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Are Cane Corso Dogs Smart?

All dog breeds are intelligent, but some stand out more than others. Each dog has a different level of intelligence that makes it better for certain specific tasks.

Many people believe that dogs are only smart when they can quickly learn commands, but that is not the case. Intelligence not only encompasses aspects from the point of view of learning but also from the personality of the canines.

Are Cane Corso Dogs Smart

A Cane Corso is a breed that has become very popular in recent years. They are very intelligent and strong-willed animals that stand out for their abilities as protective dogs.

They love to perform various tasks and jobs as well as solve puzzles. In fact, Cane Corsos love to receive mental stimulation all the time.

How Smart Are the Cane Corsos?

As we have already said, the Cane Corsos are considered to be a very intelligent breed of dog. In fact, the IQ of a Cane Corso is similar to that of a 2-year-old child, according to Stanley Coren.

These dogs are capable of solving various types of problems, understanding 100-200 words, and quickly adapting to certain circumstances.

The Cane Corsos have a dominant personality, and they will want to be the leaders of the pack and the ones who make the rules.

They are so smart that they will do anything to get away with it. For that reason, this dog needs an experienced owner who shows a strong personality and is a good leader.

Many experts affirm that the Cane Corsos stand out for their intelligence over other intelligent dog breeds. However, the intelligence ranking of these dogs is not known.

What Causes Our Cane Corso to Be Intelligent?

One of the reasons why these dogs are intelligent is their need to want to please their owners, which leads them to quickly understand everything you are trying to teach them and respond positively to commands.

They can also be considered intelligent as they make excellent guard dogs. These canines are able to analyse the entire situation around them and identify whether it is a threat or not. In the event that it is a threatening situation, the Cane Corso will act quickly to defend itself and its family members.

Are Cane Corsos Emotionally Smart?

In the beginning, we mentioned that intelligence does not only have to do with learning commands or some skill. Dogs can also be emotionally intelligent, and that is why some breeds are used to help people with emotional problems.

Unfortunately, the Cane Corso is not a very emotionally intelligent dog. These dogs are very affectionate, friendly, and loyal to their owners and members of their human family, but they do not usually show affection to strangers.

Despite being affectionate with their loved ones, Cane Corsos are not dogs that need a lot of attention. They are quiet canines that sometimes prefer to spend time alone lying down, either resting or sleeping.

Is My Cane Corso Easy to Train Due to Its Intelligence?

Many people would say that these dogs are easy to train as they are intelligent, but that is not entirely true.

Although it is true that their intelligence allows them to learn commands and other things quickly, they can be stubborn at times and have a dominant personality. That could make training very difficult, especially for first-time owners.

If your dog is obedient, then training it will be very easy. You can teach it between 100 and 200 words as well as different tasks following the appropriate orders. Cane Corsos are good guard dogs by nature but can further develop their protective abilities through training.

The intelligence of these dogs, their obedience, and their desire to satisfy the needs of their owners will make them easy to train.

If your Cane Corso is very stubborn or has a strong dominant personality, things could get complicated. It all depends on the personality of your pet.

Is the Intelligence of a Cane Corso Comparable to That of Other Dog Breeds?

The Cane Corso is very intelligent, especially when it comes to learning new skills and commands. However, they are less intelligent than some other large dog breeds.

Some dogs like Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, or Australian Cattle Dogs are more intelligent than Cane Corsos. Keep in mind that Cane Corsos are more intelligent than many small dog breeds.


Cane Corsos are very intelligent dogs when it comes to learning new commands and skills. In addition, they are well-positioned among the most intelligent guard dogs. The intelligence of a Cane Corso can come from its genetics or environmental factors.

They adapt easily to certain circumstances and can also be easily trained according to their personality.