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Do Boston Terriers Stink?

All breeds of dogs can become stinky if they get dirty, but there are some that exhibit this characteristic naturally and frequently.

The Boston Terrier is not the smelliest dog out there, but it tends to stink more than other breeds. This is an important aspect that you must take into account when adopting or buying a dog of this type.

Do Boston Terriers Stink

Boston Terriers tend to stink more than other dogs for several reasons:

Boston Terriers Yeast Infection

It is a bacterial infection that can occur on both the paws and the skin of a Boston Terrier. This infection usually appears on the skin, making it look greasy and scaly.

This infection mainly manifests itself when the Boston Terrier has a weak immune system. This can trigger allergic reactions, which in turn cause yeast infection. Generally, a dog with this problem must have a good diet, so you should avoid giving it foods such as soy, corn, or wheat since it is usually allergic to these products.

Another reason why a Boston Terrier can suffer from this infection is heat and humidity. If you live in a place with this kind of weather and you notice that your dog stinks, then you know what the reason is.

Boston Terriers Flatulence

Boston Terriers often fart because they are brachycephalic dogs (animals with short, flat faces and small noses). Flatulence occurs due to all the air that enters their mouths, especially when they eat. The reason for this is their difficulty in breathing through their nose.


The Boston Terriers love to play outside a lot as they are very energetic. They like to do many types of physical activity as well as digging in the garden, although this behaviour may be due to a stressful situation.

Excessive exercise will cause Boston Terriers to sweat through their paws to regulate their body temperature. When the sweat mixes with the bacteria, the paws will start to stink a lot.

The paws of our Boston Terrier can be exposed to bacteria both inside and outside the house, so you must be alert. An interesting solution is to soak your pet’s paws in warm water with a little hypoallergenic soap.

Boston Terriers Anal Glands Problems

Generally, when a Boston Terrier defecates, the liquid that lubricates the canine’s anus tends to seep into this area, causing a strong and stinky smell of rotten fish. As the anal glands store this fluid, they become overloaded and begin to leak. That’s because one of the glands is leaking. The symptoms that your Boston Terrier may present are:

  • It will lick near that area.
  • It will stink of rotten fish.
  • It will drag its rear along the ground.

A healthy diet and daily exercise will help prevent leaking anal glands in your Boston Terrier. Similarly, it is always important to take the canine to the vet.

Boston Terriers Ear and Mouth Infections

A large number of dog breeds often suffer from diseases or infections in the ear. These infections are caused by bacteria that usually make the ears very stinky. Some symptoms are brown, yellow, or red discharge (blood), redness in the area, or itching.

If you want to prevent this type of infection, clean your Boston Terrier’s ears very well while you bathe them and then dry them well as moisture could affect them. If you don’t know how to clean your dog’s ears, seek the help of a veterinarian or professional groomer.

Likewise, an oral infection will make your Boston Terrier’s mouth smell bad. Small breeds like this are more prone to these types of infections than larger ones. The main causes of these are the accumulation of tartar and plaque.

There are certain oral problems that can cause a terrible smell in these dogs. One of them is gingival hyperplasia, which is a dental condition that produces a bad odour when the gums grow too much and retain food debris. Oral infections are usually prevented with proper dental hygiene.

My Boston Terrier Still Stinks After Bath

This situation is very common since, as we have mentioned throughout the article, there is no single reason for the bad smell in these dogs.

In fact, bathing a Boston Terrier can cause a worse odour on certain occasions, and that is because the water mixes with the yeasts or bacteria on your pet’s skin or paws.


Boston Terriers stink more than other dog breeds for a variety of reasons. If this is a problem for you, but you still want to acquire a canine of this breed, it is important that you take into account the information that we have given you through this article so that you know how to deal with the bad smell of these pets.