Best Leash For Dogs That Pull 2021/2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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Dogs can be energetic and excited when out on walks but it’s important to keep them under control in a safe manner for you and the dog.

A good dog leash will save you the energy and strain from a pulling dog and, ideally, help you train your dog not to pull so that they don’t hurt themselves or come across as aggressive to other people.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the best leashes for dogs that pull, and the reasons why some leashes are better than others through the buyer’s guide.

Harness Lead Escape Resistant Leash

Product Highlights

The Harness Lead Escape Resistant Leash is more than just a leash – it also acts as a harness! When properly adjusted, this leash gently tightens around the chest of your dog when they pull, using their energy to safely train a dog to slow down.

It also provides a great deal of control back to the owner for walks that all parties involved can enjoy.


  • 8 different colors and reflective options
  • Handmade in the United States
  • Reduces pulling and escaping by gently tightening
  • 2 sizes to fit any dog

What We Like About Harness Lead Escape Resistant Leash

We like that the Harness Lead Escape Resistant Leash doubles as a minimalistic harness, eliminating the need for an excessive number of dog products.

The simple constriction system works wonders when training overly eager dogs or ones that are known to slip free from collars and harnesses when frightened. The most important thing is that your dog isn’t going to be hurt or choked while they are learning not to pull.

What We Don’t Like About Harness Lead Escape Resistant Leash

No product is 100% perfect and we were able to find some minor gripes about the Harness Lead Escape Resistant Leash we just couldn’t ignore.

The most notable thing is that there are no included instructions when the leash arrives in the mail. Using the leash isn’t exactly rocket science but it was confusing at first trying to envision how it properly fit on our dogs.

Thankfully, we received a quality product that didn’t break on us but several buyers have reported that the rubber breaks off with little to no use.

We also think that the reflective fibers should be included in every color variation of the leash as a standard of safety but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


  • Helps reduce pulling with proper training
  • Won’t choke your dog
  • The single product simplifies owning a dog
  • One leash can fit most dogs


  • Some items slip through quality assurance
  • Not immediately obvious how to use

IOKHEIRA Multifunctional Leash

Product Highlights

Being able to use one product for multiple things is always a bonus and that is exactly what the IOKHEIRA Multifunctional Leash offers.

The leash also functions as a car seatbelt for your dog when you are traveling, has a handle close to the base for greater control in high traffic areas, a D-ring for clipping on doggy poop bags or other accessories, and a bungee section for shock absorption if your dog should pull.


  • Functions as a leash, dog seatbelt, and hang accessories as well
  • Durable aluminum carabiner clips into collar or harness
  • 2 handles for freely walking or high traffic areas
  • Withstands the pulling force of 200 lb dogs

What We Like About IOKHEIRA Multifunctional Leash

When you purchase a leash for your dog, you probably don’t think about how comfortable you will be holding the same leash.

We instantly noticed how easy it was to hold the padded leash handle and experienced little fatigue even after lengthy walks with our dogs.

We also appreciate how simple it is to clip your dog in with the leash acting as a seatbelt. Finally, your dog can have a similar amount of safety as you do in the car.

What We Don’t Like About IOKHEIRA Multifunctional Leash

The carabiner is supposed to be aviation-grade aluminum, meaning it is strong but lightweight. Unfortunately, the strength doesn’t show. The opening of the carabiner is somewhat flimsy which could have meant a dog getting loose while out on a walk.

While we appreciate the idea of the 360-degree pivot attachment point between the carabiner and leash, it felt like that would be the first part to break under strain whenever one of our dogs pulled in excitement.


  • Affordable product, especially during sales
  • Provides safety for your dog in the car
  • Fatigue reducing handle


  • Bungee strength is high so it only absorbs the hardest of pulls
  • May need to replace the carabiner soon after purchase

Leash Boss 10 – 15 Foot Leash

Product Highlights

The Leash Boss 10 – 15 Foot Leash is a no-frills product with the clear goal of reducing pulling by providing plenty of space for your dog to explore while you retain control of the pace.

A 5-year warranty even against chewed-up leashes shows that Leash Boss is so confident that you won’t need another leash after purchasing one of theirs.


  • Padded handle for comfortable grip
  • 5-year warranty on leash
  • 10 and 15-foot length options for room to explore

What We Like About Leash Boss 10 – 15 Foot Leash

Sometimes simplicity is the best solution and we like how Leash Boss doesn’t need a bunch of bells and whistles to make a great product.

Instead of fancy technology to rein in a dog’s pulling tendency, Leash Boss acknowledges the differences and needs of dogs on this leash.

You may need consistent training to reduce any residual pulling but this leash can still help with that.

What We Don’t Like About Leash Boss 10 – 15 Foot Leash

The hardware of the Leash Boss 10 – 15 Foot Leash should work just the same no matter what size dog you have but this isn’t the case. For smaller dogs, the leash can end up becoming a cumbersome weight which isn’t ideal.


  • Warranty even covers being chewed on
  • Long leash means your dog isn’t underfoot
  • Simple to use


  • Not for all dog sizes and weights


Product Highlights

EzyDog’s ZERO SHOCK Leash is short enough to maintain control when any dog pulls. The patented shock reduction construction goes a step further giving even more control to the owner while cushioning the force of pulling on both the owner’s arm and the dog.

The durable leash is rounded out with a waterproof neoprene lining on the handle for greater comfort no matter the situation.


  • Patented shock reduction technology to reduce pulling
  • Waterproof lining on leash reduces messes
  • Reflective trim for safety in dark circumstances

What We Like About EzyDog ZERO SHOCK Leash

We found that the shock-absorbing technology made walks much more enjoyable. The short leash length means your dog has less space to lunge before the bungee kicks in so there is less force applied to the bungee and your arm. The padded handle also reduced fatigue whenever there were moments of pulling.

What We Don’t Like About EzyDog ZERO SHOCK Leash

For whatever reason, EzyDog products that are supposed to be the same color don’t even compare when the items are received.

In testing leashes and collars, we noticed that the pink camo color was a bright pink for one, while the other was muted and darker.

The 25-inch size sounds great in theory but if you have dogs like ours that like to weave left and right in front of your feet, you might yourself accidentally tripping or stepping on your dog’s hind legs which isn’t great.


  • Short lengths are great for training
  • Waterproof handle helps keep hands clean


  • Quite expensive for a leash
  • 25-inch size is too short in some cases
  • Color coordination is difficult

Leash Boss Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Product Highlights

Leash Boss takes heavy-duty to another level with the degree of comfort and control provided by this leash.

The handles have a well-made core to prevent bending and enough padding to make them 1-inch in diameter. The simple features make the leash even better for training by making it about the dog and not about the leash.


  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on Leash Boss products
  • Durable nylon manufacturing resists chewing and other damage
  • Large, comfortable traffic control handle

What We Like About Leash Boss Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Even when a product like the Leash Boss Heavy Duty Dog Leash is damaged by heavy chewers, the 5-year warranty has you covered.

No nonsense in this design makes it easy to use and understand how you will be able to control your dog with this leash.

What We Don’t Like About Leash Boss Heavy Duty Dog Leash

The handles are a bulky weight meaning the high traffic control handle can drag down any slack leash, dragging it through mud and other messes or even getting tangled up with your dog’s legs.


  • Easily controls hard pulling, large dogs
  • Great as a training leash if you want to upgrade to something stylish later


  • 5-year warranty only covers one replacement for chewed through leashes
  • No reflective qualities for late-night walks

SparklyPets Rope Bungee Leash

Product Highlights

Braided, durable nylon inspired by the needs of rigorous hiking are the foundation of this leash. A strong elastic bungee absorbs the shock of sudden lunges and pulling and the leather joints holding the leash together add to the stylish and durable nature of the leash.


  • 1-dog or 2-dog options for a single leash
  • Thick rope with leather joints for a durable, strong leash
  • Detachable bungee extension for extra length and anti-pull measures

What We Like About SparklyPets Rope Bungee Leash

The detachable bungee extension is simply amazing when you have completed leash training with your dog and no longer need the extra shock absorption.

Removing the extension makes the leash shorter which gives you more control that your dog can sense. If you ever need the bungee again, simply reattach it to the leash.

We also appreciate the ability to leash train two dogs at the same time when you buy the correct version of this product.

What We Don’t Like About SparklyPets Rope Bungee Leash

The high traffic control handle is possibly a little too close to where the leash attaches to a collar or harness. The potential for harming your beloved pet when using that handle is relatively high as a result.


  • Can walk 2 dogs with a single leash
  • Very affordable


  • The bungee extension doesn’t last for the leash’s lifetime
  • Isn’t reflective

HALTI Training Lead

Product Highlights

With 8 different configurations, there isn’t much that this leash can’t get done when training a dog.

Shorten or lengthen the leash to suit your training session or need, the shorter it is the easier it is to control a pulling dog. Two sizes and two color options mean you don’t get bogged down in fine details or endless options.


  • Double-ended leash for training 2 dogs simultaneously
  • A single leash can be used in 8 different ways for training methods
  • Rings along leash allow you to easily change the length

What We Like About HALTI Training Lead

We weren’t entirely convinced about this leash when we first started researching it but upon receiving the product we were delighted to see that it was much thicker and felt stronger than the images online portrayed.

After some trial runs, we were able to enjoy the hands-free mode by tying the leash around the waist. This saved a lot of strain on our hands and arms but it may not be safe if your dog still pulls in intense bursts.

What We Don’t Like About HALTI Training Lead

During some tame tests, we managed to break a clip on the new product. We’re not talking about the spring of the clip’s gate popping out of place, half of the clip’s head snapped clean off.

This seems to be, unfortunately, a relatively common quality assurance issue the company deals with.

It’s hard to trust this product or any of the other Halti products when one breaks so easily and you have to reach out and wait for a quality replacement.


  • One leash for multiple types of leash training
  • Can walk 2 dogs on a single leash
  • The clips and rings make changing the leash size intuitive and easy


  • Clips can break easily in some cases
  • Not reflective in any capacity

FAIRWIN Leather Dog Leash

Product Highlights

FAIRWIN’s leather materials and manufacturing create an aesthetic leash that meets the high standards of military and law enforcement canine training.

The 6-foot length is the only option in this case but the width of the braided leather allows you to train and control different size dogs.


  • Authentic Italian leather imported
  • Handmade in China with the imported leather
  • 500 lb tensile strength for resistance to pulling-related damage
  • FAIRWIN warranty on leash

What We Like About FAIRWIN Leather Dog Leash

Originally, we weren’t impressed with the lack of shock absorbing measures to reduce strain on the arms if and when a dog pulls but we were pleasantly surprised that the leather had enough stretch that it had a similar effect.

What We Don’t Like About FAIRWIN Leather Dog Leash

FAIRWIN isn’t very forthcoming with information regarding the leash’s warranty on the product’s page. We had to do some digging to find that a 2-year quality warranty is offered on some of their items.

This doesn’t cover any chewing damage and we aren’t certain the 2-year warranty applies to this specific product.


  • Whole leash will naturally expand a bit to absorb shock
  • Very stylish and chic


  • Only comes in one size
  • Best for medium dogs although it is advertised for all dog sizes

RUFFWEAR Knot-a-Leash

Product Highlights

Inspired by the strength of climbing gear, RUFFWEAR’s Knot-a-Leash uses stretchy rope and an interior core to achieve durability and shock absorption.

A thick locking carabiner gives you a secure connection to your dog’s collar or harness for safety and escape prevention.


  • 2 leash thickness options for convenience or higher strength
  • Locking carabiner for attaching to dog collar or harness
  • 10 different colors with reflective material woven in for safety in low-light situations

What We Like About RUFFWEAR Knot-a-Leash

The handle is comfortable as advertised but what we like is the accessory loop. This little pocket can hold loose doggy poop bags without them flying away or you can clip on accessories as needed – no messing around tying bags to the leash.

What We Don’t Like About RUFFWEAR Knot-a-Leash

We, like many others purchasing the RUFFWEAR Knot-a-Leash, experienced a frustrating problem where the leash naturally tends to coil and twist if your dog doesn’t walk straight.

If you’re using this leash to remedy pulling, that’s not really an acceptable problem to have.


  • Includes care and washing instructions
  • Each of the colors includes reflective fibers


  • Costly for a dog leash
  • Reports of the quality declining over the years

What to look for when buying a dog leash?


This is often linked to the material the leash is made of – the most common options on the market tend to be some form of braided or woven nylon and leather.

Leashes take a lot of abuse even if your dog doesn’t pull all that much. You’ll want something that can handle daily walks for years without many signs of wear and tear.

Whatever you go with, keep the leash out of your dog’s reach when it isn’t in use since it isn’t a chew toy. Chewing and biting of the leash accelerates how quickly a leash degrades and can void some warranties.

Shock Absorption

For a dog that pulls a lot of pulls incredibly hard, shock absorption is a must. This usually means including some from of spring or bungee that safely absorbs the worst of the force so that your joints don’t get hurt while out on walks.

If your dog is already well-trained on a leash, you may not need to consider shock absorption as much.


The length of your dog leash can often dictate how easy it is to control the movements of your dog, even when it pulls.

A shorter leash will give you more control but a longer leash may also solve any pulling issues by allowing your dog to freely explore within the confines of the leash.

You need to also consider where your dog is going to be walking on a short leash – if it is too short, you may end up tripping over your dog and hurting yourself, your dog, or both.


If you try to solve pulling issues in your dog by walking late at night when there are fewer distractions and temptations, you need some bright colors and reflective threads. The increased visibility alerts drivers to your presence when walking on or close to roads.

Best Leash For Dogs That Pull FAQ

Will the Harness Lead Escape Resistant Leash work for my 9 lb Chihuahua?

The smallest size for this leash is advertised to handle dogs 14 – 40 lbs so we cannot in good faith say that it will work.

How long is the Harness Lead Escape Resistant Leash?

Both sizes are labeled as having 6 feet of leash after proper fitting but it can vary depending on your dog’s size and build.

Will my leash float in the water?

This isn’t a standard feature for most dog leashes so if your leash gets wet it will probably sink in a body of water.

How long should my dog leash be?

Unless your dog is well-trained on a leash already or pulls like crazy, a 4-foot or 5-foot leash will generally work.

Final Verdict

Harness Lead Escape Resistant Leash

Although the loops of this leash seem complicated at first glance, you can quickly learn how to properly use this excellent product.

It doubles as a chest harness and safely constricts around your dog to discourage undesirable pulling. The polyester of the leash also stretches slightly to absorb some of the pulling force, reducing strain on the owner to stay in control.

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