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Guide for Anyone Thinking of Rehoming a Boston Terrier

Having a pet is one of the most wonderful things for human beings. A dog brings many joys to our home as well as physical and emotional benefits.

Despite all the positive things surrounding dogs and all the care and attention they require, they are animals that will be part of our lives and become members of our family. These pets are so amazing that some people prefer them more than other human beings.

Guide for Anyone Thinking of Rehoming a Boston Terrier

Unfortunately, not everything is always rosy. Some families may be forced to abandon their dogs for certain specific reasons. There are people who do not have sufficient financial resources to care for a pet of this type, while others are simply not capable of handling the situation, either because of the canine’s behaviour or lack of training.

If a person is looking for a new home for his Boston Terrier, that doesn’t mean he hates the canine. There are simply situations that have forced him to make that unfortunate decision.

Why Would We Need to Rehome Our Boston Terrier?

Boston Terrier Separation Anxiety

Most dog breeds tend to suffer from this disorder, and the Boston Terrier is no exception. This is often a problem for many people, especially those who work full time; that is, for 8 hours or more. Leaving a Boston Terrier home alone for long periods of time will cause it to develop destructive behaviours.

Boston Terrier Aggressiveness

Although Boston Terriers are affectionate and friendly animals, some may develop aggressive behaviour. That is common if you have acquired an adult dog that has already been in another family. Possibly, that family did not treat it well and gave it a poor lifestyle. All bad experiences translate into aggressiveness in many cases.

Financial Difficulties

One of the most common reasons a person decides to find a new home for his Boston Terrier is his lack of financial resources. Taking care of a dog carries many expenses that many people are not prepared to face.

Extra Effort

Unrealistic expectations are one of the reasons many people abandon their pets. Before acquiring the canine, people think that it will be very easy to take care of it and that they will not have to deal with problems such as inappropriate behaviours, illnesses, excess energy levels, etc.

In the same way, many people acquire a Boston Terrier even if they already have another pet at home. A short time later, they realize that they cannot take care of both canines, so they end up looking for a new home for one of them.

Rehoming Your Boston Terrier

Rehoming our Boston Terrier is a very difficult and painful decision, especially if we already have a lot of time with it. For that reason, here we will show you some tips that will help you find the best home for your current dog:

Contact the Animal Shelter

If you have decided to put your Boston Terrier up for adoption, you can opt for your local animal shelter services. These places are designed to offer a temporary home for the canine. Generally, they will provide food, veterinary care, and other benefits while they find a new home for these animals. In fact, some offer training specifically to deal with behaviour problems.

Aside from animal shelters, you can also look for good breeders or rehoming centres. In many of these places, they will give you a chance in case you have changed your mind. However, this can only happen as long as your Boston Terrier has not been adopted by someone else.

Ask the Vet

The vet knows many pet lovers and will be able to find out who is ideal for adopting your Boston Terrier. Likewise, he can meet other veterinarians who could also help you find the best home for your dog.

Look for Responsible People

Perhaps looking for someone to adopt your Boston Terrier is not difficult. However, finding the right person can be an arduous task. Not all people are trained to provide a great lifestyle for a dog.

For that reason, if you don’t want to leave your Boston Terrier in an animal shelter, then take whatever steps are necessary to find the right person. It should be noted that before doing that, you must train your pet (in case it is not already). That’s because people will be quicker to take an interest in a trained animal than one that isn’t.

Once you have found someone interested in your Boston Terrier, it is best to invite him to your home or any other place so that you can ask him certain questions. That is necessary to know if said person is qualified to take care of the dog.

Post Information about Your Boston Terrier

Another way to find people interested in adopting your Boston Terrier is by posting information about it. You can do it through social networks or even advertising. Some data that you can indicate are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Power level
  • Training level
  • Health
  • Personality
  • Behaviour

It is also recommended that you indicate the reason why you are looking for a new home for your Boston Terrier. That’s because many people might think you’re putting your dog up for adoption for negative reasons.

You should never share false information, as that will only make things worse. If your Boston Terrier has a health or behavioural problem and doesn’t mention it in the published information, the adopter could make the unfortunate decision to abandon it.

Can We Rehome a Boston Terrier with Aggressive Tendencies?

If the reason you want to rehome your Boston Terrier is because of aggressive behaviour, then you may be having a hard time finding a new home for it. In fact, many animal shelters do not accept canines with this type of behaviour.

It should be noted that aggressive behaviour in this breed of dog is not as extreme as that of others, so it can be modified through training provided by animal shelters.