydrated.
  • Brush your canine’s coat regularly to keep air flowing between its hairs and skin. If you don’t brush it, the fur will get tangled and obstruct air flow.