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Are Boston Terriers Good Off-Leash?

The safety of our dogs should be our priority as pet owners. Dogs are like children and sometimes act on their instincts without knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Boston Terriers love walks in the park. They love to breathe the fresh air and hang out with their owners while seeing new people and pets. However, there is always the danger that your dog will run away if not on a leash.

Are Boston Terriers Good Off-Leash

Like many breeds of dogs, the Boston Terrier tends to be easily distracted, which is why it can be dangerous to walk with it without a leash. However, they can be trained both to be walked on and off-leash.

Can My Boston Terrier Be Off-Leash?

Yes! You must train your Boston Terrier so that it can be off-leash and out of harm’s way. Even so, it is important that when walking your pet, you do not allow it to be near an unfenced area since it could easily be distracted and run. This situation could put it in danger, especially if it is near a busy street.

It is also essential that you provide recall training to your Boston Terrier before taking it out for a walk without a leash. That is to bring your canine back if it has moved several meters away from you.

Also, make sure to provide socialisation training to prevent it from behaving aggressively towards other dogs or strangers it sees in the park. Your Boston Terrier might run away from you while trying to chase them.

Can My Boston Terrier Be on a Leash?

You might think that the biggest problem is walking your Boston Terrier off-leash. But really, these canines can present a challenge even on a leash as they are athletic dogs that have enough strength to pull on the leash and run.

You must train it properly so that it learns to be on a leash but make sure to do it in a fenced place in your house.

Before starting the process, it is essential that you buy a suitable harness that does not cause problems in the eyes of these dogs. That’s because Boston Terriers have bulging eyes that can easily become prone to certain eye problems, especially if they wear a harness that puts pressure on that area.

Mesh and leather harnesses are the most recommended for their comfort and durability, respectively.

How to Train a Boston Terrier to Be Off-Leash?

It is common for owners of Boston Terriers to want to walk their pets off-leash. However, to avoid any danger and incident, it is essential to train them. The following steps will help you with this situation:

  • The first and most important step is choosing the right place to train your Boston Terrier. This location must be very spacious and free of distractions so that the canine can focus 100%. If your backyard is big enough, then you can train it there; otherwise, look for another place near your home with these characteristics.
  • It is vital that your Boston Terrier has received recall training as this will allow you to always keep it close to you even if it tries to get away. This training requires a lot of patience and time since we must get our Boston Terrier to come to us when we call it, no matter what it is doing.
  • Always use treats and praise to reward your Boston Terrier every time it obeys you. You can also use this method to teach your pet the value of staying close to you at all times while you are out walking. If your Boston Terrier strays too far from you, it will easily come back to you as it will remember that you have treats in your pocket.
  • Teach it some essential commands that will allow you to keep it under control when it gets distracted or tries to walk away. Some common commands are “Look”, “Stay”, “Leave It”, “Drop It”, “Go” (to a specific place), etc.
  • As your Boston Terrier becomes better adapted to commands and training in general, you can increase the difficulty by adding distractions throughout the area. That way, when you walk your dog, it will always stay with you regardless of all the cars, people, or animals it sees.
  • When your Boston Terrier is ready, don’t immediately take it for an off-leash walk. You must first take it to an open and safe area to make sure that it knows how to be off-leash and obeys you in absolutely everything.

Why Should I Teach My Boston Terrier to Be Off-Leash?

  • Our Boston Terrier will feel happier during walks since it will move freely and will be able to explore with you without having a leash tied around its neck.
  • It will be able to interact with other canines more naturally. That will be very beneficial for your Boston Terrier as long as you have provided socialisation training.
  • If your pet is well trained to be off-leash, walks will also be very relaxing for you.