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Do Boston Terriers Attach to One Person?

Most dogs tend to be affectionate and friendly with their loved ones, including their owners and their human family members. However, there are certain breeds that tend to become much more attached to a particular person in the family. That is the case with the Boston Terriers.

Boston Terriers are characterized by being affectionate with all human family members. They love spending time with them and receiving a lot of attention. Despite this beautiful personality, Boston Terriers can be stubborn at times, but that problem can be fixed with good training.

Do Boston Terriers Attach to One Person

This breed of dog is characterized by choosing a person from the family and forming strong bonds with him. This situation can be quite sad for the rest of the family members because although the dog will be affectionate with them, it will prefer to spend more time with the person it has chosen. In most cases, that person is its owner.

Why Do Boston Terriers Become Attached to a Particular Person?

Boston Terriers are very affectionate with all members of their human family, but they tend to form strong bonds with one person in particular, who is the one who usually feeds them and spends much of their time with them.

There are several reasons why a Boston Terrier tends to become so attached to a person:

Boston Terriers Feel the Unconditional Love of That Person

Boston Terriers are dogs that don’t trust just anyone. They must meet him first, live with him and receive constant attention. 

Suppose there are several family members in a home. In that case, it is likely that a Boston Terrier has several favourite people but will always become much more attached to the one who takes care of it, whether it is feeding it, giving it love, exercising it, etc.

The amount of time that person spends with the Boston Terrier will greatly influence the bond the two will form.

Boston Terriers Have a Personality Compatible with That Person

Many people tend to spend time with others who have similar personalities and the same tastes. The same goes for dogs like Boston Terriers. 

These canines will want to spend more time with family members who have similar personalities. Generally, this usually occurs between a Boston Terrier and its owner.

An energetic Boston Terrier will not want to spend a lot of time with a sedentary person. For that reason, it is more likely to choose the most active and energetic member as its favourite person. The same goes for calm and lazy canines.

Boston Terriers Associate That Person with Something Positive

Dogs are able to associate certain situations with positive things. In this case, Boston Terriers will always try to be close to the person who gives them treats, toys, food, and exercise.

Boston Terriers Spend a Lot of Time with That Person

Not all owners are willing to spend much of the day with their pets because they have to work or do something else. However, a person who spends a lot of time with a Boston Terrier, either exercising it, training it, or sleeping with it on the bed or sofa, will be its favourite individual.

Any interaction between you and your Boston Terrier will help you form stronger bonds.

How to Get My Boston Terrier Attached to All Members of the Family?

Many people might feel jealous that a Boston Terrier is more attached to a certain member of the family than to them. We have already explained the main reasons why this can happen. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways for a Boston Terrier to bond with all members of the family.

Some tips you can keep in mind to achieve this are the following:

  • You must divide the responsibility of caring for the Boston Terrier. Instead of taking care of it yourself all the time, let other family members do it too. You can take turns feeding, exercising, training, or petting the Boston Terrier.
  • All family members should take actions that allow the Boston Terrier to create positive associations. For example, each person should play with the dog from time to time and give it toys and treats as well. That way, the Boston Terrier will always want to spend time with them again.
  • Although it is recommended that only one person train the Boston Terrier to make the process more efficient, that does not mean that everyone cannot do it. You just have to keep in mind that each member must follow the same steps to train the Boston Terrier.
  • Every member of the family should do fun activities with the Boston Terrier. These dogs are playful and will feel happy playing or having fun with their loved ones.