Do Brussels Griffon Smell Bad?

Do Brussels Griffon Smell Bad

The bad smell is one of the great concerns of people when it comes to bringing a dog home. Many fear their new pets will give off an unpleasant odor in every corner of their homes.

It should be noted that not all dog breeds stink. Some are more likely to give off a foul odor due to certain fungus-related diseases. Those canines that aren’t as prone to it usually stink when they’ve gotten dirty in the mud or haven’t been bathed in a long time.

Most dog owners believe that giving their pets a weekly bath will help solve this problem, but that could actually be negative. Bathing a canine so frequently can be detrimental to its skin and coat.

As we have said, not all breeds of dogs are prone to bad smells. If you have a Brussels Griffon, you are probably wondering if this problem is common in this breed.

Do Brussels Griffons Usually Smell Bad?

Like many other dog breeds, Brussels Griffons can also give off a bad odor. The fur of these canines is usually long and thick, so they need to be groomed regularly to prevent them from developing an unpleasant odor.

However, its bushy, long coat is not the only reason a Brussels Griffon may have a foul odor. There are other factors that can influence this, and it is necessary to know them well to prevent this canine from stinking.

Natural Causes Why a Brussels Griffon Could Smell

Apart from the coat of this puppy, we will mention below other reasons why a Brussels Griffon could stink:

  • Playing in the mud: It’s no secret that dogs love to play outdoors, regardless of their breed. These animals are happy running around and playing with their owners. Many canines, including Brussels Griffons, like to wallow in the mud as it is very entertaining, fun, and relaxing. When they get dirty with the mud, they will begin to give off a strong odor which can only be eliminated through a bath.
  • Anal gland problems: This is one of the most common problems that many breeds of dogs suffer from. A dog has two small glands in its anus, which secrete a brown (or whitish) liquid with an extremely unpleasant odor. In fact, many people compare it to the smell of rotting fish. If your Brussels Griffon smells bad, you should check its anal glands.
  • Exposures of their paws to dirty surfaces: A Brussels Griffon’s paws are usually prone to give off a bad smell. This is normal since animals of this type spend a lot of time outside running and playing, so it is normal for their paws to be exposed to bacteria and other microorganisms on the ground or other surfaces.

Other Conditions That Cause Bad Odor

In the following table, we will mention some of the conditions that cause bad odor in Brussels Griffons:

AllergiesAllergies often cause itching on the Brussels Griffon’s body, so it will start scratching intensely, and that, in turn, will cause bacterial or yeast infections.
OtitisThis condition causes bacterial or yeast ear infections and itchy ears that make the Brussels Griffon feel the need to shake its head to reduce its discomfort.
Anal gland problemsAnal gland problems are common and tend to worsen when there is an injury to that area. The dog will lick and drag its butt on the floor to feel relieved, although its smell will spread throughout the house.
Excess oil on the skinThe Brussels Griffon, like other dog breeds, has sebaceous glands in its skin that produce oil to protect it. When it produces more oil than normal, it will produce an unpleasant odor.
Mouth infectionsOral problems are common in canines. Gingivitis or tartar build-up are some of the main causes of bad breath.
FlatulenceFlatulence can be common in a Brussels Griffon, especially if it has an intolerance problem.
Poor hygieneThe bad smell of a Brussels Griffon is usually due to poor hygiene. Keep in mind that your dog may have accumulated dirt, dust, and dead hair on its fur, which will not only irritate its skin but also cause a bad smell.
Conditions that cause bad odor in Brussels Griffons Table