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How Do You Discipline a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Dog discipline and education are two of the most critical aspects that each dog owner should address. When we get a dog, we want it to be a good pet and act well in front of its family, as well as visitors and other dogs.

Bernese Mountain dogs are characterized by being very friendly and affectionate with all their human family members. They love to please their loved ones, so they will do whatever it takes to make them feel good. They can make great family pets if they are properly trained.

How Do You Discipline a Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain dogs are among the 27 most intelligent dogs for learning commands quickly. However, that does not mean that they are easy to train. That is mainly due to the fact that these canines take longer to mature than others, so they may have concentration problems when training. However, it should be noted that this occurs more in males than in females of this species.

How Should We Discipline Our Bernese Mountain Dog?

Many individuals conflate “discipline” and “punishment.” That is a mistake. The first thing we should realize is that discipline does not imply punishment, either physically or verbally.

Punishment is when a dog is reprimanded by using excessive force, intimidation, or cruelty in particular instances, whereas discipline is simply teaching a dog how to act appropriately.

Bernese Mountain dogs are animals that love to please their owners, so disciplining them shouldn’t be difficult. It is our duty to train and educate our pets in a way that makes them feel good and confident. Keep in mind that not all Bernese Mountain dogs are the same, so some may be more difficult to train and discipline than others.

Tips That We Have to Consider When Disciplining Our Bernese Mountain Dog

It is essential to know and take into account the following tips to be able to control the behaviour of our Bernese Mountain dog, and based on that, educate and train it properly.

You Must Know Perfectly the Natural Behaviour of Your Bernese Mountain Dog

Knowing how our Bernese Mountain dog usually behaves will help us understand the possible cause of its strange behaviour. If we have months with our pet, it is normal for us to know many things about it, including its personality and way of being.

For that reason, when your Bernese Mountain dog starts to behave in an unusual way, you will be able to notice it immediately.

At that time, we have to think carefully about the possible cause that is causing this change in behaviour or personality in our Bernese Mountain dog. Keep in mind that you must be very careful since the females of this species usually have mood swings, so it is important to recognize them so as not to confuse you.

No dog is born with inappropriate behaviour. When a canine begins to act erratically, it is most likely due to poor upbringing or lifestyle. On many other occasions, this may be due to the mistreatment received by their owners.

Do What is Necessary So That Your Pet Does Not Present Aggressive Behaviour

As we know, Bernese Mountain dogs are very affectionate and friendly with all the people around them. They are not usually aggressive even when trying to protect their loved ones, so it is very difficult for you to see this type of behaviour in these canines.

It should be noted that not all Bernese Mountain dogs are the same. Most of these animals are usually affectionate, even with strangers. However, if a Bernese Mountain dog belongs to a family that mistreats it, it is possible that it will gradually develop aggressive behaviour towards them. A pet’s past experiences can influence its future behaviour.

Make Your Bernese Mountain Dog Understand That You are the Leader of the Pack

Bernese Mountain dogs, especially females, can be stubborn and territorial. If you do not establish the house rules in time, your canine will think that it is in charge, so it will be difficult to control and educate it in the future.

You have to be a strong leader. Pampering and excessively rewarding this dog will make it see you not as its leader but as a companion. That will lead to more challenging training sessions. Your Bernese Mountain dog will not obey you as you would like.

Reward Your Bernese Mountain Dog with Treats and Praise

We should never discipline our Bernese Mountain dog based on verbal and physical punishment as that will only make it not obey us. The best way to promote its education and training is through rewards.

Rewarding our Bernese Mountain dog when it obeys us or does something right will make it understand that this is the way it should act. Treats, as a reward, help these dogs associate their discipline with a happy time.