Do Boston Terriers Bark a Lot?

Do Boston Terriers Bark a Lot

One of the things that some people fear most is that their neighbours have barking dogs. Almost all breeds of dogs indeed tend to bark, but some bark more excessively than others to the point that they become irritating.

If you have neighbours or simply hate excessive noise, you should do a good job researching the breed of dog you are thinking of getting. In this article, we will talk about the Boston Terriers.

Boston Terriers are very friendly and affectionate dogs that can sometimes be aloof and stubborn. They are excellent family dogs as they adapt to almost any lifestyle.

These dogs tend to bark a lot. In fact, they do it more than many other dog breeds, so it could be irritating not only to the neighbours but also to their human family members. The main reason is that they have a great sense of hearing, and when they hear strange noise, they will alert their owners through barking about a possible threat or intruder.

That doesn’t mean that Boston Terriers constantly bark for no reason. They will always bark due to some particular situation, either because they want to alert their owners about a threat or because they were left alone for a long time.

Reasons Why a Boston Terrier Barks a Lot

As we have said, there is always a trigger for the barking of these dogs. Next, we will know the most common reasons for this behaviour:


These dogs are considered protective as they will try to warn you about a threat; they will not face an intruder. Boston Terriers are very affectionate and form strong bonds with their loved ones, so they will always want to protect them and make sure they are okay.

A threatening situation could lead this dog to show aggressive behaviour through barking. Therefore, every time your Boston Terrier senses the presence of a stranger or notices a bad situation, it will start barking very loudly to alert you.

It should be noted that this behaviour is also directed towards other pets. That is why it is essential to socialise them from an early age.

Separation Anxiety

Boston Terriers are prone to separation anxiety as they hate being home alone for long periods. These canines need to spend most of their time with their owners and feel sad when they are not around them.

When a person leaves a Boston Terrier alone at home for more than 3-4 hours, he will begin to feel sad and anxious at the same time. This situation will make him develop destructive behaviour that will not only be reflected through chewing on objects in the house or scratching the walls, floor, or door, but he will also begin to bark very loudly.

Another reason this happens is because of boredom. If you don’t exercise your Boston Terrier or give him toys before you leave the house, he will probably get bored because he has nothing to do and start barking loudly for attention.


Another reason Boston Terriers bark is when they are having fun, especially when playing with children. It is important that we know how to identify and differentiate this type of barking from the others.

If your Boston Terrier barks while playing with the children, you need to understand that it may not be an aggressive bark but rather a playful bark. They produce that sound to show that they are having a lot of fun and that they are happy.

It should be noted that these barks are not usually as noisy as the previous ones.

Training to Prevent Your Boston Terrier from Barking a Lot

We cannot stop our Boston Terrier from barking completely. However, we can reduce their tendency to bark.

The following steps will help you train your Boston Terrier efficiently:

  • Eliminate the barking triggers. To do this, you must identify the cause of the barking and rule out any illness or injury.
  • Boston Terriers bark to get your attention, depending on the situation. Ignoring your Boston Terrier when he barks is a good way to get his barking to taper off. For example, you can do that by denying him the treat he is barking for.
  • Teach him a command to be quiet. You can use the word “hush” every time your Boston Terrier barks and then reward him with treats and praise every time he does. Remember that positive reinforcement is a method that makes canines associate a certain action with a happy moment (eating treats).

Recommendations to Prevent Your Boston Terrier from Barking a Lot

  • Be sure to train your Boston Terrier when he is a puppy.
  • Always use treats to reward your canine whenever he stops barking.
  • Never use punishment to discipline your Boston Terrier, as it will have the opposite result.
  • Be consistent and patient throughout the process.