Can I Leave My Borzoi Home Alone?

Can I Leave My Borzoi Home Alone

There is nothing more wonderful in life than having a pet for many people. Animals are extraordinary living beings that can make us smile and be happy at all times.

Obviously, this is something that we must also provide to our pets since you have to remember that they also have feelings.

Dogs are the most predominant pets in most homes above cats, rodents, birds, etc. These animals are mainly characterized by having a temperament and personality similar to that of human beings. Just like children, puppies can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for too long.

Dogs can experience a lot of stress, fear, and worry when they feel abandoned. This situation is normal in most households since many people tend to work full time.

Although there are homes where several people live who can take care of the pet, there are other people who live alone and have no choice but to leave their dog home alone.

The Borzoi is a breed of dog of the sighthound type characterized by its distinctive morphology and quick reaction capacity in certain circumstances.

Despite being dogs with a strong hunting instinct, they love to get along with their loved ones. Borzois form strong bonds with them and may become more attached than others, depending on the lifestyle they receive.

Because of that, Borzois can feel sad when their owners have left the house to work or go somewhere else. This situation can lead them to develop separation anxiety, which is a disorder that generally occurs in children and animals such as dogs when they feel abandoned by being left alone for many hours.

How Long Is It Advisable to Leave My Borzoi Alone?

The Borzoi is a breed of dog that is not so dependent on loved ones. They prefer to spend time alone or with their loved ones as they are very suspicious of strangers.

Although they are canines that can be more independent than other breeds, they still need to receive enough attention from their owners. They cannot be left alone for many hours; otherwise, they will develop destructive behaviours caused by separation anxiety.

As you know, not all dogs can be quietly alone for the same number of hours. Depending on the personality of each one, some may stay home longer than others.

There are breeds that can only stay alone for 4 hours or less, but some dogs, like the Borzoi, are capable of resisting the absence of their owners between 4 and 6 hours without being trained.

That means that if you train your Borzoi to be more independent, it is possible that it can stay home alone for more than 8 hours without any problem. Keep in mind that puppies have more sensitive personalities, so they should not be left alone for more than 2 hours.

As we can see, Borzois have no problem being alone for a few hours more than other breeds. Even so, proper training is important, and you must take into account some tips that will help you in these situations.

For example, Borzois need a lot of daily exercise, so if you don’t provide them with an exercise routine before leaving the house, they will develop behaviours that will be difficult for even the most experienced dog owners to manage.

What Aspects Should We Take into Account When Leaving a Borzoi Alone?

It is not so simple to leave a Borzois home alone. Many people think that just because they are independent dogs, it means that there will be no problem leaving them alone all day.

The first aspect that we must consider is the age of our Borzoi. A dog’s age can determine the number of hours it can be left alone. Puppies of this breed cannot be alone for more than 2 hours, while untrained adults are only capable of staying home without the company of their owners for 4-6 hours a day.

If we train our Borzoi, we can extend the amount of time it can stay alone up to 8 hours or more. However, keep in mind that this is not a 100% sure thing as not all Borzois are the same.

Another important aspect that you should not ignore is the number of times your Borzoi needs to go to the bathroom. Under normal conditions, your dog will urinate and defecate in a spot in your garden or backyard if you’ve provided the proper training.

However, when it is home alone, it cannot walk out the door to one of these places, so it will not be able to resist its urge to urinate and defecate throughout the day and will end up relieving itself anywhere in the house.

Without a doubt, this is something that you must take into account, and therefore, you must teach your pet to relieve itself in a specific place inside the house while you are not there. It is preferable to find faeces and urine in this place than on your carpets or sofa.

Food and exercise routine is something that you should not overlook. Borzois, like other dogs, love to eat, and if they don’t get food during the 8 hours you’re working, they could go crazy. The same will happen if they do not receive enough physical and mental stimulation.

These dogs get bored quickly and will need to release their energy in some way. Because you are not home to provide exercise, they will have no choice but to release their energy through barking, chewing on furniture, running around, etc.

If you have another pet at home, especially if it is smaller than your Borzoi, never leave them alone without having socialised them for the necessary time. Otherwise, an unpleasant incident could occur.

Frequent Behaviours in Borzois When They Are Alone

When a Borzoi is left home alone, it will develop several unwanted behaviours caused by separation anxiety and its needs:

  • It will bite and chew on all objects, clothing, and furniture within its reach.
  • It will attempt to run away from home to find a place to meet its exercise needs.
  • It will produce nuisance sounds, including barking, howling, growling, etc.
  • It will run uncontrollably throughout the house.
  • It will urinate and defecate anywhere in the house.

What Can We Do to Reduce the Anxiety of Our Borzoi?

Regardless of how trained a Borzoi is, it may still suffer from separation anxiety. We can do certain things that will make our pet calm while it is alone at home.

Prepare a Comfortable Space for Your Borzoi in the House

A Borzoi will feel more comfortable being alone in a pleasant space with its favourite things. 

For example, you can leave its favourite toys so that it doesn’t get bored at any time. In fact, you can use toys that contain treats so that it won’t be hungry. In the same way, it is not enough to place treats in its toys, so you must bring its bowl with food and place its water bowl to one side.

Provide Enough Exercise to Tire Your Dog

Borzois are active and energetic dogs that will develop destructive behaviours if they don’t get enough daily exercise.

Suppose you allow your dog to accumulate a lot of energy in its body. In that case, it will try to release it through inappropriate actions such as chewing on furniture, running, jumping, trying to run away, barking, etc.

To avoid this, you should tire your Borzoi out by exercising it 1-2 hours before you leave the house. In this way, it will be tired and prefer to rest all afternoon in its resting space.

Keep the TV or Radio on

An excellent way to make your Borzoi not feel alone is by turning on the TV or radio so that it can hear the voices of characters from movies and series or of radio show hosts. That will make your Borzoi think that there is someone in the house and that it is not alone.

What Should We Do When We Return Home?

After several hours away from home, our Borzoi may be sensitive since it has not received attention and love from its owner. For that reason, as soon as you get home, be sure to play with your dog, take it for a walk, sit on the furniture with it, feed it, exercise it, etc.

How to Train Your Borzoi?

Training this dog is essential so that it learns to stay home alone for several hours. You can follow the following steps:

  • Get dressed, take the keys, and head towards the door.
  • Ignore it if you notice it gets nervous.
  • Go out the door and spend a few minutes outside (do this every day, increasing the time)
  • You should go back inside the house and try not to greet it so cheerfully. The reason for this is to let your Borzoi know that this is a normal situation that should occur every day. Obviously, after a few minutes, you must give it attention and affection.

As you practice this with your dog every day, it will understand that you will always come home no matter how many times you walk out the door.