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Guide for Anyone Thinking of Rehoming a Cane Corso

Taking the decision to acquire a dog lightly is irresponsible. These animals are living beings, and just like humans, they should be treated with love, respect, and loyalty. For that reason, when adopting or buying a canine, we must be sure that we are not going to abandon it in the future.

We all know that taking care of a dog is not an easy task, especially a Cane Corso. These animals are characterized by being large and known as one of the best guard dogs.

Guide for Anyone Thinking of Rehoming a Cane Corso

Obviously, this characteristic brings some behaviours and habits that can be difficult for an inexperienced owner to manage.

The inability to care for a Cane Corso causes many owners to abandon their pets. While inexperience is one of the reasons this happens, it’s not the only one. This breed brings many long-term expenses, and a person with few financial resources cannot provide it with the lifestyle it deserves.

Why Would I Want to Rehome a Cane Corso?

There are many reasons why people are forced to find a new home for their Cane Corsos. In this article, we will explain them in detail and tell you how to rehome your pet.

It is Expensive to Maintain and Care for a Cane Corso

As we have said before, not all people have the necessary financial resources to provide an appropriate lifestyle for their pets. This is one of the main reasons why owners are forced to find a new home for their Cane Corsos.

There are many expenses surrounding this breed of dog. Feeding is usually expensive because these canines need to eat a lot during the day. In addition, it is important to take into account all expenses related to the veterinarian, vaccination, deworming, etc. Do not forget that Cane Corsos can suffer from certain diseases whose treatments have high prices.

Cane Corsos Needs Enough Attention

Many people do not have enough time to dedicate to their Cane Corsos, leading them to abandon them in the short term.

Cane Corsos need enough attention to be happy and not feel unimportant. These dogs form strong bonds with their owners and members of their human families, and this is why they are very attached to them.

Also, keep in mind that these canines need a lot of physical and mental stimulation, so it is essential to provide it. If, in addition to not having time, you are not a person with an active lifestyle, you made a mistake by acquiring a Cane Corso.

Cane Corsos Aggressive Behaviour is Difficult to Deal with

Cane Corsos were bred to be guard dogs. That has led them to develop protective instincts over the years and, in turn, aggressive behaviours.

This type of behaviour is difficult for experienced owners to handle and even more so for first-time owners. A person who does not have enough experience to know how to handle such a situation could be forced to find a new home for his pet.

While Cane Corsos are never, or rarely, aggressive towards their owners or members of their human family, they can display these signs towards strangers and other animals.

This Dog Loves to Be the Boss

A Cane Corso has a dominant and stubborn personality which makes it want to be the pack leader and set the rules. This is a problem for many people who do not know how to handle the situation.

As the owner of a Cane Corso, you must have a strong personality and be able to tell your pet that you are the owner. If you let your pet be the boss, there will be no turning back, and things will get complicated. In fact, this situation leads many owners to abandon their dogs out of frustration.

How to Rehome Your Cane Corso?

We are not going to rehome our Cane Corso because we despise it. It will not be an easy option to look for a new home for your dog if you adore it. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions to assist you in finding the greatest home for your Cane Corso:

Find a Responsible Animal Shelter, Rehoming Centre, or Breeder

If you are thinking of putting your Cane Corso up for adoption, one of the best options is to look for an animal shelter.

These places will not only provide temporary shelter for your dog but also all the necessary care (food, vaccination, veterinary treatment, etc.) until someone decides to adopt it. Rehoming centres and breeders are also excellent options to put your Cane Corso up for adoption.

Keep in mind that some of these places give you the opportunity to take your Cane Corso back in case you have reconsidered your decision. Obviously, this will only be possible as long as the canine has not been adopted by another person.

Choose the Ideal Person

If you do not want to take your Cane Corso to any of the places mentioned above, you will have to find a suitable person to take care of your pet.

Finding a person who wants a pet is not challenging, but finding the ideal owner is very difficult. Not all people are designed to be great dog owners.

You have to make sure you find someone who is capable of providing the best possible lifestyle for your Cane Corso.

The ideal would be for a member of your family to adopt your dog. Still, if that is not the case, you should find someone else, meet with him and ask him several questions related to the conditions of his home, experience with other animals, economic situation, etc. That way, you will have enough information to know if that person is the best option for your Cane Corso.

Ask the Vet

Another option to find an ideal home for your Cane Corso is asking the vet for help. Veterinarians typically see many clients on a monthly basis. Therefore, it stands to reason that he knows a lot of dog-loving people. Perhaps some of them are interested in adopting your Cane Corso.