Can I Leave My Borzoi Home Alone?

There are a wide variety of pets that can be excellent companions. In most homes, we can find a diversity of pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, snakes, etc. However, the most common and popular are canines due to their owners’ love and loyalty. 

Dogs are amazing animals that we can spend a lot of time playing, having fun, and exercising with. In fact, these pets are proven to provide many physical and emotional benefits to their owners. However, when it comes to purchasing one, we cannot simply choose just any breed. One of the best-known breeds in Russia is the Borzoi. 

Many dog breeds have distinctive characteristics that allow them to be differentiated from each other.

For example, some have a particular physical appearance, while others are distinguished mainly by their temperament, personality, behavior, or abilities. In this case, we will focus on the personality of the Borzois and the possibility that they can stay home alone

The Borzoi is a popular breed with incredible and unique characteristics that we can find in Russia.

This animal is large and has a unique and elegant morphology, but one of its most distinctive characteristics is its strong tendency to react quickly and carelessly to certain situations. That is mainly due to the hunting instinct it has developed since its origin. 

Borzois are canines that form close bonds with their owners and members of their human family, but they tend to be more suspicious and reserved with children, strangers, and other animals. As a result, they can be challenging to care for, especially for first-time owners. 

Separation Anxiety in Borzois 

We have first to know the meaning of this term. Separation anxiety is a behavioral problem suffered by some dogs’ breeds when they are left alone at home or separated from their owners for long periods. In fact, some canines become anxious simply by losing eye contact with their loved ones.  

We have to take into account that most breeds of dogs suffer from this condition since these animals are not designed to be alone. We must remember that dogs have feelings just like human beings. 

It is vital that we know a little about some of the causes that generate separation anxiety in dogs. Some of them have to do with when the canine is left alone at home (or anywhere else) for several hours.

Traumatic situations and experiences can also generate a state of anxiety in Borzois. Another common cause is the change in family routine which often affects the emotional state of these canines. 

Can a Borzoi Really Be Left Home Alone? 

As we have said before, Borzois are distant dogs with strangers and other animals. However, they love spending time with their owners and the closest members of their human family. For that reason, it is not advisable to leave these dogs home alone for long periods. 

The amount of time a Borzoi can be home alone will depend on its age and training. An adult of this breed can stay only between 4 and 6 hours a day. In the case of Borzoi puppies, they can only be alone for more than 2 hours a day.

It is important to note that depending on the training you have given your pet, it will be able to stay home all day while you work full time. However, that will depend on the personality of each Borzoi since not all are the same.  

If you live with several members of your family, you can leave your canine with one of them while you go to work. In the same way, you can ask a neighbor to help you take care of your Borzoi while you are away, although this option is not recommended if you work every day. 

It is important to note that this breed of dog is very active and energetic, so it needs to do many exercises every day. These canines need 2 exercise sessions a day, each lasting 1 or 2 hours. That is good for them as it keeps them healthy, and they spend quality time with their human family. That will allow your pet to stay home for more hours. 

Consequences of Leaving Your Borzoi Alone for Many Hours 

When a dog of this type is left alone and away from its loved ones for a long time, it is normal for them to develop inappropriate behaviors: 

Borzoi Destructive Behavior 

Generally, this behavior occurs in dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. As noted above, Borzois suffer from this disorder, so they can feel sad or angry when left home alone for several hours. 

We have to bear in mind that these dogs tend to get bored easily since they are known to be energetic and require a lot of exercises daily. We have to remember that this breed has impetuous reactions to certain situations.

If you do not provide Borzois entertainment through training, walks, games, etc., it will show destructive behavior by biting and breaking various things in your home. 

Borzoi Annoying Sounds 

Each pet of this type has its own personality. Some may be calmer while others not so much. Regardless of the case, if you leave your Borzoi alone at home for many hours, it is likely to start barking loudly. This situation will annoy or irritate your neighbors, and that could be a big problem. 

Barking is the most common irritating sound that Borzois and most breeds of dogs make. However, these canines could also generate sounds through howling or growling. 

Borzoi Urine and Feces Accidents 

Like humans, animals also need to relieve themselves. Unfortunately, when you are not at home, they cannot go out on their own to urinate or defecate.

That is a problem since if your Borzoi has been holding the urge to relieve itself for several hours, that feeling will intensify, and it will be more impatient. In the end, the canine will end up expelling everything inside the house. 

Erratic Behavior When Borzoi Sees You 

After so many hours of waiting, your Borzoi could feel very excited to see you, leading it to show erratic behavior. Your pet may start to jump on you looking for affection, which could be a bit annoying for you. 

It should be noted that this will depend on the specific personality of each Borzoi since some may not have the same level of happiness when they see their owners again. 

How to Keep a Borzoi Dog Entertained When It is Alone? 

As we’ve already said, Borzois, like many other dog breeds, tend to get bored easily. If that happens, it is normal for them to start feeling anxious and develop destructive behaviors. 

We must avoid such situations by providing certain things to keep it entertained and happy. Exercise and a good diet are two fundamental aspects that will keep these canines healthy and busy. That is important, especially since these canines love to exercise. 

If you are going out to go to work or study, you must distribute your pet’s favorite treats throughout the house. That will allow it to get excited every time it finds one, keeping it entertained. You can do the same with your favorite toys. 

Another thing you could do is leave a slight background noise. You can do this by turning on the radio or television. That will make your Borzoi feel that it is not alone. 

Training Process to Reduce Separation Anxiety 

These types of training will help reduce the separation anxiety that your dog presents. 

If we want to help our dog in this aspect, we can do it through two types of training: 

  • Obedience training. 
  • Crate training. 

Borzoi Obedience Training  

Teaching your dog the basic commands will allow it to build good habits progressively. That means that it will be difficult to engage in unwanted behaviors outside the range of what you have taught it. 

Teach it to sit, stay, or lie down somewhere in the house while you are not with it. You have to teach your dog to be respectful and polite to you, the members of its human family, and even the guests who come to your house.  

Borzoi Crate Training  

The training consists of accustoming your Borzoi, while it still is a puppy, to stay inside the crate for short periods and, little by little, increase that time. Place inside the crate things that make your canine happy such as its favorite toy, a bed or blanket, treats, etc. 

Let your canine eats inside the crate. In that way, it will associate it with a pleasant moment and always want to return there. Make sure always to keep the crate door open, so your dog doesn’t lose confidence. 

If your dog has already gotten used to eating inside the crate, you can close the door. Every time it finishes eating, open the door, so your pet can come out with complete confidence. That will allow it to enter without fear the next time. 

Progressively increase the time your pet stays inside the crate. That will allow your Borzoi to be protected and confident in the moments when you are not at home.