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10 Facts You Need to Know About Boston Terrier Dogs

The most beautiful thing among all dog breeds is that although they all have similar characteristics, they will always have certain distinctive features. Each type of dog is surrounded by curious facts that are interesting for the owners of these animals.

You can find dogs larger than others or more active than others. Some will be very affectionate and friendly, while others can be stubborn and aloof. The varieties will exceed your imagination. Unfortunately, we can’t talk about all dog breeds in this article. Today, we will focus on the Boston Terrier.

10 Facts You Need to Know About Boston Terrier Dogs

There are many interesting facts about this breed that you will like to know if you own one:

1. The Boston Terrier was Named as Massachusetts State Dog

This breed was created in Massachusetts, United States. It was officially recognized by the state on May 14, 1979, and was named as the dog of this state by Gregory W. Sullivan due to all the love and affection that this breed earned among the people of Massachusetts.

2. The Boston Terrier was Known By Other Names

“Boston Terrier” has not been the name of this dog since its inception. In 1889, a group of people created the American Bull Terrier Club in honour of all round-headed dogs, which they called “Bull Terriers.” Obviously, this created a conflict since there was a different breed of dog, also called “Bull Terrier,” which was characterized by having a longer face.

Many other people have known this breed as “The American Gentleman.” These canines received this nickname because of how polite and friendly they have always been. Other people prefer to call this animal “Boston Bull Terrier.”

Beginning in 1891, the club became known as the Boston Terrier Club of America, and the name of the breed was changed to the “Boston Terrier” as we know it today.

3. This Dog Makes Irritating Noises

Boston Terriers are dogs that tend to bark a lot in certain situations. That is, these canines will bark when they suffer from separation anxiety or want to protect their family members by alerting them to possible danger or threats. Many times, they bark when they are happy and having fun with their loved ones.

Aside from barking, the Boston Terrier makes other sounds that can be irritating such as growling, panting, and snoring. The latter is usually one of the most problematic since many people do not tolerate these sounds, especially when trying to sleep.

4. Boston Terriers Tends to Smell Bad

This is one of the most curious facts about this breed of dog. Boston Terriers are unlucky enough to smell bad compared to other dogs. That does not mean that they always have a stinky smell. They are simply more prone to it.

The bad smell of a Boston Terrier comes from different sources. For example, the smell of rotten fish is due to problems in the anal glands of this canine. Other stinky odours are due to yeast infections, flatulence, etc.

5. The Boston Terrier is a Brachycephalic Dog

This is possibly the most distinctive feature of this breed of dog. Boston Terriers are brachycephalic dogs as their face shape is flat and short, and their nose is small. These physical traits cause many problems, but the shortness of breath is most common.

Also, the brachycephalic nature of these dogs is the main reason why they tend to fart.

6. Several Famous People Have Acquired It

Throughout history, many famous people have owned different breeds of dogs. The Boston Terrier is no exception.

  • Louis Armstrong, who was an American trumpeter and vocalist, had a Boston Terrier named “General.”
  • Alison Sweeney, an American actress, rescued a Boston Terrier and called it “Winky.”
  • Rose McGowan, an American actress, has had 3 Boston Terriers.

7. This was the First Breed Created in the United States

The Boston Terrier is recognized as the first official breed created in the United States. As we have mentioned above, these canines originated in Boston, Massachusetts.

This dog was born from the cross between two breeds that were not Boston Terriers in their entirety but were related. The names of these dogs were “Judge” and “Gyp.”

In 1891, the breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.

8. The Boston Terrier is the Ideal Companion

Boston Terriers are very affectionate and friendly dogs with people, especially their owners and members of their human families. They are excellent companion animals as they always want to spend time with their loved ones and please them.

This breed is considered one of the best options as a therapy dog. This canine can help people overcome their anxiety and depression problems as long as it has been properly trained.

9. This Dog Loves Fun

The Boston Terrier is one of the most playful dog breeds you can find. They love spending time with children and playing with them all the time. They tend to get bored quickly, so they should always be entertained.

These dogs love to spend hours playing with their toys or whatever else they find around the house. If these canines do not receive enough entertainment and fun during the day, they could develop inappropriate behaviours.

10. It is Easy to Care for and Train

Boston Terriers are not the neediest dogs, so it will be easy to take care of them. The main reason for this is that they have a short coat that doesn’t need much maintenance, so you won’t need to brush it as often as other dog breeds.

Also, its exercise needs are minimal, so you won’t have to spend hours providing it with physical activities. In fact, a short walk in the park will be enough to satisfy this canine.

It should be noted that they are intelligent dogs that will be easy to train even though they can be stubborn at times. That is due to their strong desire to please their owners.