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Can Boston Terriers Be Left Home Alone?

Having a pet carries a great responsibility. It is essential that as owners of a dog, we take the necessary measures to take care of it properly and give it a good lifestyle. Remember that these animals are like babies, so they must receive attention and be treated correctly.

Most dog breeds tend to suffer from separation anxiety, and the Boston Terrier is no exception. These canines often feel sad and worried when they have been left home alone for a long time because they think they have been abandoned.

Can Boston Terriers Be Left Home Alone

Boston Terriers are animals that are designed to be with their owners and members of their human family at all times. It is true that some can be more independent and bear being alone for a little longer, but that will not happen in all cases.

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a disorder that usually occurs not only in children but also in animals of this type. It consists of a state of anxiety that is generated by loneliness. When a Boston Terrier is left alone at home, it will be sad as it needs the presence of its loved ones. Generally, people work full time and must be away from home for many hours.

Whether it’s a Boston Terrier or any other breed, none of them can handle being alone for 8 hours or more, especially if they are puppies.

How Long Can My Boston Terrier Stay Home Alone?

As we have said, it is normal for dog owners to have a job that makes them be away from home for long periods. There are certain breeds of dogs that cannot be left alone for more than 2 or 3 hours.

However, a Boston Terrier can handle being alone between 4 and 6 hours a day, and this is due to its independent personality in some instances. Although they need a lot of attention, they can also have mood swings that make them a little more distant.

If you train a Boston Terrier, it might stay home alone for 8-12 hours a day. Even so, it is always advisable to return home before this period of time has elapsed since not all Boston Terriers are the same.

In the case of a Boston Terrier puppy, it is not recommended to leave it alone for more than 4 hours.

Negative Aspects of Leaving a Boston Terrier Home Alone

Separation anxiety often causes certain types of inappropriate behaviour in dogs. Some of them are:

Boston Terriers Will Relieve Themselves Anywhere

These dogs need to urinate and defecate at specific times during the day. Generally, these canines cannot go out to the garden or backyard when you are not home since the door is closed. If they are not trained, they will urinate and defecate all over the house.

Boston Terriers Will Develop Destructive Behaviours

This is a common consequence of separation anxiety. When Boston Terriers feel lonely, they start displaying a number of inappropriate behaviours, including barking, digging, chewing on things, scratching, etc. That is mainly because they try to release all the energy stored in the absence of physical activity.

Boston Terriers Will Produce Loud Noises

Boston Terriers tend to bark loudly but only in specific situations. One of them is separation anxiety. This state of anxiety causes these dogs to start barking loudly to get attention. In addition to barking, they can produce other types of irritating noises such as snoring, howling, etc.

How to Help Prevent Separation Anxiety in Boston Terriers?

Before knowing some preventive measures to help our Boston Terrier avoid separation anxiety, it is necessary to understand what a dog of this type does when left alone:

  • Most breeds of dogs tend to sleep when they are alone since many of them need a specific number of hours a day to rest completely.
  • Boston Terriers love to eat whether there is someone in the house or not.
  • This breed is very playful and will try to play with its favourite toys while you are away, as it gets bored easily.
  • Boston Terriers will be alert to any noise or intruder. Although they are not dogs that will face a threat, they will bark to alert someone.
  • If the dog is very bored, it will explore all accessible places in the house.

Now that we know what a Boston Terrier can do in our absence, it is important that you follow the following tips to avoid or reduce its separation anxiety:

Train your Boston Terrier

One of the ways to make our Boston Terrier stay home alone for longer is by training it. An effective method is to leave it alone in a room for a few minutes.

You must ignore it for that time before re-entering the room. You must repeat the process for several days, extending the time so that it becomes a little more independent and knows that you will always come back.

Leave Its Favourite Toys and Treats

Boston Terriers can entertain themselves for several minutes with their toys. These dogs tend to get bored easily, so they will look for something to amuse themselves with.

Toys and treats are excellent options for these cases. In fact, you can use toys in which you can store treats. That way, they could spend hours chewing on that toy.

Exercise Your Boston Terrier before Leaving Home

One of the most effective ways to prevent our Boston Terrier from developing destructive behaviour is by tiring it out. We will only achieve that by exercising it before leaving home. You can provide it with various physical exercises so that it is tired enough to sleep all day. Walks to the park are an excellent option.

In addition to physical exercise, it is also advisable to stimulate Boston Terriers mentally through games or training.

Turn on the Radio or TV

Turning on the TV or radio at a moderate volume will make your Boston Terrier feel safer in your absence since it will think that it is not alone.