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Guide for Anyone Thinking of Rehoming a Bernese Mountain

The life of animals is as valuable as that of human beings. Abandoning a dog is one of the worst things a person could do. Like us, they have feelings and need someone’s love and attention; otherwise, they could suffer emotionally.

Many owners abandon their dogs for economic, sentimental or work reasons. Some do not have enough time to take care of a Bernese Mountain dog, and for that reason, they abandon it.

Guide for Anyone Thinking of Rehoming a Bernese Mountain

Bernese Mountain dogs need a lot of attention from their loved ones. That’s because they are affectionate canines and always want to be by their owner’s side. They may suffer from anxiety and stress when left alone for too long.

You have to understand that even if you cannot take care of your canine properly, that is not a reason to abandon it. The best thing you can do is find a new home for your pet.

Reasons Why You Would Need to Rehouse Your Bernese Mountain Dog


We may have a full-time job and spend more than 8 hours away from home. A Bernese Mountain dog should not be left alone during this time as it will suffer from separation anxiety and, in turn, develop destructive behaviours.

Economic Situation

Another reason why we would need to relocate our Bernese Mountain dog is for economic reasons. This breed of dog requires many costs throughout its life, and if we are people who do not have enough financial resources, we will not be able to give it the lifestyle it deserves.

Extra Pets

It is not easy to care for and maintain multiple pets at home, whether dogs or other animals. We could be forced to abandon one of them because if you do not have enough experience, having several pets could be a real headache.

Tips for Rehoming Your Bernese Mountain Dog

Put Your Bernese Mountain Dog Up for Adoption

If we have just acquired a Bernese Mountain dog, there will not be much of a problem as we have not had enough time to form strong bonds. However, if we already have several months with it, putting it up for adoption will be a very difficult decision to make.

Regardless of the case, it is vital to find a new home that is suitable for your Bernese Mountain dog. 

It could take time to find it, especially if your pet does not have any type of training. Generally, people look for dogs that have been previously trained to skip that process.

So, if you want someone to quickly accept your Bernese Mountain dog, make sure you provide basic training. Likewise, no one would want to adopt your pet if it is not hygienic or sick. You must be very careful with this aspect since Bernese Mountain dogs are animals that tend to suffer from various diseases.

Find the Right Person

If you do not want to leave your Bernese Mountain dog in a breeder or a rehoming center, then the best option is to find a person trained to take care of it in the best way. You can’t just hand your Bernese Mountain dog to the first person you meet.

If a person is interested in adopting your pet, the first thing you should do is meet with him, talk about his experience with dogs, and ask him about his home, family members, lifestyle, etc.

Find a Good Breeder, Rehoming Centre or Animal Shelter

Perhaps your intention is to leave your Bernese Mountain dog in the hands of professionals in the care of pets. In that case, you can look for an animal shelter, breeder, or rehoming center which will take care of your Bernese Mountain dog. These places offer a temporary home with water, food, and entertainment.

The people in charge of these places provide training to the canine as well as the correction of its behaviour (if necessary). That way, when a person goes to adopt your Bernese Mountain dog, it will be ready to adapt to its new family in the best way.

What Other Methods Can We Use to Find a New Home for Our Bernese Mountain Dog?

Share Information about Your Pet in All Media

If you don’t want to leave your Bernese Mountain dog in a rehoming centre and you can’t find a relative, friend or neighbour who wants to adopt it, then you can share information on social networks. You can indicate everything about your pet’s age, gender, training level, health status, etc.

Nowadays, you can use social networks to publicise everything related to the dog you are putting up for adoption. In fact, you can also report through an advertisement.

You have to keep in mind that you must not only put information about your dog, but you must also indicate the reason why you are looking for a new home for it. In this way, you will provide greater confidence to the person interested in adopting it.

You should never put false information with the aim of looking for a new home as quickly as possible since that could be counterproductive. If your Bernese Mountain dog has a disease and you don’t tell the person who adopted it, it could be abandoned on the streets by that person.

Take Your Bernese Mountain Dog for a Walk

A good way to find people who want to adopt your Bernese Mountain dog is to meet dog lovers. Taking your pet for a walk in the park is an excellent way to find people walking their pets. Perhaps one of them would be interested in adopting your dog.

Ask Your Acquaintances for Help

If none of your relatives, neighbours or friends wants to adopt your Bernese Mountain dog, you can encourage them to ask their acquaintances. Perhaps some of them are interested in adopting your pet.

In the same way, if you have already taken your Bernese Mountain dog to the vet several times, you can ask his or her favour to find a new home for your canine. Veterinarians usually receive many clients a month and most of them are pet lovers, so possibly one of them will be interested in giving yours a new home.