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Why Shouldn’t You Get a Boston Terrier?

Getting a dog is not as simple as you think. All breeds are different, and you should do your research before bringing one home as there are many factors to consider to determine if it will suit your lifestyle.

Boston Terriers are friendly dogs who love to spend time with their owners and give them love. They are very sensitive and must be treated properly; otherwise, they will get in a bad mood, and you will not be able to fight their stubbornness.

Why Shouldn't You Get a Boston Terrier

You need to be aware of many things about a Boston Terrier, such as its behaviour, health problems, flatulence problems, etc. These negative aspects do not make the Boston Terrier a pet.

On the contrary, it is an extraordinary animal that can become an excellent family dog ​​as long as we take into account all the negative traits that we will explain below.

Boston Terrier Irritating Sounds

Boston Terriers are dogs that usually produce annoying and irritating sounds depending on the situation. They normally pant, growl, snore and bark loudly. Most of these sounds are produced when they feel separation anxiety or when they want to protect a member of their family. When they sleep, they tend to snore a lot, which can irritate some people.

Boston Terrier Separation Anxiety

Like most dog breeds, Boston Terriers suffer from separation anxiety. They are canines that hate spending time alone and need the constant company of their loved ones.

These dogs cannot be left home alone for a long time as they could start developing destructive behaviours like digging, chewing on objects, scratching walls or doors, urinating or defecating everywhere, etc.

Generally, a Boston Terrier can be left alone between 4 and 6 hours a day without being trained. With training, it could be left alone for 8-12 hours, although it is not recommended. If your Boston Terrier is a puppy, you should not leave it alone for more than 3-4 hours.

In case you do not have a choice because you work many hours a day, you must take the necessary preventive measures to avoid separation anxiety in your Boston Terrier. It’s a good idea to ask a family member or dog sitter to look after your pet while you’re away.

Boston Terrier Flatulence Problems

This is a common negative trait in this breed of dog. Boston Terriers are brachycephalic dogs due to their short faces and small noses. These physical characteristics make it difficult for them to breathe through their nose, so they have no choice but to use their mouth to allow air to pass through.

The main reason this occurs is that these canines eat very quickly. That makes the air enter through the mouth in each bite. All the accumulated air is expelled in the form of flatulence through the butt. Foods high in fat and sugar also cause excess gas.

Boston Terrier Stubbornness

Although these dogs are very calm and love to please their owners, they can also be slightly stubborn at times.

Boston Terriers always want to do what they want when they want. You should avoid this type of behaviour by showing them that you are the leader of the pack. If you allow your dog to think that it is the leader, then it will be very difficult for it to obey you.

It is important that you train it and let it know that you are the boss so that it always obeys you and only wants to please you.

Boston Terrier Health Problems

Although these dogs typically live long lives, they are prone to certain health problems because many breeders experiment to create canines with flat faces and small noses. This unfortunate situation shortens the lives of many Boston Terriers.

For that reason, Boston Terriers tend to suffer from more diseases than they really should. That is why it is essential to take them to the vet regularly to make sure they are well and healthy.

Boston Terrier Inappropriate Behaviours Due to Lack of Physical and Mental Stimulation

Boston Terriers tend to get bored easily. These dogs need daily exercise to use all the energy they have accumulated during the day; otherwise, they will develop inappropriate behaviours. They will not only run rampant throughout the house but will also try to release their energy by scratching, digging, barking loudly, etc.

Mental stimulation is also vital to prevent these canines from acting inappropriately. Games and any type of training are essential in the life of this breed.

Boston Terrier Excessive Drooling

Although this situation does not always occur in this breed of dog, it can occur depending on certain conditions, especially in those Boston Terriers with droopy lips.

These canines can drool when they drink water, are overheated, smell delicious food, etc.