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What is the Longest Living Bernese Mountain Dog?

One of the negative aspects of Bernese Mountain dogs is their short life expectancy. Despite having many positive aspects, these canines are known to live for a shorter time than other dog breeds.

This fact is very sad since they are wonderful dogs that create strong bonds with their owners. They love their loved ones and get along even with strangers and other animals. The Bernese Mountain dogs are so affectionate that they will always be with you no matter where you go.

What is the Longest Living Bernese Mountain Dog

All dog breeds have a life expectancy that can vary depending on their species, lifestyle, etc. This factor is not essential for all canines, but Bernese Mountain dogs are the exception. Therefore, it is vital that anyone who wants to adopt a puppy of this breed investigate everything about it.

Many people, hoping their Bernese Mountain dog will live longer, wonder if there is any canine of this species that has lived much longer than average. Before knowing that fact, it is vital that you know the average number of years that a Bernese Mountain dog can live.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Bernese Mountain Dog?

According to the American Kennel Club, Bernese Mountain dogs can live between 7 and 10 years. However, the facts indicate otherwise. The average number of years this breed can live is between 6 and 8, depending on its lifestyle in general.

A Bernese Mountain dog that is not properly fed, trained, exercised, or cared for will not live the expected number of years. However, if the owners of such a canine provide it with an excellent lifestyle and take it to the vet frequently, its life can be extended.

What is the Longest Living Bernese Mountain Dog?

Now that we know the average lifespan of a Bernese Mountain dog, it’s time to talk about the longest-living dog of this type.

It is known that one of the oldest Bernese Mountain dogs lived 15 years. However, a German woman named Verena Wulf claimed that her Bernese Mountain dog lived for 25 years, which is somewhat surprising for this breed.

She said that her Bernese Mountain dog, named Penny, had its birth date 1986 tattooed on its ear. Like all older canines, it had vision and hearing problems but could still walk.

Although it is not impossible for our Bernese Mountain dog to live more than ten years of life, it is very difficult for it to reach more than 15 years. Penny was a fortunate dog ​​who was very well cared for by its owner.

Why Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Live Less?

The main reason why this breed of dog usually lives for a few years is cancer and other health problems. The Bernese Mountain dog is very prone to certain diseases that can rapidly deteriorate its health.

Many studies claim that half of the Bernese Mountain dogs that suffer from cancer do not survive. Some types of cancer that this breed can suffer from are

  • Hemangiosarcoma: It affects the blood vessels.
  • Lymphomas: It involves white blood cells.
  • Osteosarcoma: It affects the bones.
  • Mast cell tumours: They are lumps on the skin that can appear all over the body.
  • Malignant Histiocytosis: It involves the lungs, liver, spleen, central nervous system and lymph nodes.

As we have said, there are other health issues that can shorten its life. Among the most common we have hip dysplasia, heart problems, bloating, arthritis, kidney difficulties, cruciate ligament tear, etc.

How to Extend the Life of Our Bernese Mountain Dog?

The most important thing is to take your canine to the vet frequently. Periodic health checks will help you know if your Bernese Mountain dog has any problems or not. In case it has signs of an illness, the vet will be able to treat it in time.

It is also important to provide an excellent lifestyle for our pets. That includes a good diet along with an exercise routine to prevent the Bernese Mountain dog from suffering from obesity, which can be another cause of death in these animals.