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Why Do Boston Terriers Lick So Much?

Dogs can display different types of behaviour depending on their breed, lifestyle, etc. Some tend to cuddle; others jump on their owners, while many others love to lick.

This last feature is very common in Boston Terriers. Licking is a way these canines use to greet and show affection. However, they also show this behaviour when they want to ask their owners for food.

Why Do Boston Terriers Lick So Much

Many breeds of dog lick for the reasons listed above, but Boston Terriers tend to lick more often. The reasons why this breed of dog licks a lot are:

To Show Submission

Boston Terriers may lick you as a way of showing you respect, as we must remember that they may consider you their alpha. Practically most dog breeds are pack animals, and Boston Terriers are no exception.

Boston Terriers consider everyone in their family to be part of their pack, and that includes you as their leader.

To Show Affection

One of the ways Boston Terriers use to show love is by licking the faces of their owners and members of their human family. It is the same behaviour that mothers use with their puppies.

A dog of this type sees you as part of its pack. It will tell you that it loves you through its licks.

Because Of Instinct

Licking is a natural response of dogs to certain situations. For example, Boston Terriers often lick each other to greet and show affection. Similarly, a mother licks its pups immediately after they are born in order to clean them and stimulate their breathing.

On certain occasions, puppies begin to lick their mothers’ snouts as they grow older as a way of strengthening their bond.

Because They Want Something

All dogs, regardless of breed, tend to request food and other things from their owners. One of the ways to solicit food, treats, toys, or love is through licking.

A Boston Terrier does not lick you all the time to ask you for food. It will generally do so when it’s time to eat as this breed is very attached to its daily routine.

It is not recommended to allow this behaviour since they can get used to it over time.

Because Of Curiosity

Boston Terriers can become very curious about the taste of something. They will tend to lick in order to know how a portion of food or an object tastes. They will even lick their owners and members of their human family to learn the taste of their skin.

They love to lick their owners’ feet as they easily pick up their scent in that area.

To Treat Their Wounds

All dogs, including Boston Terriers, tend to lick themselves somewhere on their body where they have a wound or infection. Your dog can’t tell you in words that something hurts, but you can tell something isn’t right if you notice unusual behaviour like licking itself.

In those cases, it is best to take your Boston Terrier to the vet.

Is It Bad That Our Boston Terrier Licks a Lot?

Generally, this behaviour should not be a problem since we all like to be loved. After a long day at work, it will be nice to come home and receive many licks on our face from our Boston Terrier. However, not all people think the same, and such behaviour could be irritating.

Similarly, this behaviour can become a problem when the dog starts licking harmful things or spoiled food. That is not only dangerous for your pet’s health, but it could also develop a taste for dirt which will be dangerous for its body. Also, it might lick up some toxic or poisonous dog food it finds on the ground.

How to Stop a Boston Terrier from Licking Excessively?

One of the most effective ways to reduce your Boston Terrier’s licking is to ignore the behaviour. That is, you should ignore your dog when it tries to lick you and reward it with treats when it doesn’t.

That is a way of exchanging one taste for another. That way, it will prefer to receive the treat instead of licking you.

Boston Terriers can be stubborn on certain occasions, so you may need more time to eliminate this behaviour. You should never use punishment as a method to make it understand as that will only cause the opposite result.

If your Boston Terrier licks for attention, you should replace that behaviour with something else. Teach it to raise its paw when it wants to ask you for something. Every time it does, reward it with treats. That way, it won’t lick you again as a way to ask for food or anything else.