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Are Cane Corsos Hard to Train?

Training a dog is not as easy as many may think. While there are certain breeds that are easier to teach due to their intelligence and desire to please their loved ones, there are others that tend to be stubborn and have a dominant personality. We can say that the Cane Corso is a combination of both.

Generally, Cane Corso puppies are easy to train due to their high level of intelligence. These dogs like to learn and will do it quickly when they want to please you.

Are Cane Corsos Hard to Train

However, this breed has another side of the coin. Cane Corsos are also known for being very stubborn dogs. For that reason, it may not obey you on some occasions.

In the same way, keep in mind that the Cane Corso has a dominant personality, which means it will want to be the boss and set the rules. For that reason, this breed of dog is not recommended for first-time owners.

An experienced dog owner will be able to train his Cane Corso without any problem, especially if he has already provided obedience training.

However, whatever the experience of the owner or the type of training, training such a dog can be very time-consuming, so it is crucial to be very patient and consistent. In addition, it is always ideal to use methods that do not include violence. Positive reinforcement will help a lot during the process.

Why Is the Cane Corso Not Easy to Train?

We have already mentioned two main reasons, which we will delve into below. However, there are other situations that will make the task of training your pet more difficult.

Cane Corso Stubbornness

As we have already said, the Cane Corsos are characterized by being stubborn dogs. On certain occasions, these canines will want to do what they want when they want.

That means if they don’t feel like training, they won’t until they feel the need to. This type of personality is very difficult to deal with if we do not treat it in time.

Cane Corso Dominant Personality

Another of the distinctive characteristics of a Cane Corso is its dominant personality. If we do not establish the rules from the beginning, our dog might think that it is the leader of the pack and will want to impose its own rules. That is a problem since you will have a pet that will not obey you.

That is why it is important that you have a firm personality and let your Cane Corso know that you are the boss.

Cane Corso Protective Instinct

The Cane Corsos have been bred as guard dogs since their origins. This has led them to develop an acute sense of smell capable of detecting any type of aroma many meters away.

Our Cane Corso could be distracted by detecting a strange smell during training, causing it to lose attention on you.

Cane Corso Distractions

This is related to the previous one. Cane Corsos are very active, energetic, and playful dogs who prefer to do anything else instead of paying attention to you.

That does not always happen since, as we have said, these dogs love to please their owners. However, this situation can occur when your pet has a lot of energy to spend.

Cane Corso Food

You should never train your Cane Corso without first feeding it. This breed of dog is known to eat a lot during the day. If your canine is hungry, it will be distracted during training, and any delicious smell it detects will be enough to divert its attention from you.

Is It Difficult to Potty Train a Cane Corso?

Potty training is one of the most challenging. This type of training should be carried out when a Cane Corso is a puppy since this is the time when it usually urinates and defecates anywhere.

This training can take between 4 and 6 months, although it could extend to a year or more depending on each canine.

For example, if your Cane Corso is very stubborn or has behaviour problems, it will be more difficult to train it, and therefore, it will require more time. If you are lucky enough to have a Cane Corso that loves to please you, then the established period of time will be enough.

Recommendations to Make Cane Corso Training Easier

Use Positive Reinforcement

The use of positive reinforcement is vital for any type of training. This method will help make the process easier, more effective, and more efficient. Positive reinforcement consists of rewarding the canine, in this case, your Cane Corso, with treats or praise every time it does something right.

Avoid Using Punishment

This is the opposite of the previous point. You should never use any type of physical or verbal punishment to teach your Cane Corso. These dogs are sensitive, and any aggression or violent act can traumatize them for life.

Hire a Professional Trainer

The Cane Corso is a challenging breed for first-time owners. In fact, even experienced people might have a hard time. In either case, you can save yourself the trouble by hiring a professional trainer to provide the types of training your pet needs.