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Can Cane Corsos Protect You?

Not all dog breeds have the personality and physique to protect their owners. Undoubtedly, this is not the case with the Cane Corsos. These dogs are characterized by being large and powerful. They are very brave and will face anyone and anything to protect their loved ones.

The Cane Corsos are characterized by being excellent guard dogs. They are loyal, alert, and love to spend time with their loved ones.

Can Cane Corsos Protect You?

They love their owners and members of their human family so much that they will try to protect them from any threat. These dogs have the ability to identify which are real threats and which are not.

It is essential to highlight the fact that the Cane Corsos were bred to protect. For that reason, the current Cane Corsos have inherited the protective instincts of their ancestors. If a person is looking for a guard dog, this breed is one of the first that will appear on their list.

Apart from detecting any danger or threat, they also have large, muscular, and strong bodies that make them intimidate any intruder who tries to do something bad. In fact, they might show signs of aggression in the presence of a stranger.

At What Age Does a Cane Corso Develop Its Protective Instinct?

All dog breeds with a protective nature need to be trained to become excellent guard dogs. However, Cane Corsos require less training of this type, unlike other dogs, and this is due to their highly developed protective instinct.

Generally, Cane Corsos become protective between 12 and 18 months of age. During this period, the Cane Corsos will begin to feel the need to protect not only the members of their human family but also their belongings. Also, remember that these dogs are territorial, so they want to defend their territory.

Why Is It Important to Socialise a Cane Corso?

We all know how crucial early socialisation is for these canines. It helps them become self-assured, well-rounded adult dogs capable of responding correctly in various situations.

The significance of early, accurate, and complete socialisation cannot be overstated with an instinctively protective breed like the Cane Corso, who has the ability to inflict serious damage.

To be an efficient and dependable guard dog, a Cane Corso must be able to distinguish between what is usual and what is the reason for concern. Socialisation is the only way to do this. It must comprehend that it is totally OK for the neighbour’s kids to run around in the yard yelling.

A Cane Corso who hasn’t been introduced to a wide variety of people, noises, aromas, animals, and situations can think that since it isn’t familiar with that, it may be a threat and must be treated as such.

These lovely creatures are often put down since they attack a perceived danger. In virtually every case, the terrible event could have been prevented if the owners had taken the required precautions to ensure that the dog was properly educated and would only fight a genuine threat.

Training a Cane Corso to Protect

As we have said above, Cane Corsos do not need hard training to learn to be guard dogs. They are already born with a strong protective instinct which will develop further as they grow older.

The only reason to train a Cane Corso is to control its aggressiveness. While it is very rare for this breed to show signs of aggression towards their owners and members of their human family, it is also true that there is a high chance that they will display aggressive behaviour towards strangers and other animals.

There are several ways to train a Cane Corso efficiently:

Method #1

This method consists of using a tug toy. You have to teach your dog to latch onto and release it on command. You should reward it with treats after that action.

It is recommended that you teach your Cane Corso to wait a moment before receiving your orders. This idea is to prevent it from attacking a person immediately after seeing it. You should also allow this process to be carried out by the other family members.

Method #2

The second method is similar to the previous one. We must get a sleeve and teach our Cane Corso to hold it after giving the order. You have to teach it to latch onto it until you command it to let it go. Use treats to make the process faster and more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Can a Cane Corso Be Dangerous for Its Loved Ones?

Cane Corsos can show aggressive behaviour towards strangers and other animals. However, they will never show signs of aggression towards their owners and members of their human family as long as they have not been mistreated.

Suppose a Cane Corso has been physically or verbally abused by its owners or any human family member and has not been provided with socialisation training. In that case, they could be in danger.