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Will Cane Corsos Run Away?

There are many animals that can be excellent pets, but the most loyal and similar to us in many ways are dogs. These are characterized by creating strong bonds with people, especially their owners, and showing them a lot of love.

The Cane Corso is not the best-known dog breed, but it has become more popular in recent years.

Will Cane Corsos Run Away

These dogs stand out for their large size and have a friendly and affectionate personality, especially with their owners and their human family members. They are not interested in getting along with strangers and other animals unless they are socialised.

Why Do Cane Corsos Run Away?

Despite being dogs attached to their loved ones, they can sometimes feel the need to run away.

Although this type of behaviour is not common in Cane Corsos, it is something that can occur depending on certain circumstances. It is important to know the reasons why such a dog can run away:

Cane Corso Mistreatment

If a Cane Corso runs away, it is for a reason, and one of the most common is abuse. Many people use physical or verbal punishment as a method of discipline, but that is cruel.

Dogs have feelings just like humans, and any mistreatment could make them run away from you. You must avoid hitting, yelling at, or locking up your Cane Corso at all costs.

Cane Corso Fear

Cane Corsos also tend to run away when they are scared. Despite their large and imposing size, these dogs can also feel fear on certain occasions, such as seeing and hearing fireworks, gunshots, electrical storms, ambulance/police sirens, etc.

If you are somewhere with your Cane Corso and it hears any of those noises, it will obviously get scared and run away.

Cane Corso Lack of Exercise

These dogs are characterized by their high energy level and need for exercise. Cane Corsos need plenty of daily exercise to stay happy and fit. They love to run in the park, play games, and do any other type of physical activity with you.

For that reason, you should provide it with physical and mental stimulation every day; otherwise, it might run elsewhere in search of it.

Cane Corso Separation Anxiety

Although Cane Corsos can be independent animals on certain occasions, they also need their owners’ attention. Like other breeds of dogs, these can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for a long time.

Not all Cane Corsos are the same. Some are more independent and need less attention, while others are more sensitive and will feel very sad and abandoned if they are left alone for a long time.

This situation could lead them not only to develop destructive behaviours but also to run away from home in order to look for their owners.

Cane Corso Hunger

If we talk about a Cane Corso, we are referring to a dog that loves to eat. Due to their size, these canines need to eat between 4 and 8 cups of food a day to be satisfied. There are several situations in which your Cane Corso can flee due to hunger:

  • If your pet is home alone and hasn’t been fed when it should, it may desperately try to run away to find something to eat.
  • When you are walking with your Cane Corso, it is likely that it perceives the aroma of a food stall. Whether it is hungry or not, it will try to head to that place to eat.

What Should I Do to Prevent My Cane Corso from Running Away?

The first thing you should do is teach your Cane Corso to love its territory, in this case, the house.

You can play with your dog regularly in the garden or backyard so that it creates beautiful experiences. Also, this helps prevent it from getting bored and trying to run away in search of entertainment.

Educate Your Cane Corso Properly

You should never keep your Cane Corso locked up inside the house. You should not only take it out to the backyard to play from time to time but also take it for a walk in the park. Teach it to always be by your side during walks to avoid any risk.

Install a Fence in Your Backyard or Garden

Your home may have an unfenced yard or backyard. This is very dangerous because if you allow your Cane Corso to play there, he could run away when you are distracted.

For that reason, it is important to install a tall and strong fence enough to make it impossible for your Cane Corso to jump over to the other side.

Use a GPS Tracker for Dogs

If your Cane Corso tends to run away and everything you have tried to solve this problem has failed, then you can use a GPS tracker for dogs.

This equipment is very practical to find your pet when it has fled. It is a device that you can place on your Cane Corso’s collar and track it through your Smartphone or PC.