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Are Boston Terriers Easy to Train?

All breeds of dogs should receive different types of training. Socialisation, obedience, and potty training are some of them.

When a person with little experience taking care of pets wants to acquire a dog, the first concern that arises has to do with the training. Training a canine can be difficult for some first-time owners.

Are Boston Terriers Easy to Train

Boston Terriers are very friendly and affectionate dogs with their human family members. They are loyal animals that will form strong bonds with their loved ones. This breed is highly intelligent and is generally easy to train.

Why Can We Say That Boston Terriers are Easy to Train?

Boston Terriers are easy to train as they love to be mentally stimulated and please their loved ones. These two factors combined mean that these canines do not represent a challenge when it comes to training them.

In addition, Boston Terriers are highly intelligent dogs that rank in the top 100 most intelligent dog breeds when it comes to obedience and working IQ. You might think that they are not so smart being in that position, but they really are excellent at adapting to certain circumstances and environments.

It is true that being in position 100 and being a stubborn dog could make it somewhat difficult to teach any commands or skills. However, its desire to please its owners will counteract that “difficulty.”

Are Boston Terriers Easy to House Train?

Many people think that Boston Terriers are difficult to house train. Although it is true that these dogs are stubborn on certain occasions, it is also true that they love to please their owners, so it is likely that they will respond positively to a training of this type. However, keep in mind that you must train your pet from an early age for the process to be effective.

How to Train Your Boston Terrier?

All dog breeds should receive certain types of training:

Boston Terrier Potty Training

The Boston Terriers are easy to potty train. Young Boston Terriers can hold their bladders for over an hour. However, a puppy’s diet and health will influence how often it needs to go to the bathroom.

How often a Boston Terrier needs to go to the bathroom will depend on its age:

  • A Boston Terrier of 8-10 weeks of age will need between 30 and 60 minutes before relieving itself again.
  • A Boston Terrier of 2-3 months of age will need 2 hours before relieving itself again.
  • A Boston Terrier of 4 months of age will need 4 hours before relieving itself again.
  • A Boston Terrier of 18 months of age will need 6 hours before relieving itself again.
  • An adult Boston Terrier will need between 7 and 8 hours before relieving itself again.

The following tips will help you potty train your Boston Terrier:

  • Allow your Boston Terrier to go to the backyard or garden every day to urinate and defecate.
  • Make sure you always take it to the same place and time each day.
  • The best times of day for your dog to relieve itself are in the morning after waking up, after each meal, and at night before going to sleep.
  • Reward your Boston Terrier with treats every time it urinates or defecates in the right place.

Boston Terrier Obedience Training

This type of training is essential for any dog ​​to behave properly. It is vital to teach it some commands like:

  • Come
  • Stay
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Leave it

You must teach these commands to your Boston Terrier when it is a puppy since, that way, its learning process will be faster. Make sure to use treats as a reward each time your pet responds positively to a command.

In fact, you can use a clicker, a device that emits a sound that tells the canine that it has done something right.

You should get your Boston Terrier familiar with the sound of the clicker before you start training it. Every time your pet obeys your command, click the clicker and immediately give it a treat.

Boston Terrier Socialisation Training

All breeds of dogs should receive this type of training as it will allow them to get along not only with strangers but also with other animals. It is also easy to teach a Boston Terrier to socialise, as it is a friendly and affectionate dog with people.

Boston Terriers are generally more attached to people who give them attention. That means that they could be more distant from those who do not feed or provide them with love.

If you socialise them from an early age, they will learn to get along with every member of their human family, children, the elderly, strangers, and other animals.

You should always reward it with treats and praise whenever it exhibits good behaviour when interacting with other people and animals.