Can I Leave My Bloodhound Home Alone? 

Can I Leave My Bloodhound Home Alone

Having a pet at home and taking care of it properly is not an easy task, and it is something that irresponsible owners do not understand. Caring for a dog not only involves feeding, bathing, exercising, or vaccinating it, but it is also essential to provide it with your company for much of the day.

It is useless to do all the things that we have mentioned above if you then leave your dog for more than 8 hours alone at home. Obviously, that will cause it a lot of stress, fear, and worry, which will negatively affect its emotions.

Many owners don’t mind leaving their pets home alone while they go to work all day. Working is important but taking care of our dog is also important, so there are certain options that we can use to make it feel comfortable while we are not at home.

In this way, the pet will not suffer from separation anxiety, which is usually a common disorder in these animals.

All breeds of dogs are different, and while some can handle being alone for more hours than others, none of them should experience this situation for more than 8-10 hours.

The Bloodhound is an animal that is characterized by its large size and muscular body. In fact, it is considered one of the most powerful hounds on the planet. Despite the large size of this breed, it is known for its calm and pleasant personality.

Many people think that the aggressiveness of a dog is related to its size, but this is not the case. The great size of the Bloodhounds will not prevent them from having emotions and feeling sad when they are left alone at home. That’s because they suffer from separation anxiety, just like many other dog breeds.

Is It Good to Leave My Bloodhound Alone for Many Hours?

No! That’s because Bloodhounds also suffer from separation anxiety. This situation can lead them to develop inappropriate behaviours that could be catastrophic due to their size.

Generally, all breeds of dogs develop behaviours such as biting furniture, barking, urinating and defecating everywhere, hitting or scratching doors, etc. However, these situations are worse in Bloodhounds as they are powerful dogs with a lot of energy.

Bloodhounds are animals with high exercise needs that love to move much of the day and play. They get bored easily, which is something that can also lead them to show wrong behaviours.

For this reason, we should think twice before acquiring a dog of this breed if we are people who work every day for many hours and do not live with someone else who can take care of it.

According to several studies, dogs of this breed, like many others, can stay home alone for up to 4 hours a day, but if they are properly trained, that time could increase to 6-8 hours. Everything will depend on the personality and lifestyle that you are providing to your Bloodhound.

The training that you must provide to these dogs aims to create more independence in them. Apart from that, you should take preventive measures to make your Bloodhound feel more comfortable in your absence, such as exercising and feeding it before leaving the house and, if possible, asking someone to visit it at a specific time to check that everything is okay.

What Can I Do If I Travel to Another City for Several Days?

In these cases, the situation can be complicated for you. Bloodhounds are not easy dogs to take on a trip, especially because of their enormous size. However, we cannot leave them alone, especially if we will be out of town for several days.

If you have a large vehicle, then you may be able to take your Bloodhound with you. However, keep in mind that not everyone has a spacious car, so these people will have to take certain measures.

You have to plan everything in advance before you travel. The first thing you should do is find someone who can take care of your Bloodhound during your days out of town. You can ask a member of your family or your neighbour for this favour. That person should feed and exercise it in your absence.

If you do not find the ideal person, you can take your pet to a dog daycare.

Be sure to provide that person with all of your Bloodhound’s food, exercise routine, and bathroom schedules.

What Behaviours Will My Bloodhound Display When Suffering from Separation Anxiety?

It is normal for a dog to develop destructive behaviours when it is left alone for a long time, and this is due to several things.

When a Bloodhound suffers from separation anxiety, it will enter a state of worry and nervousness that will cause it to act inappropriately and very differently from how it usually behaves.

For example, keep in mind that Bloodhounds are extremely active dogs that require a lot of daily exercise.

They tend to get bored easily, so if they don’t get the amount of exercise they require to meet their needs, they will start behaving inappropriately as a form of tantrum to demand you exercise them. In fact, they might try to run away from home to find a way to meet their exercise needs.

In fact, they could try to release their energy inside the house by running wildly, biting all the objects and furniture that come their way, barking loudly and excessively, etc.

The barks of these dogs are usually extremely loud, and this is normal due to their large size. We must avoid this type of situation, especially if we have neighbours.

Another common behavioural problem when a dog of this type is left alone in the house has to do with urinating and defecating anywhere. Dogs are usually potty trained outdoors. 

However, when we leave the house, it is normal to leave our Bloodhound locked inside because it could run away if we leave it in the garden or backyard.

If you haven’t trained your Bloodhound to urinate or defecate in a specific place inside the house, it will have no choice but to relieve itself in the first place it finds. Your carpets and furniture could be in danger.

Tips for Your Bloodhound to Stay Calm at Home

  • Due to a Bloodhound’s high exercise needs, you should always exercise it 1-2 hours before leaving the house.
  • These dogs get bored quickly, so they also need to be mentally stimulated. Before leaving home and after returning, play with your pet as this will make it happy. You can also leave it its favourite toys so that it has something to entertain itself with while you are away.
  • These dogs love to eat, so you must make sure that their stomach is not empty while you are working. In those cases, you should feed it an hour before leaving home. However, you can also leave food inside a Kong toy.
  • Train it to go to the bathroom inside the house. Find a suitable place away from where you and your family members usually spend time. It would be ideal if you had a garage since your dog can urinate and defecate there, and you will not have to worry about the smell stinking up the house.
  • Bloodhounds can feel calm if they hear someone’s voice. You can leave the radio or TV on while you’re away. That way, your dog will think that there is someone with it, and it will be calmer.

Basic Training to Create Independence in a Bloodhound

Bloodhounds can be left home alone for only 4 hours if they have not been properly trained. If you want your dog to be able to be alone longer, you must provide training so that it becomes more independent.

There are many methods to achieve this, but the simplest is to leave the house every day and return after a certain time.

For example, on the first day, you can go out the door and spend 5 minutes outside. On subsequent days you can increase the time by 5 minutes until your Bloodhound has got used to being alone for longer periods.

Make sure to always reward your Bloodhound with a treat every time you enter the house through the door. You can also give it a treat before you leave.