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Top Ten Cane Corso Problems

The popularity of the Cane Corsos has grown in recent years, and that is why many people want to acquire them today. These dogs are characterized by their large size and affectionate personalities towards their human family members.

However, one of the most distinctive aspects of this breed is its protective instinct. Cane Corsos are known to be extraordinary guard dogs.

Top Ten Cane Corso Problems

Because many people want to have a Cane Corso, it is important that you know the ten most common problems around this dog.

1. They Have a Dominant Personality

The Cane Corsos are characterized by being intelligent animals that love to please their loved ones and learn new things.

However, you should keep in mind that one of the negative aspects is its dominant personality. That means they are canines that will want to be the leaders of the pack and set their own rules.

If they are not educated and appropriately trained, they can be very difficult for first-time owners to care for. If you have a Cane Corso, you must have a strong personality to make your pet see that you are the one in charge and set the rules in the house.

You must be a good leader and always use appropriate methods that do not include violence or punishment.

2. They Suffer from Some Health Problems

Cane Corsos are prone to different health problems, especially related to their hips. Hip Dysplasia is a condition that often affects this breed of dog due to its large size. The heavyweight of these canines causes their bones and joints to be negatively affected as they age.

In addition to hip problems, there are other diseases and conditions that Cane Corso can suffer from:

  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Cancer
  • Glandular hypertrophy
  • Ectropion
  • Respiratory problems
  • Heart problems
  • Entropion
  • Heatstroke
  • Vaginal hyperplasia
  • Gastric torsion

This is why you should take your Cane Corso to the vet regularly. The most recommended is to take it two times a year.

3. Cane Corsos Can Be Aggressive

This breed of dog is characterized by developing aggressive behaviour in certain circumstances. Generally, Cane Corsos are friendly, affectionate, and loyal canines only with their owners and their human family members. In fact, they are excellent pets because they also get along well with children despite their size.

However, they will avoid getting along with people unless they have received socialisation training. These dogs can be aggressive towards strangers and other animals. This type of behaviour may be due to the protective instinct that the Cane Corsos present.

4. Cane Corsos Have a Large Size

The Cane Corsos are large dogs that are characterized by having robust, strong, and muscular bodies. The males of this breed can weigh between 45 kg and 50 kg while the females between 40 kg and 45 kg. In terms of height, a male Cane Corso measures between 62 cm and 70 cm and a female between 58 cm and 66 cm.

The size of this dog is not a problem for experienced owners who live in large houses. However, first-time owners, especially those who live in small houses or apartments, will not be able to deal with this breed.

5. Having a Cane Corso Is Expensive

The Cane Corso is a particularly expensive breed of dog not only because of its price but also because of all the expenses that we must consider related to its diet, health, training, etc.

Cane Corsos cost around $1,000 – $4,000 although the average price is $1,500. The price will depend on several factors such as age, gender, energy level, physical condition, etc.

The breeder’s location is also a factor that influences the cost of this animal. The price of pedigree Cane Corsos with superior lineages can go up to $9,000.

Feeding a Cane Corso is very expensive, and the main reason is that this canine needs to eat a lot every day. In fact, its diet should be based on high-quality foods, which often command high prices. You will have to spend around $500-$1,200 annually.

It is also vital that you take into account the medical costs. Medical costs for the first year vary between $600 and $800, but in subsequent years, those figures will increase to $1,000. Unlike other breeds, the treatments for the health problems suffered by a Cane Corso usually have really high prices.

6. Cane Corsos Drool Excessively

Drooling is not the main characteristic of the Cane Corsos. In fact, not all dogs of this type drool. Only Cane Corsos with heavy jowls will, so if you don’t want to face this situation, make sure you get a dog that doesn’t have this feature.

7. They Need a Lot of Physical and Mental Stimulation

Cane Corsos are energetic and active dogs that need to do a lot of exercise every day. Not all people have the time and willingness to spend with their pets, and that can be a problem, especially for this breed.

If the Cane Corsos do not receive enough exercise and mental stimulation, they will try to release all the accumulated energy through inappropriate behaviour.

8. Cane Corsos Eat a Lot

This dog breed needs to eat a lot due to its large size. That is a problem for people who do not have experience taking care of dogs and also for those who do not have enough financial resources.

Cane Corsos need to eat between 4 and 8 cups of food daily. This is a lot compared to what a smaller breed of dog needs to eat, which means a greater investment of money.

If you don’t have enough experience taking care of dogs, you could accidentally overfeed your Cane Corso every day, leading to considerable weight gain.

9. Cane Corsos Produce Irritating Sounds

These dogs are characterized by being calm when they are at home. However, remember that these canines are guard dogs that may tend to bark a lot when there is a threat or intruder. In addition, these dogs can produce other sounds such as snoring, howling, growling, etc.

10. They Could Be Difficult to Train

Normally, Cane Corsos are not difficult to train as they are intelligent dogs that love to please their loved ones. However, if they haven’t received proper obedience training, things could get complicated.

We have to remember that this animal is stubborn and has a dominant personality. That means that it could ignore your orders and be the one who wants to impose its own rules. If we do not show our leadership, our Cane Corso will not obey us and will be difficult to train.