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Can Cane Corsos Swim?

Certain breeds of dogs are designed to do different types of tasks and jobs, whether they are terrestrial or aquatic. The Cane Corso is one of the canines that loves to do any activity.

The Cane Corsos are large canines characterized by having robust and muscular bodies. They originated in Italy and were bred to be excellent working dogs.

Can Cane Corsos Swim

That is, they can carry out a wide variety of physical activities and tasks. Because of this, it is normal for many people to wonder if this breed of dog can swim.

Before knowing if Cane Corsos can swim, we must answer, “Do Cane Corsos like to swim?” 

The answer is yes! Cane Corsos like to swim, especially because they love to do any type of exercise or physical activity on land or in water.

This breed of dog loves to enjoy the water, unlike others. They get excited when they have the opportunity to swim in large bodies of water, especially during the summer. Hot days will make the Cane Corso want to spend the whole day in the water.

Can Cane Corsos Really Swim?

Many people think that Cane Corsos cannot swim due to their large and heavy bodies. However, they forget that these dogs have extraordinary strength compared to other Mastiffs.

Although Cane Corsos are not natural swimming dogs, they can swim without difficulty when properly trained. One of the reasons these dogs can and love to swim is because they love exercising or any physical activity.

Therefore, when trained to swim by their owners, these canines take it as part of their daily exercise routine and, therefore, will go to great lengths to learn this skill and become excellent swimmers.

One of the reasons Cane Corsos can be excellent swimmers is their short coat. There are certain breeds of dogs that are characterized by having a long coat which adds extra weight when wet. That makes it more difficult for these canines to float. The Cane Corso does not present this problem.

Obviously, not all Cane Corsos can swim or like water. Most dogs of this breed enjoy swimming, but some may be afraid of water due to negative experiences in the past.

In these cases, we cannot force a Cane Corso to swim since otherwise, we could traumatize it and make it feel more afraid.

Your Cane Corso will become an excellent swimmer with the right training and enough patience.

How Long Can My Cane Corso Stay in the Water?

Unlike other breeds of dogs, the Cane Corso can be in the water for a long time, and this is due to its great resistance. The time can vary depending on the resistance of the Cane Corso, but generally, a dog of this type can swim for 20 or 30 minutes without any problem.

Obviously, you can’t let your Cane Corso be in the water for that time if it’s just learning to swim. You can start with 10 minutes, and as the days go by, increase that time.

Keep in mind that if you allow your Cane Corso to stay in a pool with chemical products for a long time, its skin may become irritated. If you want to prevent any such situation, take it to a well-maintained pool where these types of products are not usually used.

Why Do Cane Corsos Like to Swim?

Some of the reasons why these dogs love to swim are:

  • Cane Corsos love the feeling of floating and staying in the water as they feel relaxed.
  • They love to swim because it is a good form of exercise and that is something they enjoy.
  • Fun is another reason why these dogs enjoy being in the water.
  • Cane Corsos need a lot of physical and mental stimulation, and swimming is an activity that satisfies these needs.

Recommendations When Training Your Cane Corso

Train It at a Young Age

Cane Corso puppies are generally more interested in learning new skills due to their high level of curiosity. In addition, a puppy has a higher learning capacity than an adult.

Do Not Leave Your Cane Corso without Supervision

If your Cane Corso is learning to swim, you should never leave it unattended as it could drown. That’s why it’s important to start training it with a kiddie pool or in shallow water.

Even if your dog knows how to swim very well, you should never leave it unattended in water with strong currents, such as the ocean.

Use Positive Reinforcement

It is essential to stimulate our Cane Corso during training, and the best way is through positive reinforcement. When your pet does things correctly, reward it with treats for its efforts.

Avoid Water with Low Temperatures

These dogs have short fur and can get very cold if the water temperature is extremely low. You should check the temperature before allowing your Cane Corso to enter the water.