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The Essentials of Bernese Mountain Puppy Training

All dogs need to be trained. When bringing a new puppy home, we must decide what type of training we will provide. We have to remember that these animals are very similar to human beings. They need a learning process either to socialise, go to the bathroom, etc.

The Bernese Mountain dog is characterized by being very intelligent. These canines always want to please their owners, so they tend to learn any command or skill quickly. Therefore, training a puppy of this type is not the most difficult thing in the world.

The Essentials of Bernese Mountain Puppy Training

There are many essential aspects that we must know when training a Bernese Mountain puppy:

Choose the Type of Training You Want to Provide Your Bernese Mountain Puppy

There are several types of training that all dogs should receive. In this case, the most important for the Bernese Mountain puppy are:

Bernese Mountain Puppy Obedience Training

Teaching a Bernese Mountain puppy to be obedient is not difficult. It is among the 27 most intelligent dogs in the world in terms of obedience. They are able to quickly learn commands to obey us. Some of the most important commands are:

  • Come
  • Wait
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Leave It
  • Take It
  • Look
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Watch Me

Bernese Mountain Puppy Socialization Training

This type of training is essential for absolutely all dog breeds. Generally, you might think that Bernese Mountain puppies do not need to be socialized as they are very affectionate and friendly with all people and animals. In fact, they are considered excellent family pets as they get along well with children and the elderly.

However, they still need socialisation training. Not all Bernese Mountain puppies are the same as some may develop a more affectionate and attached personality to their loved ones while others may be more distant.

Although this breed does not usually develop aggressive behaviours, they could (unintentionally) bump into small children while running. That’s because Bernese Mountain dogs, especially adults, grow to a large size. Therefore, we must teach them to behave with children and other small pets.

Bernese Mountain Puppy Potty Training

Puppies, like babies, are not aware of where they should urinate or defecate. They will simply relieve themselves anywhere in the house. That is a problem for us as our house will have an unpleasant smell.

If you don’t want to find urine or feces on the floor, furniture, bed, etc., you should train it to learn to go to the bathroom outside the house. In this type of training, it is advisable to take your Bernese Mountain puppy out to the backyard at the same time every day; that is, after waking up, after each meal and before going to sleep.

Never Punish Your Bernese Mountain Puppy

Training a dog, regardless of its intelligence, is not easy. It is a process that requires a lot of time and patience.

The problem is that many people lose patience quickly when they notice that their pets are not making progress in training. For that reason, they decide to punish them physically and verbally. You should not do that for any reason since the only thing you will get is the opposite result.

Bernese Mountain dogs are susceptible, so any punishment or violent act can traumatize them, making them feel scared and have little confidence in you.

Positive Reinforcement is the Best Option

Instead of punishing our Bernese Mountain puppy, we should be very patient and reward it when it does something right. Positive reinforcement is a fundamental pillar of any training as it will help the canine relate the activity to something positive such as food.

If your Bernese Mountain puppy responds positively to the commands you are trying to teach it, then reward it with treats and praise. You should do the same in any other training. If your pet urinates or defecates at the place and time that you have established, then you should reward it. This system helps the animal identify what is good and what is not.

Do Not Laugh at Everything Your Bernese Mountain Puppy Does

Many people tend to smile and laugh at anything their pet does regardless of whether it is mischief or not. That can be negative when we have a Bernese Mountain puppy.

These dogs are known for their need to please their loved ones. However, they also stand out for a peculiar and unique characteristic: they love to make you laugh. When they see that you laugh at something they have done, they will do it again to cause you the same emotion.

The problem with this is that if we laugh at something that is not right, they will repeat that wrong action. That way, we would be encouraging their bad behaviour.

For that reason, you must show your Bernese Mountain puppy that you are the leader of the pack from the start. If you avoid laughing when your dog misbehaves, it is less likely to do the same thing again. That way, any training will be easier.

You Must Educate Your Bernese Mountain Puppy

Bernese Mountain dogs are usually very affectionate and clingy with their loved ones, including every human family member, children, and even other pets. However, they also get along with strangers, neighbours, and friends of your family.

Bernese Mountain puppies love to be around people. When someone comes home, they could run and jump towards him to greet him and hug him. They love to give love even to strangers. Note: Keep in mind that not all dogs of this type are the same, so some will simply be more distant.

This situation can be uncomfortable for that person, especially because of the canine’s size (when it is an adult). Perhaps your Bernese Mountain puppy wants to lick the visitor, which is something that he will not like.

Avoid Distractions during Training

This breed of dog, especially a male, tends to be easily distracted. Male Bernese Mountain puppies mature later than females, so it is easy for them to get bored and distracted during training.

For that reason, it is advisable to provide entertainment before training. Pre-exercise is a great way to help your Bernese Mountain puppy stay active and focused.