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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Bark a Lot?

Having a dog is wonderful for each family member, but maybe it can be a nuisance for your neighbours. There are many breeds of canines, and each presents different characteristics that make them more or less apt to live in certain environments.

Most dogs bark, but some do it more excessively than others. The Bernese Mountain dogs are large animals that cause them to have enough power to bark loudly. However, the fact that a dog barks a lot does not mean that it does it excessively.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Bark a Lot

For that reason, many people doubt whether it is worth buying a Bernese Mountain dog due to this situation. In this article, you will know if this breed really barks a lot.

Actually, the Bernese Mountain dogs tend to bark a lot for several reasons, but the most common is because they are guard dogs. They are canines that are constantly observing everything around them, and if they notice some threat, they will not hesitate to bark excessively.

Why Does a Bernese Mountain Dog Bark a Lot?

These dogs can become very noisy when they bark, although that may depend on the situation. Some Bernese Mountain dogs tend to bark less than others if they are exposed to specific circumstances and lifestyles. It is essential to know the reasons why these dogs bark:

Bernese Mountain Dog Genetics

Historically, Bernese Mountain dogs were raised on family farms in Switzerland. They were used by their owners in the activities of the farm. They not only helped past the cattle but could pull carts full of milk or any other product.

In short, these dogs work as a team with their owners and other animals, so communication is an important factor. In this case, the barks are the most effective and common way the Bernese Mountain dogs have to communicate.

Bernese Mountain Dogs Bark as a Way to Say Hello

You probably notice that your Bernese Mountain dog begins barking after seeing a person get home. You will think that it is alerting you about a threat, but you have to take into account that sometimes they bark to greet the people or animals they see.

That is because this dog breed is very affectionate and friendly, and they will get along with everyone if they receive socialisation training from an early age.

Bernese Mountain Dogs Bark as a Way to Express Fear

Human beings shout when they are scared, while the Bernese Mountain dogs bark when they are afraid. Any situation that makes them feel fear or concern will let you know through strong barking.

Bernese Mountain Dogs Bark as a Response to Separation Anxiety

The Bernese Mountain dogs tend to suffer from separation anxiety since they have a very sensitive personality and are attached to their loved ones.

When they are left alone for a long time, they will begin to feel stressed and anxious and develop bad behaviours such as barking excessively. If you do not take preventive measures, your dog’s barking will end up bothering and irritating your neighbours.

Bernese Mountain Dogs Bark as a Way to Protect the Family

The Bernese Mountain dogs are known to be excellent guardians. They will try to protect and alert their loved ones at all costs through strong and intimidating barking.

Keep in mind that if your Bernese Mountain dog has not received socialisation training, it is possible that it barks almost any person or animal, which could be a nuisance for both them and you. In the same way, its territorial nature will make them barking anyone who approaches their home or things.

How to Prevent a Bernese Mountain Dog from Barking a Lot?

The first thing you have to know is that you cannot make any dog ​​stop barking completely. However, you can reduce the barking of your Bernese Mountain dog through training and a lot of patience.

You can use some effective methods to reduce excessive barks:

Bark Collar Method

Many people confuse this type of collar with electric collars. 

Electric collars should never be used since it is something cruel for canines. The bark collars are not dangerous or cause damage to the dog. There are electrical, remote or ultrasound bark collars that emit some sound or smell that avoid the Bernese Mountain dog barks.

Some countries prohibit the use of this type of collar, so you should investigate whether or not they are legal in your country.

Training with Water Sprinkler Bottle

This training aims to make your Bernese Mountain dog understand that it will receive a reward every time it stops barking.

First, you need to teach your canine a command to make it stop barking. You can use any phrase or word such as “silence.” When your dog starts barking excessively, spray water, and then you have to say the word you chose. Once your pet stops barking, you have to praise and reward it with a treat.

You must carry out this practice many times until your dog gets used completely.