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Are Cane Corsos Good with Kids?

The best family pets are those that get along with every member of the family, pets, and of course, children. There is nothing more beautiful than having a dog that gets along with our children.

Cane Corsos are affectionate, loyal, and friendly dogs with their owners and members of their human family but are aloof from strangers and other animals unless they receive socialisation training.

Are Cane Corsos Good with Kids

They were bred to be excellent protective dogs, and for that reason, they have developed aggressive behaviour over the years in certain circumstances.

Due to the size of the Cane Corsos and the signs of aggression they can show, many people wonder if these animals are ideal for families with children.

Can Cane Corsos Get Along with Children?

Of course! Cane Corsos are good family dogs that get along with all family members, including children.

They are patient enough to deal with children, especially when they are trained. However, keep in mind that Cane Corsos are large in size, and it can be dangerous to let them play with smaller children.

Obviously, not all Cane Corsos are the same. If its human family does not provide a suitable lifestyle and constantly mistreats it, it could develop aggressive behaviours towards each family member.

That can be extremely dangerous for children, especially if you leave them with this canine without supervision.

Also, the way your Cane Corso interacts with children will depend on the quality of the socialisation training you have provided. Dogs of this breed have a lot of energy, and you need to train them properly, so their interactions with children don’t get out of control.

Another important point to note is that Cane Corsos were originally bred to be excellent guard dogs. As we have already said, these canines love their owners and members of their families and will protect them from any danger at all costs.

In the same way, these dogs are capable of knowing how vulnerable children are and will always be by their side to protect them from any threat.

Why Might a Cane Corso Not Be Good for Children?

There are certain reasons why these dogs might not be considered great with children. Some of them are:

Cane Corso Size

The large size of the Cane Corsos can be dangerous for small children. Obviously, if your pet is well socialised, it won’t intentionally do anything that could hurt the little one.

However, an accident can happen when your Cane Corso runs or jumps excitedly. It could accidentally collide with the child while he is running or playing with it.

Cane Corso Dominant Personality

The dominant personality of the Cane Corsos makes them think that they are the leaders of the pack. You need to avoid this situation at all costs and make your pet understand that you are the one in charge and make the rules.

If we do not establish dominance, our Cane Corso could think it is in charge. That is dangerous because if you act late, you will cause a lot of anxiety, stress, and fear, leading it to behave aggressively with you and the children.

Cane Corso High Prey Instincts

Cane Corsos were originally bred to hunt, so it is normal for them to have a high prey drive. If your dog is not well socialised, it may see small children as prey, especially when they are running, and will tend to chase them, which could lead to an unfortunate incident.

How to Train the Cane Corso to Get Along with Children?

The first thing you have to know is that training should be carried out when the Cane Corso is a puppy since the first 16 weeks of age is when it can be socialised more easily.

Making a Cane Corso get along with children is not difficult. The challenge is to teach young children to respect this dog and make them understand that it is not a toy.

Any child’s action that could annoy a Cane Corso will cause it to react negatively and lash out at the little one.

You must teach your children to limit some inappropriate behaviour in the presence of the Cane Corso. For example, you have to let them know that it is not okay to pull its ears or tail, ride its back, make loud noises around it, interrupt it while it is eating, run towards it, etc.

The Cane Corso must also be socialised. Although this breed is amiable and friendly with their family, they can become violent in certain situations.

Socialisation with children is very important to suppress any prey instinct that the Cane Corso may have. You should expose your dog not only to your children but also to others. 

It is good that our Cane Corso gets along with our children, but we must prevent it from behaving aggressively when it sees other people’s children either in the park or when they visit our house.