Do Brussels Griffons Bark a Lot?

Do Brussels Griffons Bark a Lot

A dog’s barking will always be a form of communication. However, if it becomes very repetitive, it would be appropriate to act immediately to control this behavior and find out the root cause.

The vast majority of canines tend to bark when something is disturbing them, bothering them repetitively, or they want to get the attention of the people around them. Keep in mind that sometimes the reason can be different depending on the situation.

One of the characteristics of the Brussels Griffon breed is its personality and serious temperament, making its relationship with its owner excellent. Still, with other people, it is mostly on the defensive side.

One of the reasons these dogs might instinctively bark a lot is to drive away or chase away other people who are not part of their family.

These dogs are known for being vocal. That means they tend to bark a lot, and their barking is often perceived as loud and unpleasant.

It is something that you should take into account when you have a puppy of this breed because if you do not want to have a dog that “barks a lot”, then the Brussels Griffon may not be the right breed for you.

How Can We Reduce the Barking of Brussels Griffon Dogs?

Clearly, we must control our dog’s barking if it turns out to be uncontrolled and too repetitive since it can be annoying for us and our neighbors. Some of the ways to reduce this behavior are:

  • Exercise and training can help decrease barking. However, it is not totally guaranteed that you will have great results due to the nature of the Brussels Griffon.
  • “SHHHHH” is a very typical way to stop their barking. However, they could ignore this order. It is important not to yell at it as this can cause the dog to develop anxiety. On the other hand, if the Brussels Griffon complies with the order and is silent, then you can reward it for this act.
  • Sometimes the Brussels Griffon may have a barking crisis, and you may not know why it is doing it. We can entertain or distract it every time it barks, making it calm down and relax. That will help us stop the barking.

The best way to correct and improve this behavior will always be training. Similarly, we must always remember that barking is something that belongs to dogs and that necessary measures should only be taken when barking becomes unreasonable and irritating.

Why Does the Brussels Griffon Bark a Lot?

Remember that this breed is a barker by nature. However, there are also some external reasons why a Brussels Griffon barks more than usual.

When barking becomes excessive, and in inconvenient situations, the dog could be expressing negative feelings. Insecurity, fear, frustration, and boredom are the most frequent causes of excessive barking. Anything that overexcites the dog can also increase barking. Some examples are:

MoodThe Brussels Griffon could feel the same as you. If you are angry, it will be angry too and that will lead to barking.
ExpectationsIf you have a ball in your hand, your pet could be wondering every minute when you are going to throw it.
Loud VoiceIf you speak in a loud voice, the dog will think that you are barking with it.
DangerIf the dog should go to a supposed danger unintentionally, the fear In it will grow and therefore it will bark.
Reasons Why Brussels Griffon Barks Table

Situations in Which the Brussels Griffon Barks

On various occasions, barking can be intensified depending on certain factors, which we will explain below:


In addition to body movements such as tail wagging, jumping, licking, etc., dogs can express happiness through barking.


If the animal is continually exposed to an environment full of stress and anxiety, it will have an uncomfortable life, and that will lead it to bark a lot. The Brussels Griffon can also be stressed if you do not cover its basic needs for food and daily exercise.


Although Brussels Griffon dogs are small in size, they are usually the same or similar to those large dogs that are used as guards.

Due to the fact that these canines have a personality that is not very friendly with strangers, they could become excellent guardians due to the fact that they alert their owners through barking when they feel a threat.

Insecurity or Fear

Sometimes they can feel a bit intimidated by other puppies, which can generate insecurity or fear, and as a form of protection, they can make annoying sounds, such as barking. Noise or foreign objects will also scare them, triggering this behavior.


The Brussels Griffon is usually used to being close to its owner, and if it spends many hours without him, it may feel abandoned and start barking for someone to hear it.