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The Essentials of Boston Terrier Puppy Training

Dogs, regardless of breed, need to receive various types of training. That is one of the things that everyone should consider when bringing a new puppy home.

Although there are breeds of more intelligent dogs than others, training is always a challenge, especially if the owner is inexperienced. Theoretically, Boston Terriers are easy to train as they love to be stimulated physically and mentally. In addition, they love to please their owners, which is another point in their favour. However, all Boston Terriers are different, and some may present a challenge when it comes to a specific type of training.

The Essentials of Boston Terrier Puppy Training

There are many essential aspects that we should understand when training a Boston Terrier puppy:

The Trainability of the Boston Terrier

As we have said, Boston Terriers are easy to train even though they can be stubborn at times. That is due to their great desire to please their owners.

The basis for successfully training a Boston Terrier is to fully understand its temperament and personality. In fact, you will be able to get to know your canine even more during the training sessions.

Aside from their intelligence and desire to please their owners, Boston Terriers have high energy levels and are vigorous and playful. All of these characteristics make this breed trainable.

Positive Reinforcement of the Boston Terrier

This method should be implemented in any type of training as it increases its efficiency. It consists of rewarding your Boston Terrier with treats and praise every time it does something right. Simply put, it will make the canine associate the activity or training with something positive.

You can do the same thing when you are teaching commands to your Boston Terrier. Each time it responds positively to the command, reward it with treats.

Just as you should always use positive reinforcement every time your Boston Terrier does something right, you should never punish it when it isn’t making progress in training. This happens many times, especially in people with little patience.

Using any type of physical or verbal punishment will only result in the opposite of what you want. In addition, you could traumatize your Boston Terrier and cause emotional damage that will last the rest of its life.

Education of the Boston Terrier

A Boston Terrier will want to be around people all the time. In fact, they will love spending time even with strangers. Although this type of behaviour may be cute to some people, it could be irritating to others.

If your Boston Terrier is very affectionate and attached to people, it will want to jump on visitors or even sit on their lap. Visitors may not like this. For that reason, providing socialisation and obedience training to a dog of this type is essential.

Essential Items for the Boston Terrier

  • Treats: Treats are very useful when it comes to rewarding the Boston Terrier during training.
  • Clicker: This device emits a sound that lets the dog know it has done the right thing.
  • Leash: You need a leash (preferably short) to train your Boston Terrier to walk beside you. Depending on the type of training, you may need a long leash.
  • Harness: A harness is the best option to use a leash as it will give you better control when walking your Boston Terrier.

Concentration of the Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are usually very playful and easily distracted by anything they see. You can solve this concentration problem in two ways:

  • Provide entertainment through games and physical activities for your Boston Terrier before training begins.
  • Avoid training the canine in an area with many distractions.

Training Types of the Boston Terrier

It is essential that you consider providing your Boston Terrier with various types of training. That will make your pet healthier and happier.

The most important types of training are:

Boston Terrier Socialisation Training

All breeds of dogs should receive socialisation training as it is important not only for their relationship with their human family members but also for their relationship with children, strangers, and other animals.

This type of training is useful to help our Boston Terrier feel comfortable with new people, animals, and even places. If they haven’t been socialised, they may feel anxious in a strange situation.

In addition, socialisation training will help any breed of dog avoid developing inappropriate behaviours.

Boston Terrier Obedience Training

Another fundamental aspect of training is teaching your pet to follow your commands. This breed of dog is brilliant when it comes to obedience, so you can teach those commands without much difficulty. However, keep in mind that these dogs can be stubborn, so be prepared.

The most important commands are:

  • Stay
  • Down
  • Come
  • Wait
  • Leave It
  • Take It
  • Sit
  • Look
  • Heel
  • Watch Me
  • Stand

Boston Terrier Potty Training

This training is vital if you don’t want to see feces and urine all over your house. The first thing you should do is choose the place where you want your Boston Terrier to relieve itself. The most advisable thing is to find a small space in the garden or backyard.

Every day, you should take your Boston Terrier to the backyard to urinate or defecate. The most recommended hours are:

  • In the morning, after the canine wakes up
  • After each meal
  • At night, before bed

Boston Terrier Crate Training

This training is not only useful for transporting your dog but also serves as a complement to potty training. The crate can be a nice space for your Boston Terrier to rest and eat its treats.

It should be noted that not all dogs adapt to a crate. Many may become anxious as they think you are trying to lock them up. For that reason, you should never be strict or punish the canine when you are providing this type of training.

Boston Terrier Leash Training

Every Boston Terrier should be able to walk on a leash at some point. It is critical to use a leash that is suitable for your dog’s strength, age, and size, as this makes a significant impact.