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Do Cane Corso Bark a Lot?

Most breeds of dogs bark but not all of them bark excessively. If you don’t want a dog that will go out frequently, you should do some research before adopting or buying a dog.

In the case of the Cane Corsos, you should know that these dogs are not excessive barkers. While their barking and howling can be incessant (when they do), they don’t frequently bark for no reason. There is always a trigger for this behaviour.

Do Cane Corso Bark a Lot

Actually, Cane Corsos bark less than other breeds of dogs. These animals are territorial and excellent guard dogs, and they always tend to react to danger, threat, distress, or anxiety through barking.

If a Cane Corso is not socialised, it is likely that it will bark incessantly at a stranger or another animal, and that is because this breed of dog prefers to show affection towards its loved ones instead of people or pets that are not part of its family.

Why Does My Cane Corso Bark a Lot?

The distrust of a Cane Corso towards other people can lead it to bark excessively. However, there are also other reasons why this breed may bark.

Cane Corso Protective Instinct

The Cane Corsos are characterized by their protective instinct. When they see a stranger, their fur stands on end, and they start barking. These dogs will want to intimidate anything that poses a threat to their owners and members of their human families.

When a Cane Corso feels anxious or worried about a possible threat, it will tend to produce defensive barks. However, it can also bark more aggressively and intimidatingly at other times, especially when it feels confident. We must remember that these dogs are territorial and will defend everything that belongs to them.

A Cane Corso does not like a strange person or animal to approach its territory. Otherwise, it will bark to warn them.

Cane Corso Fear

Despite being guard dogs and having a large size, Cane Corsos can feel fear and worry. There are many situations that can cause fear to a dog of this type:

  • Fireworks
  • Ambulance or police sirens
  • Electric storms
  • Loud and strange sounds

The fear caused by these situations will make the Cane Corso bark in response. In fact, sometimes it might howl.

Cane Corso Excitement

The Cane Corsos are characterized by forming strong bonds with the members of their family, especially their owners.

When one of its loved ones comes home, it will get excited and bark at you as a way of saying hello.

These dogs also get excited when it’s time to eat or play. The happiness and enthusiasm that a Cane Corso feels will be expressed through barking.

Normally, the barking generated by the excitement that this dog feels is not excessive. They will only last a few seconds.

Cane Corso Frustration

Even dogs can get frustrated. Frustration or disappointment will lead a Cane Corso to bark at the source that is causing this feeling.

A Cane Corso might bark when they want to get something but can’t. Maybe your pet wants a treat, toy, or just to play with you, but you do not give in to its demands. This situation will generate frustration and will not only lead it to bark but also to bite its legs or run from one side to another.

It is important to control these types of situations as they could generate behaviour problems in the canine.

Cane Corso Boredom

Cane Corsos are energetic and active dogs that like to exercise and play a lot. When these dogs are left home alone or simply not provided with enough exercise, they will quickly become bored and develop inappropriate behaviours such as barking.

You need to make sure that you provide enough entertainment through games, exercise, and training to keep it from getting bored.

Cane Corso Separation Anxiety

This breed of dog is characterized by being attached to their loved ones. Cane Corsos need to spend time with their owners all the time as otherwise, they could become distressed.

If that happens, they could suffer from separation anxiety, which will cause them to develop destructive behaviours like digging, scratching at doors, chewing on things, and of course, barking a lot.

Separation anxiety manifests itself when this dog is left alone for a long time or even when you are about to leave the house.

Cane Corso Medical Issues

If your Cane Corso is sick or has an injury, it may respond with barking. That is not always the case, but you must be aware at all times because if you notice your dog barking, it could be a health problem or injury.

How to Avoid Excessive Barking in Your Cane Corso?

Some tips that you can keep in mind to prevent excessive barking in your pet are:

  • You must provide regular physical and mental stimulation.
  • Avoid leaving it alone for a long time.
  • Make eye contact with your Cane Corso to relax it.
  • Use music as a method to reduce stress.