In-Depth Books

List of in-depth Books to help you choose the right Breed for you.

Choosing The Perfect Dog Breed

Find the perfect dog breed for you, no matter what values you are looking for in a dog. 

Choosing a dog for you and your family is never easy. You may find yourself wanting to pick the first cute dog you come across, only to find out it is a dog that doesn’t suit your lifestyle at all. 

This book provides checklists, tables, and details to consider before buying a dog, so you go in prepared with breeds that suit your needs. 

The Complete Vizsla Dog Handbook

It’s Been a wonderful 7 years with my Vizsla “Max” I have learned so many things about this wonderful breed of dogs.

During all that I have tried to search the internet for guides and information about living with a Vizsla, I didn’t find a valuable source.

So I decided to write my own to help people out there with a Vizsla avoid some of the mistakes that I did and better enjoy the ride with this great companion.