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Helping Cane Corsos That Getting Travel Sick

Many people believe that dogs love to travel by car, but that is not entirely true. There are some canines that will feel good going by car from one place to another because they enjoy the wind when sticking their heads out the window, but the reality is that most of the time, these animals can feel anxiety and suffer from travel sickness.

You should know that the internal structure of a dog’s ear is responsible for providing stability and balance to its body. This structure is sensitive and more prone to motion sickness when the dog, in this case, a Cane Corso, is a puppy. The constant movements and vibrations caused by the vehicle will make the animal dizzy.

Helping Cane Corsos That Getting Travel Sick

Do Cane Corsos Really Get Travel Sickness?

Travel sickness in dogs is generally caused by one of two factors: physical or psychological.

Travel sickness in Cane Corsos is linked to their sense of balance, just like it is in people. It is more common in puppies and young children.

That’s because the balance-related structures in the inner ear haven’t fully formed yet. Of course, like people, some canines never grow out of the vomiting and nausea brought on by travel sickness.

Car anxiety in Cane Corsos is also a possibility. If your dog’s first few vehicle rides ended in it becoming travel sick and vomiting, it might begin to link the automobile with sickness. 

Alternatively, a Cane Corso may associate being in the car with traumatic or unpleasant experiences, such as a trip to the veterinarian or being removed from its litter. It could blame the automobile for its anxiety and sickness.

Why Should We Get Our Cane Corso Used to Travelling By Car?

Travelling by car can be important for a Cane Corso, especially for two reasons:

Short Car Rides around the City

Travelling by car can be very important for any breed of dog. Canines are living beings with emotions and may feel sad and anxious if they are left home alone.

Although the Cane Corso is a dog with an independent personality, it will still need the attention and company of its loved ones.

Just like any other dog, it can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for a long time. For that reason, some owners will want to take their pet anywhere, whether it is to the grocery store, park, or anywhere else.

In the same way, travelling by car can become an obligation for a Cane Corso, especially when we have to take it to the vet.

Long Trips to another City or State

Usually, people travel to other cities or states to vacation but also for work reasons. Whatever the reason, it is never recommended that you leave your pet alone at home while travelling to another city.

Cane Corsos can suffer from separation anxiety and it is not recommended to leave them in the care of someone who is not part of their family as they can be aggressive. For this reason, if you have a dog of this breed, the correct thing would be for you to take it with you on a trip.

It is very important to provide your Cane Corso with adequate training so that it is able to endure long car trips without getting dizzy or presenting other symptoms.

What Should We Do to Prevent Travel Sickness in a Cane Corso?

Accustom Your Cane Corso to the Movements and Vibrations of the Vehicle

The first thing you should do is get your pet used to be in the vehicle. Enter the car with your Cane Corso and stay there with it for a few minutes. Make sure you do this for several days and without starting the vehicle. The idea is to make the canine feel comfortable in that environment.

When your Cane Corso already feels confident being inside the car, continue doing the same, but this time with the car on. In this way, your pet will get used to the vibration of the motor and will lose its fear.

After several days, your Cane Corso is ready to start travelling with you by car. You can make short trips of 5 minutes, and each day increase that time until your dog is able to travel for long periods.

Make Your Cane Corso Associate Vehicle Travel with Something Positive

When you travel by car with your Cane Corso, take it to a nice place that it enjoys. The park can be a great option.

During the trip to the park, take a member of your family to calm your dog and play with it to make the experience more fun. Once you arrive at the park, play with your Cane Corso.

The goal is to make it have a fun experience with you after the car ride. In this way, it will want to return to that place that makes it remember beautiful moments.

When it’s time to go home, you have to do the same. Keep its car ride fun with toys and someone to calm it down. Play with it again, feed it, and even give it treats when you get home.

Prevent Your Cane Corso from Approaching the Car Windows

Dogs love to stick their heads out the window to feel the wind on their faces. However, not everything is rosy as we see it in the movies. These canines can get dizzy when sticking their head out the window since they will see everything moving at maximum speed, and that will cause dizziness and nausea.

The most advisable thing is to keep the canine in the back of the vehicle and the middle. It is recommended to roll down the car windows to let fresh air in. It is proven that fresh air prevents the dog from getting dizzy.

Make Frequent Stops during Long Trips

If you go on a trip to another city, make sure to stop every so often so that your Cane Corso can walk, urinate, defecate and relax. Travelling for too many hours at a time will stress your dog out and make it dizzy. In addition, you can take advantage of those stops to eat something and go to the bathroom.

Do Not Feed Your Cane Corso before Travelling

One of the most common mistakes that people make is to feed their pets before going to a place by car. If your Cane Corso eats before travelling, it will feel nauseous and dizzy, leading it to vomit.