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Why Should You Not Get a Cane Corso?

Not all dogs are ideal for all families. People think that the appearance of a canine is the only reason to adopt or buy it, but that is not the case.

Although the physical appearance of a breed influences when choosing one, we must also take into account other factors such as personality, behaviour, habits, skills, etc.

Why Should You Not Get a Cane Corso

The Cane Corsos are incredible animals that are characterized by their imposing appearance and large size. Despite their physical appearance, they are dogs that show a lot of love, affection, and loyalty only to their owners and members of their human family. They are not usually affectionate with strangers.

They are ideal dogs for active and energetic lifestyles, so if you are a busy person who does not usually exercise, then a Cane Corso is not for you. For these types of things, it is important to research a specific breed of dog before buying or acquiring it.

Reasons Why Not To Get a Cane Corso

The Cane Corso has many positive things, but there are others that could make it not ideal for you. The reasons why you should not acquire a Cane Corso are:

Cane Corsos Need to Be Stimulated Mentally and Physically

Cane Corsos get bored easily. This breed of dog needs to exercise for more than an hour a day to satisfy its needs. In addition, they love to be mentally stimulated through play and training.

Suppose they do not receive enough physical and mental stimulation during the day. In that case, they may develop destructive behaviour and release all their energy through inappropriate acts such as excessive barking, running wild, chewing on furniture, digging, etc.

All these actions are forms of entertainment that the Cane Corsos look for as an alternative to the exercises and games that you should provide them.

For that reason, a Cane Corso is not the best option for sedentary people who are not willing to give it the attention it needs. On the other hand, a person with an active lifestyle will be pleased to have a dog of this breed.

Cane Corsos Like to Be the Boss

It is normal for dogs to follow a social hierarchy led by a pack leader who is usually called “Alpha.” While an alpha dog is benevolent and affectionate, it is the one who sets the rules.

The Cane Corso is characterized by having a dominant personality, so it will undoubtedly want to be the boss. This could be a problem for first-time or inexperienced owners.

The owner of this dog must be someone with leadership who is able to establish his authority and make the Cane Corso see that it is not the leader.

Otherwise, he will not be able to handle the situation, and his pet will not obey his orders. You must make sure that you are a good leader and avoid using violent techniques or methods at all costs.

Cane Corsos Must Be Properly Trained and Educated

As we have said before, the Cane Corso has a dominant personality. It will want to be the leader and make its own rules. We must prevent that from happening.

If you do not intend to train your Cane Corso, this breed is not for you. These dogs need to receive obedience training.

You have to teach it to respect the rules of the home imposed by you and make them respond to your orders. This is a difficult task if you are a first-time owner or one with little experience taking care of dogs.

Although the puppies of this breed are easier to educate, the adult Cane Corsos will have more determination and will feel more confident, so it will be more challenging to train them.

If your Cane Corso has grown up respecting you, then you may not have so many problems, but you must do a great job during the training stage to prevent your pet from thinking that it is the leader.

Cane Corsos May Exhibit Aggressive Behaviour

The Cane Corso can present an aggressive personality in certain cases. It will prefer to face threats and aggressively act than to run away and avoid conflict as other dog breeds do.

These dogs need a lot of socialisation and obedience training so that they learn to get along not only with other people but also with other animals. In fact, if you have children at home and you don’t train a Cane Corso, the little one could be in great danger.

On the positive side, Cane Corsos are protective dogs and will use their aggressiveness to confront and chase away intruders in order to protect their family.

Cane Corsos are Attached to Their Loved Ones

The Cane Corsos are characterized by forming strong bonds only with their owners and human family members. They do not intend to show affection to strangers or people who are not part of their family. They are very devoted and loyal to their owners.

These dogs are very attached to their loved ones. They will follow them everywhere in the house, whether to the bathroom, living room, kitchen, garage, or any other room. Without a doubt, this is a show of affection.

The problem is that not all people like their pets to be attached to them all day. There are certain individuals that need their space and will not tolerate having a large dog like the Cane Corso on top of them.

If the family does not give this dog enough attention, it could suffer from separation anxiety and, in turn, develop destructive behaviours.

Cane Corsos are Expensive Dogs

Not all people have the necessary resources to care for a dog. In this case, the Cane Corsos not only have a high price, but we must also take into account other additional expenses.

They are canines that need to eat a lot, so a proper diet is usually expensive. In addition, you will have to invest a lot of money in the veterinarian.

Cane Corsos require a lot of anaesthesia and medication due to their size and body weight. In the same way, the treatments of the diseases that a dog of this breed can suffer from also have a high price.

In case you decide to spay or neuter your Cane Corso, keep in mind that these procedures are much more expensive in large breeds like this than in small ones.